Friday, August 26, 2005


Richard Hoagland is a guest NOT to have even though he is somewhat popular. He plays both sides of an issue such as Pentagon crash, and Twin Tower destruction but presents no evidence favoring conspiracies.

George had an eyewitness on his program ( and there were literally hundreds of other eyewitnesses) who saw a "huge plane" (not a rocket) crash into the Pentagon. You all dismiss these eye witnesses. There are many good scientific reasons why only a 16 foot whole was made into the Pentagon. Please read about the Army Bomber which crashed into the Empire State Building. The Pentagon and FBI may have very well wanted to classify many of the details - including photographs - of the Pentagon Crash so that future imitators would not have too many details about how the Pentagon is constructed. Are all these people lying? Did they see a hologram crash into the Pentagon? Brainwashed - every one?

Hoagland has just enough truth and a presentation style to sound credible, but it is clear that he just wants to be a guest on Coast.

PS I would like Coast to feature more scientific inventions that could revolutionize our living conditions such as the Power Valve, Axial Vector Engine, etc rather than too much of the Ghost Hunting stories.
Please, also do a bit more investigation into the "high CPM" of depleted uranium at the Pentagon before jumping to such wild assertions.

Sincerely, JC