Sunday, April 01, 2007

Al Gore's AlGorithms Sparking Junk Science Revival Re:Soviet Union

Not only is the United States being divided by spiritual and political values, but a reemergence of the infamous Lysenkoism of the former Soviet Union is prevailing in virtually all academic and commercial scientific research. As one critic of the global warming hysteria has said, " If a college researcher wants to do a study on squirrels gathering nuts, he merely must apply for a grant citing that his study will be focusing on the effects of global warming on the nut gathering." This sort of cultic mass hysteria has, indeed, produced many nuts who may have formerly been honest scientists. The purging of climatologists who do not hold to the global waming madness is reminiscent of the infamous Trofim Lysenko of the Soviet Union who promoted the starvation and even purging of millions of Soviet citizens in the last century. In brief, he ignored advances in genetic science which would have benefited USSR agricultural production, and instead forced his crackpot farming schemes - all with the certification of the Leninist leaders.

Trofim Lysenko was a communist-approved lover of Leninism, and oh yes, a trained scientist, who through AlGorithms (unproven scientific methods) contributed to the purges and mass starvation of Soviet citizens in the 1930's.
"Vavilov was not the only one. The growing ascendancy of Lysenko coincided with the purges that reached into virtually every Soviet institution during 1936 to 1939. Already, before Vavilov's arrest, the losses among Soviet biologists had been staggering. In 1936, Israel Agol, Max Levin, and Solomon Levit, all communists working in the field of biological theory, were publicly denounced as "enemies of the people" and arrested."

The purging of free thinkers in American Universities, NASA, National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Sciences, etc. has become the law of the land. In the name of diversity, diversity of thought has become precluded by the AlGorithm scientific method. If it wins an Oscar, its science.

Al Gore will not and cannot defend his AlGorithms in press conferences, late night TV appearances or Congress. On his whirlwind tour of the world with his detestable film this past year, Al Gore spoke quite confidently to the New Zealand press, but refused to debate, always replying, "I'm not an expert in the field of climatology." In his presentation Gore told the New Zealand audience one of his more astonishing facts: 'Higher seas caused by global warming have swallowed up an island off your coast, and these islanders have had to escape to your mainland.' Unfortunately, as with most of Al Gore's Algorithms, there was no record of anything of the kind and certainly no witnesses to this grandiose lie.

A Pennsylvania judge even converted the Theory of Cosmic/Biological Evolution into the Law Of Evolution by demanding that public high schools not allow challenges to the Theory. The Discovery Channel, History Channel, Weather Channel, National Geographic have all fallen into AlGorithmic, glazed-eyed mysticism. Even entertainers are drinking the Hotaid, nee Kool-Aid, planning to dedicate rock concerts to the cause of Global Warming. However, it is not just about Global Warming, but the entire scientific method that I am concerned about. Even the so-called hard sciences have turned soft. It may have started with the Sagans, Dawkins, and Hawkings of the world who could produce the most fantastic, untested theories which would be lapped up by the ignorant press and universities, and then spewed out as "fact." Every time these men would open their mouths the Star Trekkie academics would gush. The National Science Foundation has supplied the fuel to the warmulists offering billions of dollars to researchers who could connect anything (even global cooling) to global waming.

As a result of reclassifying theories, like evolution to Law, anything can be relegated as Scientific Law. American students, just like their academic superiors, may now fudge the facts in whatever scientific endeavor they are engaged in, once they graduate.
I believe NASA and NOAA have made profound mistakes and will continue to blunder as long as they are directed by AlGoreythmic policies. The United States, once a leader in new patents, research, and cutting edge technologies is losing its share of break through discoveries and good old Yankee Ingenuity inspired by Rugged Individualism. As manufacturing leaves the United States only brand new, earth shaking inventions will elevate America back to economic stardom. Among many such examples, read how my home town of Akron was converted into the Rubber Capital Of The World. PS The city may be dying now because of the loss of industry and the drunken-sailor taxing and spending by Democratic administrations. PPS Correction: Drunken sailors do not tax.

Education Science has brought on such failures as fuzzy Math, fuzzy English, fuzzy Social Studies, fuzzy Reading, fuzzy Spelling, and worsed of all . . fuzzy Discipline. Public Education has resisted tried and true methods of teaching in favor of the latest trends and fads produced by educrats who have an endless supply of money to infinitely experiment with tax dollars. The liberal leaning teacher unions are more than happy to have tax money shoveled their way despite dismal results. See Bill Gates Throwing Mo Money Into Public Ed Experiments. (That have little or negative results)

Junk Science has also been adopted by Sociology and Psychology. Sociologists have been trained to despise the parental family unit, and especially fatherhood. Junk Psychology tells us that lesbianism is not inferior to heterosexuality. Link to Rosie Odonnell. As a result of the feminist/lesbian mystique, we have female judges, prosecutors, social workers and teachers who may I say are more than slightly biased in favor of the female? BTW the lion share of college grant money is given to females who dominate the college population because of the severe "need" for education and social science majors. Science is also now dictating that male sodomy and bisexuality is a gift and should be an accepted normalcy. Not science, merely AlGorithmia.

The science of Economics has become the junk science of Economics. John Kenneth Galbraith the most revered of all socialist economists was convinced that capital could magically appear so that everyone's needs could be accommodated through government, tax-paid programs. Communism, Lysenkoism, and AlGorithmia will forever be imminent. Junk Science is charging into every institution of America. AlGorithmia is leading the way.

"O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called"