Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On Harriet Miers - Dear Laura Ingraham (AKA Helen of Troy): Shutup And Talk

Dear Laura Ingraham (AKA Helen of Troy): Shutup And Talk

Just as your book Shut Up And Sing disqualifies actors and singers from exhibiting their political preferences because of their lack of expertise, I am asking you to call off the dogs on Harriet Miers. I am not merely a mind numbed loyalist to President Bush; I am only asking that you do criticize Harriet Miers, but not as obsessively - 7/24 - as you have. IOW How about another subject, Laura? You cannot see that you are becoming the elitist that you accuse everyone else of being. Who are you? A very fine radio conservative commentator, who should be trusted to pick the best, most strict constructionist Supreme Court candidate. Yes, you, and yours, have been the most faithful Conservative backers and deserve to be heard. OK, we have heard you - over and over and over again. "Trust us," you cry. But why?

We are not asking that there be no debate, but rather that you, and the rest of the pack, moderate the attacks - which you even deny you are doing. You all are begging your audience not to "just trust" the president on the issue, yet we are implored to trust you and your gang of faithful conservatives including Bill Kristol, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Bill Bennett, et al. and half the Senate which you may have swayed. Does it not scare you that Senate Republicans are so easily swayed by media pundits yelling and screaming?

Please, explain why we should trust you radio people over the President's decision. I do disagree with President Bush on spending and immigration, but does that disqualify him from making a decent Supreme Court pick?

No, you really don't have to shutup, but how about not obsessing over this crucial subject? You even have Bork borking Miers.

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