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Top Ten Racists/Race Baiters (No, Bill Bennett Is Not Listed)

Keep That Money Makin' Racist Machine Runnin'
I Will Soon List The Top Ten White Racist Race Baiters (No, Bill Bennett Will Not Be Listed)
I Am Not Sure Who To List,Yet, But I Am Thinking They Will All Be Democrats. Please, post suggestions.

Here is a condensed version of those who dread any peace between races in America, as any sort of peace between Blacks and Whites would put their careers to an immediate end. Excerpted from various internet sources. [Even if the below citations were 90% inaccurate, they would still be 1000% more accurate than MediaMatters.Org which fed the Bill Bennett non-story to the wide-mouthed, pig-squealing Mainstream Media outlets. MediaMatters.Org is sponsored by billionaire communist George Soros and hosted by exconservative gay guy - David Brock - who could not get enough action as a conservative, thank God.]

10th Ranked Racist Race Baiter
John Conyers September 2005: Conyers is one of the most prolific Congressional race baiters in America, and he proved it today by distorting Bill Bennett's abortion remark crying out for Bennett's firing. From Conyers letter to the President Of Salem Radio. "We were shocked and outraged to learn that, on your radio network today, Bill Bennett stated on his radio program, Bill Bennett's Morning in America, "I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime you could -- if that were your sole purpose -- you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down." [Ed. I don't believe Democrats are smart enough to understand contextual statements, or two syllable words, either, for that matter. Remember, Bill, you have Public School graduates listening to your program always looking to trump up a charge of racism over something they cannot comprehend - like your radio program. JC]

John Conyers mentions trillions of dollars and Marshall-type plans (which must occur, and many times over) and calls for the transfer of "millions and millions of acres of land." "Every Year Since 1989 Reparations For Millions In January of 1989, I first introduced the bill H.R. 40, Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act. I have re-introduced HR 40 every Congress since 1989, and will continue to do so until it's passed into law. I chose the number of the bill, 40, as a symbol of the forty acres and a mule that the United States initially promised freed slaves. This unfulfilled promise and the serious devastation that slavery had on African-American lives has never been officially granted by the United States Government." John Conyers

9th Ranked Racist Race Baiter
Harry Belafonte Tied With Maxine Waters October 2002: Interviewed on a Californian radio station earlier this week, Belafonte said: "In the days of slavery there were those slaves who lived on the plantation, and those slaves who lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master, exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him. Colin Powell is committed to come into the house of the master."
Maxine Waters November 2002: Maxine Waters just noted on MSNBC that Lott voted for Thurman in 1948 and still supports his separatist platform today. Well, he was about 8 years old in 1948, not of voting age or likely to be absorbing Thurman's policies.
Lott issued several apologies, which Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) initially said he believed to be sincere.
"I accept that," Daschle told reporters. "There are a lot of times when he and I go to the microphone, would like to say things we meant to say differently, and I'm sure this is one of those cases for him, as well."
But Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), who is also a member of the CBC, criticized Daschle for accepting Lott's explanation.
"Daschle spoke very quickly to put the fire out," Waters said, "so let him take the heat."
Waters said Democratic leaders should support the caucus in its outrage over Lott's remarks to demonstrate the Democratic Party's concern for African-Americans all of the time, not just when their votes are needed during elections.

8th Ranked Racist Race Baiter
Kweisi Mfume Tied With Al Sharpton July 2004: Last week Democrat NAACP boss Kweisi Mfume accused Bush of treating blacks like prostitutes and of wanting to "take blacks back to the days of Jim Crow."
Al Sharpton 1988: Al Sharpton's career was launched by one of the most awkward cases of false accusation ever recorded. According to the Associated Press, "Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley's lawyers asserted "on 33 separate occasions" that a local prosecutor named Steven Pagones "had kidnapped, abused and raped" Brawley. There was no evidence, and Pagones was soon cleared. Sharpton then accused a local police cult with ties to the Irish Republican Army of perpetrating the alleged assault. The case fizzled when a security guard for Brawley's lawyers testified that the lawyers and Sharpton knew Brawley was lying. A grand jury investigation concluded in late 1988 that Brawley "was not the victim of forcible sexual assault" and that the whole thing was a hoax. When running for President, Sharpton was asked if the Tawana Brawley incident would hurt his campaign. Al responded, "When people around the country know that I stood up for a young lady ... I think it will help me." From Slate.Com

7th Ranked Racist Race Baiter
The NAACP Tied With Sheila Jackson Lee On the eve of the 2000 election, the NAACP ran an ad in which the daughter of James Byrd said that Bush's refusal to sign hate crime legislation while he was governor of Texas, was like watching her father die "all over again." The ad featured a horrifying image of a truck with a chain dangling behind it. The not so subtle message: Bush is indifferent to race-based crime. For obvious reasons, the ad did not mention that Byrd's attackers were found guilty and sentenced to death.
Sheila Jackson Lee October 2003: On mandating diversity in college sports (70% of athletes must be white) Insiders said Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee of the Congressional Black Caucus called it "a move back to pre-Civil War days racism. This is outrageous and reprehensible. Black athletes are much better in football and basketball, and if we give preferential treatment to whites, it will deny African-Americans their constitutional right to play those sports."Kelvin Sampson, coach of college basketball power the University of Oklahoma, with one white and 11 black players, is reported to have exclaimed, "You gotta be kidding! You mean I'd have to put, what, 70% white players out there? Guys who can't jump over a phone book, and run like they're wearing cement shoes? That's just (bleep). You put guys on the team because of ability, not to fill some bonehead quota!"

6th Ranked Racist Race Baiter
Louis Farrakhan
Sept 2005: Farrakhan's suggestions that some of the death and destruction in New Orleans may have been deliberate. Farrakhan pointed out that the motive for such an explosion of the levees would be to rid New Orleans of its poor black residents.He also made predictions about the city's future."New Orleans will be a white city," he said. "It will be rebuilt to the exclusion of the poor who have been dispersed all over the country."

5th Ranked Racist Race Baiter
Ray Nagin
Mayor of New Orleans September 2005: Tim Russert read from a New Orleans Times-Picayune article in which Nagin asserts that the rescue effort, or lack thereof, was about race. That the leadership "hates blacks."

4th Ranked Racist Race Baiter
Barak Obama Tied With Kanye West
September 2005: Obama said that "Kanye West expressed a greal of anguish and anger" that's felt in the black community. Whoever was in charge of planning, he argued, had no clue that not everyone can pack their SUV with Evian and head out to the countryside when there is a disaster. The federal government, he further argued, is "indifferent" to the plight of African Americans.

3rd Ranked Racist Race Baiter
Julian Bond June 2004:
In remarks to hundreds of cheering liberal activists Wednesday, NAACP Chairman Julian Bond singled out Republicans as enemies of black Americans and compared conservatives to the terrorist Taliban who once ruled Afghanistan. "Their idea of equal rights is the American flag and the Confederate swastika flying side by side," Bond told a cheering audience. "They've written a new constitution for Iraq and ignore the Constitution here at home. They draw their most rabid supporters from the Taliban wing of American politics. Now they want to write bigotry back into the Constitution."
The harsh words have become a tradition for Bond. Since becoming Chairman of the NAACP in 1998, he has consistently used the organization's conventions to publicly proclaim his distaste for the Republicans, alternately referring to them as "neo-fascists," "the white people's party," and "a crazed swarm of right wing locusts" that have sought to "subvert, ignore, defy and destroy the laws that require an America which is bias-free." Bond opened the NAACP's 93rd annual national convention by comparing President Bush to a "snake oil" salesman.

2nd Ranked Racist Race Baiter
Charles Rangel
September 2004 Mr. Rangel's metaphoric linkage of Mr. Bush to the late Theophilus "Bull" Connor - who in 1963 turned fire hoses and attack dogs on blacks, including Martin Luther King Jr., demonstrating in favor of equal rights - met with wild applause and cheering at a Congressional Black Caucus town hall meeting, part of the organization's 35th Annual Legislative Conference...
Rangel's bad argument: "A disproportionate number of the poor and members of minority groups make up the enlisted ranks of the military." From Army Times September 23,2005: Deaths of U.S. troops in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom also have been disproportionate to ethnic makeup of the military, the report states. Based on the 1,841 deaths and 12,658 wounded service members as of May 28, when the report was being prepared, 71 percent of the dead are classified as white, 9 percent as black and 10 percent as Hispanic.
Before the war, the likes of Reps. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., and John Conyers, D-Mich., complained that a disproportionate number of non-white troops would suffer. (Thirty-two of thirty-seven members of Congressional Black Caucus voted against the use of force.) Even lily-white Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., pandering to black voters, parroted this complaint. But the facts show that these claims turned out to be false.

The Number One All Time Racist Race Baiter
Jesse Jackson September, 2005
Remarking on the only refuge in town, the New Orleans Superdome "This looks like the hold of a slave ship" -- Reverend Jesse Jackson asserted that the devastation inflicted on poor blacks by Hurricane Katrina proves America is a racist society. "We don't see this kind of destruction in white or Jewish communities," said Jackson. "Why is it always poor blacks who are hurt? It's because our racist society wants it that way." Jackson said 120,000 people in New Orleans make less than $8,000 a year. "This is less than I charge for a single speech," Jackson pointed out. Jackson also criticized the role given to former presidents George Bush senior and Bill Clinton as coordinators for a fund raising effort following the disaster.

Racist Race Baiting Honorable Mention
Donna Brazille Al Gore Jr's presidential chief Donna Brazille referred to the Republicans as the "party of the white boys".

From National Review Online
On Ronald Reagan's "Racism" Jack White Of New York Times Magazine in 2002 On Ronald Reagan: ". . .To liberals, however, employing the phrase "states' rights" in any context is to waive the bloody shirt of racism and segregation. Little time was wasted in accusing Reagan not simply of pandering to old-fashioned segregationist sentiment in the south, but of actively sympathizing with it. Patricia Harris, Carter's secretary of Health and Human Services, told a steelworkers' union conference in early August: "I will not attempt to explain why the KKK found the Republican candidate and the Republican platform compatible with the philosophy and guiding principles of that notorious organization." (A KKK chapter in Louisiana had scored some cheap publicity by endorsing Reagan in 1980, which endorsement Reagan immediately and forcefully rejected.) But, Harris added, when Reagan speaks before black audiences many blacks "will see the specter of a white sheet behind him." Andrew Young went even further, saying that Reagan's remarks seemed "like a code word to me that it's going to be all right to kill niggers when he's President." Coretta Scott King managed to top Young: "I am scared that if Ronald Reagan gets into office, we are going to see more of the Ku Klux Klan and a resurgence of the Nazi Party." Maryland Congressman Parren Mitchell, a leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, said that " Reagan represents a distinct danger to black Americans." Reagan, it should be noted, received the endorsement of several black leaders in 1980, including the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, Martin Luther King's successor as head of the Southern Christian Leadership Council, and the Rev. Hosea Williams, another prominent cleric from the civil rights movement.

From Ideas Hatched
Tuesday, November 09, 2004
The "Republicans Are Nazis" Rolledex of Quotes

1) "We see dangerous signs of Hitlerism in the ". . . campaign."

2) His "election would bring a police state."

3) " . . . Republicanism is the closest thing in American politics to an equivalent of Russian Stalinism."

4) His acceptance speech "had the stench of fascism. "All we needed to hear was "Heil Hitler."

5) "I would say that I now believe I know how it felt to be a Jew in Hitler's Germany."

6) The Republicans "had Mein Kampf as their political bible."

7) "The smell of fascism has been in the air at this convention."

8) The London Observer found "disquieting similarities" between Hitler and the Republican candidate.

9) The Chicago Observer headline: "GOP Convention. . . Recalls Germany, 1933."

10) The Republican convention gave off "a whiff of moral fascism."

11) The Republican delegates on the floor of the convention "were exactly those who in Germany gave the Nazis their main strength and in France collaborated with them and sustained Vichy." "His constituency was "narrow minded, book banning, truth censoring, mean spirited: ungenerous, envious, intolerant, afraid; chicken, bullying; trivially moral, falsely patriotic, family cheapening, flag cheapening, God cheapening; sanctimonionism, shallow, small. . ."

12) Patricia Harris, Carter's Secretary of Health and Human Services said that "when he speaks before the National Urban League, many blacks will see the specter of a white sheet behind him."

13) A former aid to Carter said that Republican candidate's remarks seemed "like a code word to me that it's going to be all right to kill niggers when he's president."

14) One civil rights leader expressed fear that if the Republican candidate gets elected, "we are going to see more of the Ku Klux Klan and a resurgence of the Nazi Party"

Quotes 1-9 were aimed at Barry Goldwater, and 10-14 at Ronald Reagan. Brace yourself for more "Republicans are Nazis" articles written by our best and brightest now that Bush has won a second term. In fact, in one of the more despicable political ads of all time, the NAACP had run an ad in 2000 with the daughter of the black man (James Byrd?) who had been dragged behind a truck to his death; the women claimed that when Bush vetoed a "hate crimes" bill in Texas, it was as if her father had been brutally murdered all over again. Of course the killers are on death row, but boy would they be sorry if they were also found guilty of a hate crime to boot. Below is a key to the above quotes.

(1. Martin Luther King, 2. Roy Wilkens, 3. Senator William Fulbright, 4. Governor Pat Brown of California, 5. Jackie Robinson, 6. San Fran Mayor John Shelley, 7. Columnist Drew Pearson (no relation to the Cowboy's great receiver), 10. Columnist Richard Reeves, 11. Henry Fairlie in the Washington Post, 12. Patricia Harris, Carter's secretary of Health and Human Services, 13. Andrew Young, 14. Coretta Scott King.

Anyway, the rolledex of "Republicans are Nazis" quotes is growing in leaps and bounds, and I am not likely to capture even a fraction of such quotes. By I did come across an article on by one Jane Smiley - here are some quotes and some comments that follow:

"I grew up in Missouri and most of my family voted for Bush, so I am going to be the one to say it: The election results reflect the decision of the right wing to cultivate and exploit ignorance in the citizenry. I suppose the good news is that 55 million Americans have evaded the ignorance-inducing machine. But 58 million have not. Well, almost 58 million of my relatives are not ignorant, they are just greedy and full of classic Republican feelings of superiority."

No doubt Ms. Smiley has watched Fahrenheit 9-11 on a continuous loop since the summer, which explains her comparative state of enlightenment versus her Missouri relatives. Must not be hard to get a seat next to her at the family reunions. Anyway, good thing that she isn't as ignorant or as greedy as her extended family - otherwise she might be led to feelings of superiority.

"Ignorance and bloodlust have a long tradition in the United States, especially in the red states. When the forces of red and blue encountered one another head-on for the first time in Kansas Territory in 1856, the red forces from Missouri, who had been coveting Indian land across the Missouri River since 1820, entered Kansas and stole the territorial election. The red news media of the day made a practice of inflammatory lying - declaring that the blue folks had shot and killed red folks whom everyone knew were walking around. The worst civilian massacre in American history took place in Lawrence, Kan., in 1862 - Quantrill's raid. The red forces, known then as the slave-power, pulled 265 unarmed men from their beds on a Sunday morning and slaughtered them in front of their wives and children. The error that progressives have consistently committed over the years is to underestimate the vitality of ignorance in America."

Umm, excuse me for one moment there, Miss Smiley, wasn't the abolitionist movement primarily one fueled by devoutly religious people? No doubt there were religious people on both sides, but why pretend they all stood on the red side? And what the hell are you talking about with red folks declaring that blue folks had shot red folks who were walking around. Did the pharmacy run out of your Prozac?

"The reason the Democrats have lost five of the last seven presidential elections is simple: A generation ago, the big capitalists, who have no morals, as we know, decided to make use of the religious right in their class war against the middle class and against the regulations that were protecting those whom they considered to be their rightful prey - workers and consumers. The architects of this strategy knew perfectly well that they were exploiting, among other unsavory qualities, a long American habit of virulent racism, but they did it anyway, and we see the outcome now - Cheney is the capitalist arm and Bush is the religious arm. They know no boundaries or rules. They are predatory and resentful, amoral, avaricious, and arrogant. "

Ahh, yes, the big capitalists have no morals - as we know! So some corporate board decided that the best way to sell their product and increase their profits was to enlist the religious right (largely middle class) in their war against the middle class. Mix in a little racism, but not enough to prevent getting 45 percent of the Hispanic vote, and the evil greedy capitalists are certain to maximize their profits. Now they can really prey upon consumers by developing life-saving drugs and the like. B*stards!

Now, you may be saying to yourself, who is Jane Smiley? The name rang a bell with me as well, and then I remembered - my wife has a paperback novel of hers. So what did I do, dear reader? I burned the book, kicked my heels up with a Wagner opera playing in the background, and read a couple chapters from Mein Kampf. As a red-stater, any other actions would only have disappointed Ms. Smiley. Of course, I am more than a little distressed that the Nazi party is now run by a bunch of neo-conservative Jews. First they took over the finances of the world, then Hollywood, now the Nazi party. No one would have guessed the third - you gotta admit those Jews are crafty!

But don't go away, Ms. Smiley - keep enlightening us with your tolerance and high-mindedness. With enemies like you on the left insulting 59 million people daily, who needs friends?

"Nazi Rolledex" By Hatcher From Ideas Hatched