Friday, September 02, 2005

Jesse Jackson Incites Black Rage/Blames Bush's "Ozone Layers"

Jesse Jackson: Reports Of Looting And Sniper Fire "Exaggerated"

From Larry King Show Transcripts September 1, 2005 - [Transcript]
KING: Thousands. What do you make of snipers and people interfering with people transporting to Houston?

JACKSON: Well, I think that has really been exaggerated. You have the combination here of misery and panic and desperation. Some people have not eaten in five days, are without water, without food and have no form of communications.

So, there may have been some sniper fire here and there but you know we didn't let that stop us on our mission in Iraq because there is some sniper fire. We just put on flack jackets and kept on the mission.

So, for FEMA to stop evacuating people because of the fear of sniper fire was not a good thing because people are left in hospitals without electricity and people are left on top of roofs and will not have any proper foodstuffs.

The issue here is not the looters in the streets because you can't really do much looting in the streets. I've seen that same picture 20 times. The issue (INAUDIBLE) today it's $6.00 a gallon for gas in Atlanta, Georgia. Look at that part of the looting as well.

KING: Jesse will be in New Orleans all day tomorrow and give us a much more thorough report tomorrow night.

One other thing and I know you'll get a good lay of the land and we appreciate your being with us again tomorrow, do you question your faith when something like this happens?

JACKSON: Well, I do not. This is a physical disaster. What I do is I analyze more clearly are these series of storms based upon our affecting the climate with ozone layers because of carcinogens? I raise that question.

Only Jesse Jackson's unintelligible synopsis on the New Orleans disaster could add to the sorrow and misery of the devastation.

Only CNN's PC ethnic immunity could allow the unReverend Jackson's reporting as CNN's representative in the Big Easy. Talk about the sludge created by Katrina . . .

If Jesse and other African American leaders only knew how their rage filters down to the poorest of the poor, giving them license to hate the very people who want to help them - including the Army, the Police, the National Guard, etc. It has been the Jacksons and Belafontes and Andrew Youngs who have fueled the tempers of the poorest of blacks, denying them an escape from poverty in order to keep them bonded to the Democratic Party.

We are hearing every report of how New Orleans disaster relief is imperfect, but no one is looking at the scope of this Biblical Proportioned disaster where tens of thousands of people are stranded in homes surrounded by water. How many arm chair FEMA managers does it take to conclude that even if you send in an Army Division or a fleet of Navy Ships, it would not work?

New Orleans has been sinking for six thousand years due to coastal soil erosion, especially during the last not ao many years since the last time N.O. was under water, kiling many. The modern levy/river/canal system surrounding New Orleans has diverted land-building sediment away from the coastal areas, thus leaving the city most vulnerable to hurricane attacks.

Even if the levies had been rebuilt or fortified more recently, they would not have withstood the Category Five force of Katrina.

New Orleans has sunk to its bottom as has Jesse Jackson.

Praying for all those affected.