Monday, July 25, 2005

Karl Rove vs The Bad Eggs At The CIA:Wilson,Plame et al

Are Joe Wilson, his wife, and other CIA colleagues among a larger group of Plaming liberals that President Bush inherited from Bill Clinton? Let's Make A Deal. Let the libs have Karl Rove's neck and we get to sweep out all those CIA Clintonistas leftover from that pitiable presidential administration.

I know careerists with the fed gov who have served in various federal agencies since long before President George Bush I. During the Clinton era the atmosphere for these federal servants turned a bit sour for said government employees merely because they were republican. Without going into any detail, let's say that these conservatives were given the Billy Dale treatment even to the point that some were compelled to sue their own agencies because of the harassment levied against them by department heads appointed by Bill Clinton, as frequently dictated by Hillary.

The CIA and other national security entities have obviously been effected by the Clinton Spell. Wesley Clark, former Marine General Anthony Zinni, and Richard Clarke are included as partisan adversaries to President Bush, even while holding sensitive positions with agencies under the auspices of the executive branch. It seems their sole existence has been motivated by a "Get Bush" ideology. Now comes the Plaming liberals Joe Wilson and his CIA wife who's identity he has not tried to hide except on the cover of that progressive glamour mag,Vanity Fair, and any other lib media outlet that offers him and the wife face time. Joe Wilson has been caught several times - by his own words - in reporting, then denying that Saddam had tried to buy yellow cake Uranium and that his wife Valerie had nothing to do with recommending this Unqualified Joe Sixpack to spy in Niger.

The most important question is how and why did people like Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson become hired and then advanced in the CIA and Department Of State? The CIA had also missed it big time by wrongly guestimating the Weapons Of Mass Destruction - dating back to the Clinton Era. The CIA has become a political tool of the Democrats, and this must stop. It is only fair that it now becomes the political tool of those who won the Presidency - conservatives. I am only half kidding.
Its not easy for the Civil Service to unload leftovers from previous administrations, but for the sake of national security it must be done.

Under Clinton, the CIA, as reported: sent field agents to the killing fields of Afghanistan to ensure that the proper quota of female agents were assigned to the war zone; during the Serb wars, supported Kosovo which was a breeding and training ground for Muslim terrorists; failed to recruit Arabs for international spy missions; and could not accurately identify WMD within Iraq. See many other such examples of Clinton's CIA blindness in Robert Baer's See NO Evil. From Salon Mag: "Robert Baer paints a chilling picture of how terrorism works on the inside and provides compelling evidence about how Washington politics sabotaged the CIA's efforts to root out the world's deadliest terrorists Robert Baer paints a chilling picture of how terrorism works on the inside and provides compelling evidence about how Washington politics sabotaged the CIA's efforts to root out the world's deadliest terrorists."

Robert Novak asked the CIA if there would be any problem with divulging Carl Rove's reference to "Joe Wilson's wife." No objection. The CIA, which for whatever reasons has been battling Bush, has had no problem in allowing negative publicity to be written against the President - even by its own active agents such as long time CIA employee Michael Scheuer who wrote his "tell all" on the CIA - Imperial Hubris. -

One of the reasons for the downfall of the Soviet Union was that the KGB (Soviet Intelligence) became so ingratiating toward its communist premiers it could not report accurate, reliable intelligence, only the lies which would please the commie masters. During the Clinton Era, the CIA became even more politically correct because the Chief Exec, and coWilly Hillary, were rabid PC.

I would be very willing to send Karl Rove to a nice federal pen in trade for revamping the CIA and ridding it of all these Kitty Kellys. I am not sure Karl Rove would be too fond of the deal, especially since he is not guilty of any crime. Rove's comments were "unfortunate" but not criminal. The CIA's leftist Clinton leftovers are the problem.