Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Jews Who Hate(d) Israel

Hate is a strong word, but anyone, Jew or Gentile, who does not understand the precarious geopolitics of Israel, and pooh-poohs the obvious anti Israeli posturing of the Obama administration, and the liberal academia, abetted by the media, cares little about the survivability of Israel - and should be considered as hating Israel.

Left Wing Hecklers Interrupt Netanyahu's AIPAC Speech says it all -many American and Western Jews have ganged up on Bebe's defense of his country, Israel. Jews in Hollywood, academia, politics, and the press are denouncing the tiny country, and former ally, surrounded by Moslem natural born killers, who have been trained since birth to hate Israel and "push it into the sea."

George (Schwartz) Soros very much at the forefront of Jews who hate Israel as can be demonstrated by his history, rhetoric, and financial investments. Soros has funneled so much money to Israel hating entities, that the list is endless. Such as Soros's contibutions to former conservative David Brock's Media Matters which has been relentless in its attacks against pro Israel Fox News, and especially that "Jew loving, antisemite, Glenn Beck." Soros had a tough start early in life. Yet, he feels "no remorse" for turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis, nevertheless, the liberal (a lot of Jewish folk) media has given Soros a pass on every anti Israel activity he has been involved in. To demonstrate how confused they are, Soros's allies have dubbed Glenn Beck, " A Jew loving anti-semite."

Cass Sunstein is Obama's Regulator Affairs Czar married to Samantha Powers, Obama's anti Israel foreign Policy advisor. How could he support her, if he as a Jew, abets his wife throwing Israel under the Israeli bus,which will be in even more danger of being bombed, whenever Israel's self defense is questioned?

Richard Falk, a United Nations appointed bureaucrat, has been a very outspoken Jew condemning Israel for "Ethnic Cleansing," for defending itself, as well as establishing housing in the West Bank, and 'deliberately killing innocent Palestinian children' whenever they can.

Zbigniew Brzezinski , one of President Obama's chief foreign policy advisers, is of Jewish ancestry according to as well as other sources. He does not only deny his possible Jewishness, but if you ever questioned how Jimmy Carter became so sympathetic toward Moslems, including Fatah and Hamas, and bigoted against Israel, look no further than Carter's foreign advisor sidekick, Zbigniew.
Marx, Lenin and Trotsky
were of Jewish descent, but they were in no way tolerant of religious or secular Jews. Anyone who knows Soviet Communist history is reminded how many Jews (the ones who were not Party Bolsheviks) were herded to their own "settlements" early, and later during the Red reign of terror.

Eric Alterman is a professor, Daily Beast Contributor, and has written for Media Matters, Huffington Post, The New Republic , and now, The Nation - the Lefty of Leftist pubs, and he has no sympathy for Israel. He is Bad For Jews. He is so leftist, that he has ingratiated himself with anti-Israelis, while condemning the New Republic for favoring a Jewish homeland.

Left-leaning European Jewish Groups offering aid to Israel's enemies. And Jewish Germans for Peace lead flotilla to Gaza.

Code Pink's founder, Media Benjamin, is Jewish and also anti-Israel.

NY Times owned by the Jewish Sulzbergers for generations. "Friedman bragged that the Anti- Israel and Pro-Terrorist propaganda machine alive and well in our American Universities will noAlign Leftt breed a new generation of Pro-Israel Americans." And, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman’s displeasure with Israel.

One only has to remember that Western Jews have their money and power here, outside of Israel. Its ironic that Money and Power does seem to follow, geopolitically, those who are anti Israel, for now. This may change, after the Obama administration ultimately fades away. Its also ironic that, as a Baby Boomer, my generation was extremely sympathetic to Jews after WW II and the Holocaust. Since then, Jews of all stripe have gained the ascendancy in the media, Hollywood, academia, banking, and law. Unfortunately, leftist Jewry has forgotten the kindness, and has turned on American tradition, culture, law, and Christianity. And, they have turned against that tiny and alone nation of Israel, while supporting many pro Moslem activities.

Norman Finkelstein is an MIT professor who is "virulently" anti Israel. He is an acolyte of infamous anti-Semite Noam Chomsky of Roman Catholic DePaul University??????. It would be very hard to find a more anti-Jew Jew than Noam Chomsky.

Israel Shahak's Book Jewish History, Jewish Religion. The Weight of Three Thousand Years in no uncertain terms tells why Jews Are Bad.

George Steiner, an Jewish anti Judaism Jew, blames the Nazi Holocaust on Judaism.

Michael Neuman, Canadian leftist professor and Jew, is one of your more rabid anti-Jew, pro Palestinian activists who has even demanded that Israel take his holocaust-victim ancestors' names off the Wall of Remembrance.

Jacqueline Rose, a proponent of Progressive Liberal Thought, concedes that "Zionism is a form of collective insanity."

Yeshayahu Leibowitz is one of Israel's most famous philosophers known for throwing vile epithets against his homeland as he compared the Israeli Army to Nazis.

Harold Pinter is another Nobel Prize winner who gained his fame for hating Israel and not understanding that Israel's neighbors, not only do not recognize Israel as a legitimate state, they would also desire to, as the proverb goes, "Drive Israel into the sea." Maybe, that's why Israel has to get tough once in a while.

Joel Beinin, Stanford prof. What better description for this anti-Israeli than "that Israel-hating pro-Hamas sometimes-Maoist professor of Middle East Studies at Stanford University is just such a persecution whiner. "

The Jewish Divide Over Israel is a book which convincingly argues that many of Israel's biggest enemies are, indeed, Jews.

Front Page Magazine did and excellent peace a few years ago on this very topic, interviewing Edward Alexander on this subject - Jews Who Hate Israel.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Florida Dem Rep) is a Jewess demanding that Jewish Republicans do not in any reference Israel, or its borders, in the 2012 Presidential Campaign. Yeah, sure, Ms Debbie.

Dishonorable Mention of Jews who are anathema to Israel:

Andrea Mitchel 'Bebe Netanyahu was really rude to President Obama, treating him like a schoolboy.'

Lauren Booth who masterminded illegal flotillas loaded with "gifts" from Iran to Gaza is Tony Blair's sister-in-law as well as a Moslem convert. She has obviously disappointed her Jewish mother.

Jeff Danziger is one unfunny editorial cartoonist who generally depicts Israel as just a big bully which shoots up Palestinians just for sport. He, of course, can be seen in the Huffington Post.

Richard Stengel of Time Mag is reportedly a Jew, nevertheless, Time really had to stretch to lambaste Israel with this recent feature story, "Is Israel Using Gay Rights to Excuse Its Policy on Palestine?

The media, academia, and political bias against Israel is infinite, yet HonestReporting.Com, with contributing author Charles Krauthammer, affects a very good job against such bias.

Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: They shall prosper that love thee.

Zechariah 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: