Thursday, December 22, 2005

Private Atheist Schools For Darwinians

If Intelligent Design cannot be taught because it is non scientific and only based on personal experience why should Evolution (Cosmic or Biologic) be rammed down the young skulls of mush when ET itself is based on the personal experiences of so many scientists? ET people have no transitional forms, experiments, or observations proving their 18 billion years of accidental history is any more than a very subjectively devised theory. Many of these scientists, and Judge Jones, are good Lutherans on Sunday, but by Monday - they must deny Almighty God as nonaccidental Creator. In this way they can appear before mere men claiming to be part of the great atheist intelligentsia, which promises social and collegiate tenure. And, I think we all know what universities are about nowadays - extreme, God forsaken socialism.

Those believers who try to compromise by thinking that God, via a Big Bang, initiated Cosmic Evolution, which leads to Micro Evolution, have been swept away by the ET atheist jargon.
Science cannot prove there is a God, and science cannot prove there is no God. Much of science is based on man's senses. If most men sense that there is a Divine Being, who are scientists to say that there is no provable evidence when we have such overwhelming testimony of God's existence?
Judge Jones would take circumstantial evidence in so many other cases, why not this one?
Scientists who do not sense a God may be simply retarded for not using all of their God given senses. Or, they simply want to keep their jobs which demand that they be atheists. Psalm 10 - The heavens are telling the glory of God; the firmament proclaims God's handiwork.

The ET nitpickers will ask, "Which God?" I say, "Pick One - preferably before you die: at least you are admitting to the existence of a deity, Who should not be denounced by your science." You will have to face Him some day, and it is far better to be embarrassed before men than Almighty God. Who in their right mind would say, "I cannot admit to the existence of god because my science will not permit it?" At least Evolutionist textbooks should allow their authors to add disclaimers such as "I personally believe in the existence of Intelligent Design, yet I cannot prove it." Who wants an atheist teaching anything? Would he or she not be biased in how or what they teach - as atheists?
One good example is "America's Radio Doctor" - atheist Dean Edell, who most of the time is prescribing promiscuity to heal what ails you. Can't trust him.

Since Federal Judge Jones of Pennsylvania has distinguished himself as and intellectual because he has decided to be a Lutheran who believes there is no scientific proof of God, a new public school alternative must be afforded to parents who do not want any hint of the existence of God taught to their children. Private Atheist Schools are the answer.

A very small percentage of people believe that there is no God - as "proven" by cosmic and biologic evolution - and they should be allowed to pay for such private schools just as Christian and Jewish believers have been told that in order to be taught a divine morality they must be sent to religious schools - all the while they are taxed for anti-god public schools.

So many evolutionists will not recant of their non scientific heresies because there are a lot of jobs riding on the perpetuation of the RD myth - Random Design theory. University professors and journalists, just to name a few, who slam those "stupid creationists" for their belief that none of what exists today could be accidental, will be seen as a Galileo who once had it right (heliocentricity:creationism), but then buckled under to the status quo.

The anti science loopholes in evolution will be studied now more than ever before. Science loves trends and fashions. It cannot exist on the old. Since Cosmic and Darwinian evolution has pretty much bored most people to death, it is now time for capricious scientists to refresh their image. Believe in God you infidels, for God's sake.