Friday, February 17, 2006

Why Americans Hate MSNBC's David Gregory,The White House Press Corps, And The Rest Of Journalism

Dick Cheney's hunting accident could not get the "Dump Dick" reaction or traction the MSM was hoping for. I can easily visualize the bloodthirsty MSM having prayer vigils, pleading with their god(s) to take Cheney's victim, that one tough cookie, Harry Whittington, off the face of the earth so that the Veep could be forever hounded by the Libs, arrested, and then impeached. "The best laid plans of mice (vermin), not men" waiting in their dark cellars under the New York Times for something to chew on.

The RIM (Reality Impaired Media) is somewhat like the American Public Schools - they have such high self esteem yet their performance is abysmal. The RIM is so narcissistically high on itself that when the several embedded journalists were either captured or wounded in the past month in Iraq, the news networks treated the unfortunate reporters like they were Sergeant York or Audie Murphy and worthy of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The Antique Media, AKA MSM, is one hard nut to crack. Despite the fact that CBS, NBC, New York Times, PBS, CNN et al have been losing their vast audience while conservative media has been gaining audience - and revenues - they continue to snub the majority of non-leftist Americans.

Knight Ridder cannot find a buyer for its 32 daily newspapers, and ABC News will soon be unloaded by Disney all the while Fox's Newscorps has increased earnings in the last year with the help of its news and cable divisions.

I flip through radio stations like some people flip through TV channels, because of the wide diversity of biases that are broadcast on the radio. My hometown newspaper, The Akron Beacon Journal, has one opinion, one bias, one theme, and one focus - LEFT. Booooooring, and not profitable or attractive to readers or advertisers. You would think that just, maybe, the executives and publishers of Knight Ridder, the Beacon's parent company, might consider some diversity (conservative opinion)once in a while, so to appeal to more readers/advertisers and make an old fashioned capitalistic profit. No, these people are such hard leftist ideologues, they are going down with the left leaning ship without regard to the corporate investors.

I have attempted for years to convince radio stations with good conservative formats to dump their ABC and CBS syndicated hourly news. Why would one want to listen to Rush, Hannity, Mark Levin, and the rest of the great conservative standbys, and then be interrupted by ABC or CBS Antique Media News coverage which espouses (in their news stories) the exact opposite, lib opinion of the conservative show hosts? I run to the radio to shut it down when these lib newscasts try to invade my space. I do not shut off all lib news from the MSM, but it is so predictable and formulated, that I foreknow that the news stories are going to be anti-Bush, pro democrat propaganda - without fail. I usually watch 5 minutes of CNN, or read the front page of the New York Times to tell what the MSM will be broadcasting - for the next few days, and, it will be all anti-conservative.

The American public does not just hate the propagandist leftist media for what they print and broadcast, we also despise "The Press" for their selective non reporting of important stories, such as; the heroics of our military in Iraq, any accomplishments in Iraq, Able Danger, Barrett Report, any scandalous behavior of the Democratic Party, Al Gore's nutty nonsense, Loftus Papers, the Birth Dearth caused by abortion on demand, the disadvantages of gay lifestyles and hetero divorces, the cultural advantages of long term hetero marriage and mothering/fathering vs feminism, and so on.

At the present rate, I assume that, soon, there will be very little Antique Media left to hate as the economic diminishing returns wake up the capitalist investors who do not like to park their investment money into losers like Hollywood, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, Cable, Newspapers and the rest of the fifth column holding up the Democratic Party.

Or, the American public will continue to enjoy feeding on the lies and exaggerations
of the god forsaken media and learn to become good little apparachniks.