Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lloyd's Of London Raising Piracy Insurance. Reserve That Cruise To Somalia Before January 1

Time To Send The Marines, Again?
The Marine Corps were founded on November 10, 1775 by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, and took part in the quasi-war with France and against Barbary Pirates...

Despite CNN's and National Public Radio's classification of terrorists as "disaffected youth," the 300 year old Lloyd's of London insurance broker is reclassifying Muslim "pirates" as "terrorists."
"There's a growing feeling that, as recent attacks have shown, the type of piracy risk has moved on," Mr Smith said. "If you've got guys in combat gear with rocket-propelled grenade-launchers heading towards you, how do you know if they're pirates or terrorists? It will help with arguments that might occur later on."

More Piracy Than Reported BBC
Somali Spike

The greatest number of attacks overall were off Indonesia, with 61 of a total of 205 attacks reported worldwide.
The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) says in the nine-month period of 2005, 141 ships were boarded, 15 fired upon and 11 were hijacked. Of the 259 crewmembers taken hostage, 12 are still missing.

Pirates Lure Cruies Ship With Distress Call
The most alarming rise in attacks was off the eastern and north-eastern coast of Somalia, where attacks shot up from one in 2004 to 19 in 2005. In one incident, the report says, a vessel was lured closer to the shore by pirates who set off distress flares.

Other News From Far Flung Islamic Territories
Susilo Visits Massive Ecstasy Plant
JAKARTA (Antara): President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited on Saturday what police believe to be the world's third largest ecstasy factory after Fiji and China in Kampung Tegal, Serang, Banten.