Saturday, January 13, 2007

Public Praise To Barbara Boxer For Not "Sending" Her Children To War - Faxed To Sen Boxer

As a disabled American veteran who was medevaced out of Vietnam in 1970 after serving 16 months with the most honorable Marines I have ever met, I would like to publicly thank Senator Barbara Boxer for not "sending" any of her offspring to war, especially the daughter who married, then divorced, one of Hilary Clinton's brothers. I believe Ms. Boxer has one grandchild, so she is not one of the most prolific mothers/grandmothers to ever have walked the earth - just two ahead of Condy Rice. Again, I want to thank her for not sending any Rodham seed to war. The U.S. military forces will also do much better without the enlistment of children parented by newspaper editors, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Hollywood producers, or university professors.

My own mother did not want me to join the Marine Corps in 1967, but since I was not so dominated by my mother, as evidently Barbara Boxer's children are, I proudly sent myself to Vietnam.

Its ironic, how a woman who has not minded to send millions of babies to abortion clinics has so much objection to sending men and women to war. No wonder Democrats have such a mamma-complex, always awaiting orders from their mothers, or wives, or Nancy Pelosi.