Sunday, September 24, 2006

Help Wanted: Democrats Desperately Seeking Ingenius Ways To Undermine U.S. Security/War...Hoping For Attack On Homeland

The cornerstone of the Democrat platform for the upcoming elections - undermining the war on terror while simultaneously weakening homeland security - is not winning the hearts of many Americans and so is in need of fresh material to accomplish these goals.

A Recap Of Democratic Ideas Which Have Not Worked:

*Those obsessive, media driven negative stories about Iraq have not undermined the minds of most Americans
*The Dems have not been able to convince the American people, despite the Rockefeller Senate Intelligence Report, that there was: a) no link between Saddam and Al Qaida and b) there were no WMD. Terrorist camps were allowed to flourish in Iraq (just like Clinton's Kosovo), and Saddam's WMD has been partially discovered.
*Even though Dems pretended to be concerned about the lack of armor in Iraq for the troops, they had done nothing for the military in the form of increased appropriations or wages in the past 40 years.
*The Dems brilliant idea to pull the troops out of Iraq, let Iraq go to hell, and then redeploy the troops to "more needful" areas in the world has fallen on its face
*Those stupid Mantras, "Impeach Bush" and "Fire Rumsfeld" have also been deep sixed by the Cut And Runners.
*Those schizophrenic Dems have consistently criticized every administration attempt to alert the populace of possible homeland attacks, as using scare tactics - all the while criticizing President Bush for not doing enough to protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks. Remember how the red, orange, yellow system of terror warnings were despised and ridiculed by the Dems?
*The Dem media has done very little to tell of the hundreds of FBI, CIA busts of terrorist cells within our borders, and has done nothing to praise the work of the military in Iraq.
*Despite the Drive By media's revelations of Top Secret military and CIA actions, the American public is more suspicious of the Drive Byers.
*The torture of terrorist detainees, who must be treated as American citizens according to the Democrats in the Supreme Court, has not overshadowed the barbaric, grotesque methods of the terrorists who cut heads off and bomb babies. (Gee, I hope I don't start a riot with statements like that, since everything else causes the Islamic world to riot. Ask Pope Benedict what happens when you tell the truth.)
*The Dems idea to give Islamic terrorists; the rights of American citizenship (like a speedy trial), Miranda rights on the battlefield, lawyers aplenty - even to an enemy NOT COVERED by the Geneva Convention - has not been generally accepted by the American people.
*The Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Daily Kos, George Soros contingent of the Democratic Party is losing what little popularity it had.
*Jesse Jackson and his friend Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez are losing prestige, even as Jesse at this very moment is escorting Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez to several African American Baptist Churches in Harlem where Hugo is delivering sermons which are being "warmly received." They both have denounced America's war on terror.
*Despite having their very own Federal Judge Diggs in Moslem controlled Michigan, Democrats and especially Moslem representatives Cal Levin and John Conyers, both from Michigan - packed with about 300,000 "mostly peaceful" Moslems - were not able to kill off the NSA surveillance of Moslem phone calls between the U.S. Moslems and Al Qaida Moslems.
*Harry Reid's self applauded defeat of a more exhaustive Patriot Act did not ring well with Americans.
*Ohio Democratic Party nomination of antiwar, Bush-cursing, veteran of Iraq war Paul Hackett for U.S. Senate went down to defeat.
*Despite thousands of picture of prisoners "Walking In Women's Underwear" at Abu Ghraib, the intentional embarrassment of our military did not stick. You may hear the above Underwear song on the Mark Levin radio program at
*The NY Times/Schumer etc. push to indict Scooter Libby, Karl Rove et al. went nowhere
*Neutering the Sky Marshals and fighting the airline pilots who want to carry weapons has not - thank God - resulted in another airline hijack.
*Attempting to nuke airport profiling has also not worked for the Dems. Sorry.
*Olberman and Matthews are more despised than ever. So to is CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, BBC, Reuters, LA Times . . .
*Air America has crashed
*Instead of Democrat led shut down of Gitmo, security will be tightened. (Detainees will not be given new soccer balls to play with)
*Sandy Berger and the lib led 9/11 Commission was not able to convince the American public that the war in Iraq is a mistake.

If you can come up with any other innovative way the Dems can undermine America's war on terror as well as homeland security, please, submit them below. I am confident they, too, will fail.