Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Foxy Lady Prof Says "Covet Neighbor's Goods" - But, Will She Share Her "Goods?"

The beautiful Caroline Heldman is a Professor of Politics at the very lib Occidental College situated on the left coast. Occidental is one of many institutions of liberal lower learning that started out as a sort of seminary - this one by the Presbyterians in 1887. How lib is it? Occidental guided President Obama during his formative years, and shaped him very well to go on to Columbia, which is itself so liberal, that Columbia Professor David Epstein is now defending himself for sleeping with his daughter.

Back to that cutey, Caroline, who has made many appearances on the O'Reilly Factor - because she is blond, and quite a looker. Unfortunately, whenever Prof Caroline is posing on The Factor her entire repertoire consists of demanding that people who have money be forced to offer assistance to those who have not. She never offers any constitutional reason for her coveting other people's money to redistribute to those in need. Even Presbyterians at Occidental should know that, "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods."

I sent the following letter to Prof Caroline, wondering if she understands, that when she demands others to give up their property, that she sending very real signals that her personal "property" is also up for grabs.

"Dear Professor Heldman: Unfortunate for socialists is that they forget that the command "Do Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods," was pronounced to protect - even socialists like yourself.

When you and your friends demand, via government fiat, the coveting and distribution of other peoples wealth to give to still other people, you are encouraging others who are less prosperous than you to take what is yours.

I am saying that you are opening doors for people who do not have a significant other as beautiful as you to covet you. Why not? What is there to restrain some bum from wanting to covet you - your body, included?

This is not a wacky thought, because if you are licensing others to take from "the haves," such as you, your liberalness has opened the door for others to not respect your person, including your personal territory, as well as possessions.

Why cannot the proverbial thug approaching you in the proverbial alley demand that you give him - you?
I mean, why cannot Professor Heldman be distributed, freely to whomever? The law is not able to stop this attitude and behavior as we can see from sociological studies. You social engineers cannot stop it - you only encourage it with your Share the Wealth (Share the Heldman?) constructs.

The next time you see a lonely male student on campus, he may have been taught by you to covet you. "Oh, there's Heldman, she has to share."

Sincerely, jc

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