Saturday, August 27, 2005

United States Must Make Military More Accommodating For Women

According to the newest military reports, women are not treated like men in the military. Well, like duhhhhhh!

Defense Dept. Surveys Academy Sex Assaults
1 Woman in 7 Reports Being Attacked

"One female student in seven attending the nation's military academies last spring said she had been sexually assaulted since becoming a cadet or midshipman, according to a report on the first survey of sexual misconduct on the three campuses released yesterday by the Defense Department.

More than half the women studying at the Naval, Air Force and Army academies reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment on campus, according to survey responses. But few of those incidents, and only a third of the assaults, were reported to authorities. A new confidentiality policy for assault victims, also released yesterday, attempts to improve reporting of sex crimes on military campuses.

Officials at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis say the climate on campus may be improving. (The Washington Post) More at"

How much proof do we need that the new, social-engineered coed military is not good for morale, or efficient? Feminists and Democrats have done everything possible to corrupt the military by forcing men and women to coexist in the Armed Forces during such extraordinary circumstances - like warfare. BTW Sharing foxholes with foxes leads to "christening."

I understand that affirmative action has forced women into all sorts of civil service positions where they are not qualified (every minority has been given this boost, for good or bad) but why must our mainline of defense - the Department Of Defense - be subject to this ridiculous concept?
Read about the mythic Amazons getting whupped by the Greeks mythic Amazons getting whupped by the Greeks

More on women warriors at

And, let's not forget Joan Of Arc, the French warriorette who was eventually burned at the stake by her fellow French

I do honor women now serving in hostile areas of Iraq, but next time let's let the men serve without the distraction of having women posted in the forward, most hostile postions. Last night I saw an interview on the Discovery Channel with a very youngish girl B-2 Bomber pilot who must have said five times that piloting a B-2 was "really cool."

No thanks to you Patsy Schroeder , one of the Mothers of this PC military boondoggle. Here's a good one on the phoney, trumped-up Tailhook Non-Scandal which started it all. I guess, we just need more Cindy Sheehans, Jane Fondas and Babs Streisands as Generals.

Sorry, I am just Old Corps.