Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We Won't Be Borked Again! Time For Independents/Republicans To "Tone It Up" (Not Down) When Selecting Judges

Its OK, Republicans, you can stop being overly polite. Democrats do not understand morality, civility, truthfulness, or politeness, so stop ingratiating yourselves with people who would like to do nothing more than drive you into the sea.

All of us who have faithfully backed our President, George W. Bush, these past arduous five years are very thankful for him and for the two election miracles that elevated him a first and a second time into the chief executive's office.

We have campaigned, exhorted, encouraged, and suffered with our Prez during the good times and bad. We have been confident that President Bush would be a man of his word (as much as humanly possible) and that he would follow up his promises to appoint Constitution-believing jurists to the courts, especially the Supreme Court. It is well that President Bush has forewarned his supporters to tone down the rhetoric that is only now beginning to surface over the Supreme Court vacancy. Bush is a polite man and a gentleman who would rather not upset the American populace. Notwithstanding, As Laura Ingraham has said, "Its time to tone it up."

Its too late, Mr. President, as we will "Not Be Borked Again!" We Constitutionalists are not going to yield to a petty, most hypocritical, and manipulating group of RINOS and liberals in the Democratic Party who are destined to break more of their no-filibuster promises and forever lie to the American public.

The libs say that Conservatives should not demand a right winger or a litmus test when deciding who the President should elect to the Supreme Court. Yet, the Democrats have had their own litmus test - pro abortion - foolishly honored by Republicans when Ginsburg and Breyer were selected by Clinton. Even semi-conservative Senators like Specter and Hatch are begging Americans to "unify" and "coalesce" so that only a wise, prudent, moral-middle judge may become Sandra O'Connor's replacement.

I have a sneaking suspicion that O'Connor's retirement may have been motivated by her recognizing that her court fellows really made a colossal, Highest-Court-In-The-Land boo boo when the Supreme Court majority sided with the lib judges' most recent decision to legalize the eminent domain land-grab which has been lauded by all those blue state democrats who now can shift private homes and businesses to their friends with impunity. It would also be nice to think that O'Connor has seen the ravages caused by her decisions which have superseded state's rights in regard to homosexuality, affirmative action, and especially the libs' most sacred sacrament - abortion on demand.

Who will protect the majority from the minority? As would happen with any entity that equates itself with deity, like the self described Most August Body Of Prudential Deliberators (United States Senate), the Courts have also decided to become Saviors of all those disenfranchised minorities who would "not have any part" in American prosperity without the intervention of the State/Courts.
This has been the overriding theme of the courts in the past fifty years: Trample on all other rights of the majority in order to promote the minorities, i.e., women, homosexuals, African Americans, children etc.

The courts and the lib congress have been competing with one another, striving to prove which body is most minority-friendly, or Politically Correct. If the majority desires: fewer or no abortions; no special rights for homosexuals; less affirmative action; more Bible-based values in schools (as opposed to neocommie values); no redundant Hate Crime laws; more rights, not less, for private property owners; and more States Rights, the lib courts and lib legislators will scream and fight for their lives so that they not lose one percent of their minority based vote - even at the expense of the majority, and truth.

One Man Equals One Vote. One Judge Equals A Million Votes. And, the courts know it. As the last bastion of liberalism headquartered in the courts, chokes and gasps, it is time to put the thing out of its misery. We demand a Constitutional Supreme Court judge who will not resort to European Law or the New York Times for guidance.

When the libs and Republicans In Name Only start the clamoring demand for a "moderate" such as Breyer, Ginsburg, Souter, put your fingers in your ears and tell 'em, "We Won't Be Borked Again!"

[Ed. Not wanting to demean Senator Specter for the effects of his cancer treatment. My prayers are for him, Ginsburg, Rehnquist and anyone else so afflicted]