Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Radio/Harold Camping's Judgment Day May 21 Has Been Indefinitely Postponed

No, Family Radio/Harold Camping, which has been hearkening the Return of Christ, and the Rapture for several years has not delayed the Big Day, but the Lord has not intended to return at this time. Nor, according to Camping will Armageddon and the Last Judgment occur in October of this year as prophesied. COGWRITER explains fairly well Harold Camping's errors both Biblically and mathematically.

It is unfortunate that such a nice group of people at Family Stations Inc, worth over $150,000,000 could be AGAIN hornswoggled by their Pastor-President Harold Camping, who strongly suggested earlier, that 1994 was most possibly THE DATE. He did leave a little wiggle room back then, but his followers, who I consider Christians then and now, continued to uphold a man who has been defiant to scripture, "No man knows the day or the hour." Yet, the Bible does say there would be signs. . . which have not, as of yet, prophetically occurred.

Even so, none of us have been free from getting Biblical doctrines wrong, yet the Lord in His mercy freely forgave us - and then may have even chastened us for being too trusting in ourselves or a mere man. And, all of us have at one time or another been shepherded by mortal pastors who were so proud that they could not repent or apologize for wrong doing and wrong preaching - as they would just bully the flock for their own gratification. I hope this is not the case with Harold Camping as he finds himself still on earth with mud on his face for depending too much on his own "special revelation" and knowledge, come Monday morning, May 22, 2011.

This sort of errant prophecy has occurred many times in church history. Of note, might be the Jehovah Witnesses, who I studied with until their projection that 1976 was THE END proved to be untrue, as well as the Millerites who were the progenitors of the modern day Seventh Day Adventists. They prophesied that 1844 was THE DAY, but Oops! it, of course, didn't happen, so they postponed the Second Coming to several other months in 1845. First April, then July, and finally October. When Christ did not return by the end of October, they finally gave up.

Below is one of several faxes I have been sending to Family Radio HQ, hoping that there are some there, who will not give up on the Lord because their man Camping blundered again. Feel free to fax them, or if you know anyone caught up in a May 21 Catching Up May 21, persuade them to encourage Mr. Camping, nearly 90 years of age, to just fade away for the greater good of Family Stations Inc. And, to repent.

FAX TO Family Radio Personnel FAX # 15106337983
"Even as I have enjoyed the Bible readings, music, and some of the sermons and bible expositions from Family Radio over the years, I am saddened as you will be that Judgment Day will not occur on May 21.

President Camping has again erred in regard to this, and he has also misled us on a number of other doctrines, including:
No "hell" as the Bible clearly describes,
Satan is in charge of ALL the churches (except his),
Satan is responsible for all modern day signs and wonders,
Jesus did not die on Calvary, but that was merely a "manifestation" 2000 years ago.

I pray that the vast number of Family Radio listeners will not be so disheartened that they would blame the Lord for Camping's grievous misstatements.

I am sure that there is forgiveness for Brother Camping, for many in the past 2000 years have also been seduced into believing that they had "special revelation" above and beyond their brethren, which is the chief fault possessed by Harold Camping, and so many other church leaders.

May your ministry continue to teach more pure, Biblical doctrine." Sincerely