Monday, October 24, 2005

Crackup At The Clintagon and Clinton Intelligence Agency

Over a week has passed since I marveled at the Clinton's Chinese Space program recent success of sending manned aircraft - again - into space. It could only have happened with the help of America's own Loral (space tech) Corp. whose president, Bernard Schwartz - offered Bill Clinton various contributions which added up to nearly one million dollars - which made it a little easier to do business (space tech) with communist China. After the big missile/computer/warhead tech giveaway during Clinton's administration, the Chinese promised to only use the advanced technology for good and not for evil. Click Here For Evil Laugh Sound Effect The Clintagon and Clinton Intelligence Agency still has a great deal of gravitas left in D.C.

Joe Degenova has written a great piece (I heard it on Quinn And Rose In The Morning, but cannot Google it, because the MSM is in on the scam) about how the CIA has used Wilson and Plame to discredit the Prez. Both at the Clintagon as well as in the Clinton Intelligence Agency, there is an excess of lib careerists who are decidedly lib Democrat. Gee, they weren't all that successful in finding WMD under Clinton, were they? So many Clintonistas still around town.

Homeboy (from Akron Ohio area) Lieutenant Erick Anderson had charges dismissed against him in January for mercy killing a mortally wounded Iraqi jihadist. The Clintagon is recharging Anderson - eight months later - and adding an additional charge of murder. Certainly hard to win a war on three fronts: Iraq, The MSM, and The Clintagon. Do we have fortitude to fight them all simultaneously?

The New York Times was very pleased to report that an International Court, as prodded by American-Hating, Jihad-loving scaredy pants Spain ( was not Spain dominated by Islam for 400 years? Some people never comprende) will seek the arrest of three American soldiers who were in that tank in 2003 - in the midst of taking Baghdad - which fired on a Baghdad hotel, killing a Spanish journalist and other reporters who should not have been there.

"Judge Santiago Pedraz Gamez of the National Court in Madrid said that the evidence suggested the three soldiers committed murder and a "crime against the international community" in firing at the hotel, where more than 100 journalists were staying.

According to both American and Spanish accounts, the tank fired one explosive round at the Palestine Hotel on April 8, 2003, as American forces were battling for control of Baghdad. Jose Manuel Couso Permuy, a cameraman with the Spanish television station Telecinco, and Taras Protsyuk, a journalist with the Reuters news agency, who were in the hotel, were killed in the blast."

Other Clintagonians and Clinton Intelligence network operatives to watch out for: Wesley Clark, Anthony Zinni, Paul Hackett and Richard Clarke. Keep an eye on these guys. They are staunch "Internationalists."