Monday, February 06, 2006

LIberals Losing At Playing "Gotcha" - Short Shots

Like Lucy pulling the football away from Linus before he can kick it, the Libs have been playing the same game, making up the rules as they go. Below are just a few of the gross contradictions employed by the Democrats:

  • The Dems forever complain about the price of Gas, but they have been resisting U.S. attempts to explore and refine oil for many years.
  • They are most critical of the Bush plan to provide security for the country, but fail to support not only the War, but other protective measures such as NSA spying, the Patriot Act, etc.
  • Libs are forever crying out about the Deficit, National Debt, etc. but resist any cutting of entitlements which comprise 60% of the budget.
  • The Democratic media complains constantly when Unemployment is higher than 6% and when the Deficit is above 6% of Gross Domestic Product, but when both figures are lower than Clinton's numbers, they are so quiet.
  • Looking at the Consumer Price Index, the cost of education and medical treatment has risen to twice the cost of everything else, including gasoline. Healthcare and schooling are both dominated by Democrat government influence.
  • Democrats cry out for higher taxes, but it has been proven over and over again that when marginal tax rates are increased, Federal revenues diminish.
  • "Voter Fraud" was constantly heard from the Dems during the last two presidential campaigns, but they are resisting any change in balloting, and have been resisting voter identification cards as well.
  • Lib courts will offer stays of execution for murderers for over twenty years, but the same anti death penalty people will complain about keeping inmates in suspense for too long a time.
  • Democrats overtax citizens to throw more money at the schools (which goes to mainly female lib teachers' salaries and benefits) all the while kids are graduating dumber than ever.