Saturday, September 03, 2005

Associated Press "Story" Compares Bush Tardiness With Crazy Baghdad Bob

An editorial disguised as a news story bashing President Bush for his supposedly belated response to the New Orleans fiasco reveals the biased venom that the AP has always had for Conservatives/Christians/Republicans/Independent Americans.

Today, on the front page above the fold, the local Akron Beacon Journal, which celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of Vietnam's Communization, printed an AP story which mercilessly bashes Bush, comparing him with the infamously goofy Baghdad Bob. Saddam's Information Minister, Baghad Bob, bragged of "slaughtering the American infidels" - even as United States forces surrounded him during the historical March To Baghdad in 2003

The Associated Press news story is peppered with the most opiniated, slanted comments I have ever seen from the syndicated news supplier. The story is headlined GOP Critics Fault Bush's Upbeat View Of Storm Aid,yet only one critic is mentioned, a Rich Galen, some unknown consultant to the GOP.

The AP story goes on with such "news" quips as:
"Add another piece of White House rhetoric that didn't match the public's view of reality:
Help is on the way, and . . . As New Orleans descended into anarchy, top Bush administration officials congratulated each other for jobs well done and spoke of water, food and troops pouring into the ravaged city. Television pictures told a different story,
and . . . What it reminded me of the other day is `Baghdad Bob' saying there are no Americans at the airport,
and . . . To some critics, President Bush seemed to deny the existence of problems with hurricane, and . . . It wasn't until Friday that he acknowledged that `the results are not acceptable,'and even then the president parsed his words,
and . . . Republicans worry that he looks out of touch defending the chaotic emergency response, and Bush got himself in trouble by trying to put the best face on a horrible situation,
and . . . The strategy is so common in Washington that operatives have a name for it -- ``spin'' -- and the Bush White House has perfected the shady art,
and . . .
The AP writer, Ron Fournier, who I will never forget, blathers on and compares Fed Aid to New Orleans with our brave soldiers effort in Iraq: On Iraq alone, the rhetoric has repeatedly fallen far short of reality."

Read the rest of the news screed concocted in the Pit Of Hell in the Akron "BJ"

The Dems and their MSM must maintain a high level of racial animosity between parties because the Democratic party depends on 25% of its voting support from African Americans. That is why we have only seen the misery and finger pointing at Bush in New Orleans and not much else. That is why the MSM will not tell us of the ill preparedness of NO's Democrat mayor or Louisianna's Democrat Governor.

The MSM will also not tell you that 80% of NO fire and police have flown the coop; that over 80% of NO residents have been living on the welfare supplied by many gracious Americans since Huey Long; that the media would not inform those stranded in NO that there was transportation available north of the city; that people were being fed two meals a day in the Super Dome; that American fire fighters, police, special relief agencies, National Guard, Active military, and even FEMA have done their best to reach tens of thousands of homes (islands) surrounded by water.

If enough people stop buying, or threaten to stop buying newspapers which relay such AP sludge, the Associated Press will either exit its spin zone, or self destruct.