Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mark Levin To Replace Howard Stern?

Friend of Freepers, The Great One, Dr. Levin - Mark Levin is a thousand times more entertaining than Howard Stern - and Mark Levin has never once to my knowledge resorted to fart jokes to get a laugh.

In fact, Mark gets laughs the old fashioned way; he tells the truth about "libs," and their endlessly pernicious ways. He has the ability to humor and educate his "beloved audience" using a vast knowledge of law which has accumulated since he was appointed a top advisor to President Ronald Readgan. You will find no one more patriotic than Mark Levin who is especially protective of the United States military troops who have been under constant attack by the New York Slimes, The Washington Compost,Chucky Schmucky Schumer, Stretch Pelosi, Barbara The Dwarf Boxer, The LA Slimes, Little Dickie Dick Durbin, Hillary Rotten, etc. [Mark's words]

Mark is the perfect antidote to the liberal media and he can be heard on from 6 PM Eastern until 9 PM. Mark's program will be undoubtedly expanding to other radio markets, and anyone so interested should call their local radio affilitates to demand that Mark's program be aired

Now that Howard Stern has left, thanks be to God, terrestrial radio, the hundreds of of stations who have lost the dirt devil should consider replacing the vaccum with Dr. Levin. I think Mark is a bigger rocker than David Lee Roth, anyway.