Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Minority Rules: Who Will Protect The Majority From The Minority?

According to most encyclopedias, a Republic is a "state or country having a government whose political power depends solely on the consent of the people governed." The Constitution, if interpreted with common horse sense, dictates that the majority of the people should have at least some input into how the United States is governed.

Liberal manipulation, however, has effectively dissolved the influence and vote of the majority and has displaced Majority Rules with Minority Rules.

An overwhelming majority of Americans do no not approve of Partial Birth Abortion in which the head of a newborn babe is punctured and vacuumed - after the baby's head has been deliberately reversed in the birthing process to avoid murder charges. Only a very small minority of women libbers and their judicial cohorts like Ruth Bader Ginsburg have such inhumane, degenerate chuptza to promote this type of murder, yet it is the law and practice of the land.

A clear majority of Americans do not approve of gay marriage, and despite referendums by the electorate which enforces this attitude, minority lib courts negate the majority rule.
Here, in Akron Ohio we have an Africentric public elementary school which teaches the students how to sing African chants, wear native African clothing, and how to celebrate Kwanza. The school's academic proficiency is, however, the worse in the state. Am I a racist for not wanting to pay for this segregated Africentric schooling?

Another minority, American Educators, are actively dictating social engineering in the public schools from kindergarten through advanced degrees in college. These tax-paid government employees are forever pushing Heather Has Two Mommies and premarital sex, yet ignoring the Three R's and discipline. Because of this biased ingnorance by the lib minority ruling class in the U.S., we will soon be seeing books like "Why Can't Johnny, An MBA Graduate, Read?"

When reflecting on the incompetence of Minority Rule, one has to wonder how else could the New Orleans Mayor and Lousianna's governor have been promoted to their critical elected posts unless they were boosted by something other than their qualifications. Minorities include women (who are actually a majority although affirmative action relegates them as a minority), blacks, the disabled, the aged, Jews, Hispanics, Asian, and unofficially, homosexuals. So, the "minorities" actually comprise over seventy percent of the population - but are given special rights, promotions, and privileges for being minorities! The Constitution be damned, I guess.

I have to think that, maybe, the Constitution's "general welfare" clause in the Preamble might offer a valid excuse for offering special rights to minorities who may be less qualified to perform a government-linked job, but then reality hits and I am reminded that I, as a taxpayer, must sponsor their less than skilled performance on the (government) job. Another excuse for promoting the underqualified may be that we Americans are always in a rush, and need to slow down. What is better than an underperforming government to slow down progress and efficiency so that we all can take a national siesta? Then again, I do not want the American Military to bog down just to please the minorities. Anyone associated with the Armed Forces - and any other branch of local, county, state or federal government - will attest that social engineering, not efficiency, is the goal of Minority Rules.

Sandra Day O'Connor was recently asked what she thought was her greatest achievement. "More women in the courts." And what does that, madame, have to do with justice? Patsy Schroeder's greatest accomplishment, if asked, was getting more women into the military and closer to full combat situations. And what does that, madame, have to do with winning wars? The answer to both questions is that they could care less about anything more than promoting women, just for promotion's sake.

Is the Post Office going broke and your mail delivered late? Have you noticed that over 80% of all public school teachers are women? Social work and nursing occupations are also dominated by women and not because men refuse to be involved in such well paid professions.

In the a private sector, Hollywood has concentrated on elevating gays and other minorities to near divine status. The power of the media has overtaken the power of government - and it is very much controlled by a far left, commie wing of liberalism. Speaking of the commie wing of liberalism, the New York Times, Associated Press and most city newspapers are now infamous for their ability to hire the most incoherent publishers, editors, columnists etc. Ditto for CNN and the nearly defunct Airhead America radio syndicate.
How has Hip Hop and MTV managed to dominate juveniles? Minority Rules.

The Judiciary and Academia are obviously dominated by a very small minority of anti-traditional, dare I say godless people, who are bonded in unison against anything that resembles a patriarchal/Christian, Conservative Jewish/male/patriotic personna. Anything good that may have Biblical origination is automatically attacked by the ACLU and lib minorities. Despite the heroic motivations of Martin Luther King Jr. he in effect sold his soul to the radical, atheist left in order to gain their sponsorship. This spawned the very irreligious Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons etc.
Not to be outdone, mainline white protestant churches have also joined forces with the agnostic Politically Correct crowd.

How many times has Andrew Young called Republicans "Nazis?" How many corporations has Jesse Jackson shaken down in the name of Christ? How many expensive colleges are supporting lady's sports which cannot find participants? How many businesses are sued for not hiring enough minorities when minorities do not even apply? How many times has one atheist like Madeline O'Hare or that Newdow guy caused a minority lib judge to stop the majority's public acknowledgement of God? (Atheists only comprise, as a minority, less than 5 percent of the country). How often do courts comprised of female judges and prosecutors haul off the husband/father to jail after being charged without evidence of domestic violence? Minority Rules.

According to crime statistics, black on white crime is 16 times more likely than white on black crime. Hate Crime Laws, however, will never be enforced against blacks hating whites during a crime, as we have already seen. Women, though many times less qualified in custody cases to take care of their children, will win the favor of the court - and custody - in divorce cases. Minority Rules.

The American lib press, like Mad George Galloway, have officially endorsed Jihad as the preferred international religious movement. Islam has always started as a minority, yet historically has managed to take over entire European countries. Don't think it could happen here? Minority Rules.

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