Thursday, June 30, 2011

Phobic Homos - What Gays Fear

Just as Defense Secretary Gates has done a fair job, with exceptions, and has been awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Obama, he may be most remembered for approving the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, yet strangely, he has not certified the controversial reversal of policy, leaving that chore to his replacement, Leon Panetta, who is pro abort, so most probably he will also kneel at the feet of the gay lobby.

We all to often hear about the nonexistent "Homophobia" which has had various definitions from the fear becoming gay to the fear of gays taking over, neither of which has any application in reality. The Psychobabble Industry has convinced many a hetero, that any criticism of what was formerly called sodomy, indicates that the critic has latent homosexual tendencies, whether it be objections to gayness on moral, civil, or religious grounds.

There is a concern among many religious as well as non religious folks, that homosexuals are demanding a more dominating voice in politics, academia, church pulpits, government,media, and public schools. There are those of us who are not fans of Gay Marriage, Lady Gaga, the TV Show Glee, Ellen DeGeneres, and have nothing to be ashamed of for being so. For this we are defined as being homophobic, but really it is the Phobic Homos suffering from Phobic Homeosis who have attempted to shame us - since they have gone beyond shame in their behavior.

Phobic Homos have a deep fear of not being accepted by the general public. They desire the impossible: Divine sanctification for something that according to every major religion is condemned, despite the historically recent toleration by mainline protestant churches and reform synagogues.

Phobic Homeosis recently invaded the psyches of President Obama's military sovereigns - the Joint Chiefs of Staff. My alma mater, the Marine Corps did the righteous thing in shunning the proposal to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell, but the now retiring Secretary of Defense, who spearheaded the repeal, seems to be rethinking his demand to stock young gays into the larger hetero male pool within the United States armed forces. The reason? According to this Town Hall story by Frank Gaffney, that infamous Inspector General report, which supposedly found wide approval among active members in the military for the addition of outed gays into their domain, was skewed and then leaked to the press.

Truth be told, many gays who have enlisted in various branches of the military, are not all that thrilled to serve on active duty, after they have they have proven that they can beat the system by invading a heretofore all hetero domain. Its a power trip much like ladies who demand to play the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta. In fact, there are reports of gays getting out of military contracts, now, before DODT is certified.

The IG's report on the effect of gays in the military was intentionally misinterpreted by Obama's pro-gay advisers so that repeal of DADT legislation could be rushed through the legislature without extensive hearings in the Senate or House. The misinterpreted report was published, supporting such "facts" that 70% of active duty members would be comfortable with gays in close confines - when the opposite attitude was closer to the truth. Also not reported was the discovery that over 25% of men and women on active duty would not reenlist if DADT was repealed, thus opening the floodgates for outed gays to bed, bathe, and beyond with testosterone filled macho men who, obviously, despite all the reeducation in the world, will not be accepting of abnormal (at least for the military) behavior. Here is my own testimony and experience with gays in the military (USMC) in Vietnam.

Perhaps, Defense Secretary Gates, as with ALL the Marine Generals, has reconsidered caving in to the Phobic Homo lobby as supported by the Obama administration. I pray the rest of society will not be afraid of being falsely labeled Homophobic - for doing the right thing.