Friday, August 19, 2005

Jane Fonda & Cindy Sheehan Did It Before And They're Doing It Again

Jane Fonda As Barbarella Pictured Above With Another Woman Undermining The War Effort

I have not heard many libs say lately that, "We are just as patriotic as any American," etc. The left has done everything imaginable to undermine the war in Iraq, as well as thwart the global war against terror, and hinder homeland security.

Abraham Lincoln, still beloved among most liberals, would have locked their hineys up during the Civil War. Lincoln understood that war is serious. Its life and death - something libs do not comprehend because of their selfish bloodlust for power. They would rather side with the enemy than give President Bush, or the success of our troops, any recognition.

Lincoln knew something about the seriousness of war and how even American citizens can be so factious that they could easily hurt the morale of soldiers as well as fellow citizens. Honest Abe shut down many newspapers and even incarcerated "Copperhead Democrats" by the thousands. Go ahead, Mr. President, you have my permission to lock up today's Copperhead Democrats as well as any contributor/ worker at the ACLU. See Lincoln shutting down the Free Press, Believe It Or Not:
After the war is won, we can release these pesky libs back into society, but on probation. I would not allow a Democratic administration to have such power, because I have double standards. One standard for Dems. One standard for everybody else.

I had just about forgiven Jane Fonda after I heard of her conversion to Christianity and subsequent apology for aiding and abetting the North Vietnamese communists so many years ago. After I was medevaced out of Vietnam and hospitalized for many months during the 1970's I had no real knowledge of how Hanoi Jane and her Hollywood-NY Times-CBS-Campus Intellectual buddies had subverted the war effort which launched a thirty-year, liberal coup of everything American. The MSM shamed Viet Vets for many years - until John Kerry. John Kerry's campaign and unpatriotic past unearthed the Swift Boat Vets who brought belated dignity back to veterans and all those ordinary anti Viet Communism Americans who wanted a win in Nam, yet were to be so hated by the Left.

Jane Pictured Above On North Vietnamese Anti Aircraft Gun

Jane Fonda will be looking for young, wounded Iraqi war vets
so that she can parade them around the country in her vegetable powered bus just like a young John Kerry paraded phony veterans with phony "Genghis Khan" war stories before Congress and citizens of the United States. Why? Politics, of course. In Ohio we have seen the Perfect Democrat, Paul Hackett, lose a close race to a woman in a southern Ohio district. Rush had called him "John Kerrry Junior," and for a good reason: He campaigned as a devotee of President Bush, yet has publicly called him a "Son Of A B_tch." Unfortunately, Hackett is a Marine Major who has little concern for the espirit de corps of his charges who must be wondering why their officer in charge is railing against the Commander In Chief, and getting away with it. Hackett, also a lawyer, has personally denigrated me by questioning my service during the Vietnam War. He even has made personal remarks about my oversized "gut," which is a size 38. He is a perfect Democrat, whose style will be copied by other DNC contenders in future races: He is an Iraq veteran who rails against Bush and the Iraq War even as he proudly wears his Marine Dress Blues. Is this "New Corps?"

Does anyone know who Casey Sheehan was? Probably not because his mother, Cindy Sheehan, has obliterated any heroism, glory, or patriotism which Casey, the young Army son of Cindy - NOT CINDY, should be known for. Great tribute to Casey here:,0,648828.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions \