Sunday, May 14, 2006

Da Vinci Code Believers Are Looking Real Stupid

If "Its only fiction," why do so many want to believe it is the truth?

There have been so many expose's of the Da Vinci Code on cable TV, religious programs, and talk radio broadcasts that if there are any true believers left, they should be hiding in the Priori of Sion.

From the beginning Dan Brown always confessed that the novel is fiction. However, he has contradictorily claimed that the fiction was based on facts in his book and on his website.

I skimmed hundreds of Da Vinci Code reader comments on Amazon.Com which has archived thousands of reader reviews of the book since it was published in 2003. The first several hundred buyers of the book gave it highly credible ratings - buying, in effect, Dan Brown's truthiness hook, line, and stinker.

As more of Brown's fictitious facts or factual fictions were investigated and subsequently revealed to the public, more recent Da Vinci readers are reporting that they think he is as good a hoodwinker as Oprah's James Frey.

The lib media loved and hyped the book because it challenged the veracity of the early disciples who 'did their best to keep women from expressing their feminism and potential for church leadership.' Oh, and Mary married Jesus. Oh, and they had a child, and the child was actually the elusive Holy Grail that the Templars sought. Oh, and the Merovingians were in this holy bloodline - the real holy grail. Oh, and the Merovingians intertwined with the French royalty which ended with a man who made it all up, named Plantard. Jesus's heirs cannot be French!

Dan Brown stated that it was fiction, but he did not mind that so many believed it to be true, and he has not discouraged any of those fantastic imaginations - with the truth. Oh, and Leonardo Da Vinci was not only "in" on the holy bloodline, he actually knew what Mary Magdalene looked like - 1400 years earlier - from, maybe, a picture made from some kind of shroudographic camera in use, circa 30 AD.

Oh, and those trustworthy Gnostic gospels of Philip, Mary Magdalene and even Judas the traitor gave added weight to the incredible story because there are a lot of folks who are hungering for even bigger lies than those which the day-to-day, drive by media currently spews. Throw in distorted myths about Opus Dei and Knights Templar and you gain even more fictions to prove the truth of Dan Brown's fiction.

PS The French priest, Berenger Sauniere, who dedicated his church to Mary Magdalene did not find a buried treasure, and he was not secretly bequeathed any money from anybody. 60 Minutes reported that the priest actually was convicted by a Catholic court in the ealry 1900's of "Trafficking Masses," IOW he sold a great many more Masses than he actually said.Ergo, Martin Luther.

So many people, well educated, buying a heap of impossible, improbable flak, swallowed crap and paying Dan Brown 250 Million Dollars.

2 Thessalonians 2, "God shall send them STRONG DELUSION, that they should believe a LIE." Not just "delusion" but "STRONG delusion".