Sunday, October 15, 2006

Join The First Annual "Turn Off The Lib News" Year

How many times have I been listening to one of the Great Ones like Mark Levin, Hannity, Rush, Matt Drudge, Laura Ingraham, Bill Bennett . . . and even throw in Beck, Savage, Prager, Mike Mcconnell, Quinn and Rose and some of the local conservative hosts like Howie Chizek and Bob Golic (Akron), when on the hour and half hour I am assaulted by some awful, lib-slanted national news from ABC, CBS, or even Fox Radio News?

Run to the radio and shut it down to avoid insulting your intelligence with that very uninformative, same old garbage about Mark Foley or Rumseld, or other news inspired by Noam Chomsky and George Soros - all the while the Chinese are shooting lasers at our satellites, North Korea may or may not be firing nuclear rockets, and the Presidents of Iran and Venezuela are railing at President Bush, calling him Satan, much to the glee of the Drive By Media. You will not miss a thing because the same stories will run monotonously for two weeks until they feel they have milked their fat, lib cow dry.

Send a message - especially you Arbitron and Nielsen book keepers and "Turn The Bums Off" (not unlike Throw The Bums Out). Whenever the especially guilty ABC or CBS radio news syndicates start blabbing their anti-American propaganda, race to the radio - and TV - and turn the radio off or switch to a Christian station where you may find a refuge from the disgusting leftist news blather.
Caution: Do not change to a NPR or Public Broadcasting station of any kind as you may lose your lunch around lunch time. They are routinely vile. Be watchful not to accidentally tune to Jane Fonda's and Gloria Steinhem's new radio network known as "Estrogen America" or something like that.

What better time to "Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Out" of the pig sty radio-tv news syndicates than during November Sweeps when the number of viewers/listeners is carefully counted by Arbitron and Nielsen to determine what program/personality stays and what program/personality goes? Katy Couric is already on the ropes ratings-wise, and it would just take a little push to see her replaced by someone, possibly, a bit more conservative - like Al Franken - as CBS anchor babe.

The MSM is ratcheting up its attack mode especially before the elections. Radio and TV Stations and their sponsors listen to complaints about news bias - if enough people actually complain and threaten to avoid their brand of the news as well as the sponsors. I was able to help convince a large local radio station switch from CBS radio news to ABC News. And, after urging another radio station to change news sources, it dumped ABC News for Fox radio news. I am now of the opinion that Fox radio news is bad as ABC and CBS. Dump them all. Turn them off during the news broadcasts. You won't miss a thing.

Local radio stations - almost all conservative - know that when listeners turn the lib news off, valuable sponsors are also turned off. Hourly and half hour news provided by the MSM is not a necessity as national news could be delivered by in the in house newscasters. Write, fax, email, call individual stations as well as CBS, Fox, and ABC news and tell them we are "Not going to take it (listen) any more."