Saturday, January 20, 2007

British Islamic Clerics To Rename English Cities With Islamic Names. Parliament And PM Will Concede.

Within the past several years, Muslims have made many outrageous demands upon the Brits - you know the people that were once remembered for their "stiff upper lip."

When Islamic clerics demanded that U.K. banks not give away small piggy banks to new customers, the Brits responded in kind. Burger King was demanded to stop selling an ice cream treat which had a lid with an "inscription" (actually, scrolling ice cream) which in some way referenced Allah. Coca-Cola has been attacked by the Islamic locals, because when the Coke logo's mirror image is observed it says something to the effect, "Allah should be smacked in the bum with a paddle," or some such. I am not sure if I have that last one quite right, but Coke is, thank the True God, bigger than Allah. Since flushing, swirling toilets also remind one of the Jihadists, they may be soon banned.

Below is a probably planned map of that so secular, completely backslidden, politically correct, Europeanized Great Britain of the near future. (Wales, Scotland, And Ireland Will Retain Their Independence)