Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Apologies, Maybe, To Duke Stripper Crystal Gail Mangum

If the Duke Stripper is Crystal Gail Mangum (yes, it sounds like a stirpper name) as indicated by much of the internet, I would like to apologize in advance for revealing her identity - again - only if her story(s) is true. But, there are so many accounts of this incident and they are all contradictory. See a bio, criminal record and pictures of the Duke accuser at
If you have not read the original accusations by the very tipsy Crystal on that fateful night, please, go to where she describes and names three men, three invasive inputs, in thirty minutes. (A lot of multiples of threes for the profilers to ponder)

If Ms. Mangum's accusations are false, she can join the many thousands other females who have been given credence by prosecutors, judges, children's services, lawyers, and ministers who have aided such women in wrecking their husband's/boyfriend's lives as well as: getting a Duke coach fired, forever ruining the reputation of the Duke lacrosse players and holding and entire city like Durham, North Carolina hostage to the results of affirmative action. Why else would the Durham prosecutor drag this thing out if he were not afraid of women and/or of minority gravitas?

Women have been given more than a "leg up" in the judicial system and the culture through such vehicles as the Violence Against Women Act and affirmative action. No, there is no such thing as a bad girl. Sugar and spice, etc.
The reality of the harm of the affirmative action boost is starting to kick in (and kick men) more than ever.

Why cannot the identity of these women who make mass accusations be revealed? "They would be afraid to testify," or otheer excuses are the normal response. So, in catering to the evidently weaker and fairer sex, society has taken advantage of our good intentions to promote "women and children first," in so many ways. Tawana Brawley with Al Sharpton's help was on the leading edge of this "always favor the woman concept," and it did nothing but ruin the lives of those falsely accused, even though it was good for Al Sharpton' public relations who the Democrats have been honoring ever since. False accusers should be dealt with harshly, even if they are girls and women.

In Akron, Ohio a college coed invited a man into her dorm, had realtions with him, escorted him to the door and gave him a goodnight kiss. The next time she saw her temporary lover was in a courtroom, surrounded by lady judges and female prosecutors where he was sentenced to 10 years for raping her. His name is Nathaniel Lewis.
The judge refused to allow a diary into evidence in which the accuser, Ms Heaslet Beard[her name was revealed onlyt after he had spent 5 years in the pen] had written how she was going to "pay back" the men who had taken advantage of her. Read all about it here After serving 5 years of the ten, and missing college and a possible football career, Ohio released Nathaniel, and paid him nearly a million dollars for his inconvenience.

Another of the million similar stories involves a retarded woman [*IMG I probably should use the term "special needs," but just this past week in Akron a juvenile was arrested for stabbing his mother. The local juvy court is now considering how they can address his "special needs." If you have children who are placed in "special needs" classes, check to see if any of the classmates have been arrested for murder.] has cried rape up to 200 times - all without provocation. Nevertheless, the police arrest men without due cause, interrrogate them and eventually let them go. Yet, this woman's veracity and record of lying is never questioned.

*IMG = I Must Digress