Saturday, September 10, 2011

New York Mayor Sponsors Theater/Museum Porn, But Prayer Is Verboten

Multitudes of Americans have been incensed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg's nixing any sort of prayer or religious involvement at the 9/11 Memorial Event on September 11 in New York City.

But, it has never seemed to be a problem for the City of New York government to throw tax money at the most vile theater and museum exhibits, which could only be found in New York, or San Francisco.

For instance, while in New York you may not want to pay 70 dollars to see, "The Homophobes, A Clown Show," now appearing at the Dixon Theater which depicts conservative Christian ministers as laughable homophobes. Supported by the City of New York.

Also on the Dixon's venue, is such entertainment as the Bulldyke Chronicles (self explanatory) or, perhaps you may not want to liven up your New York experience by seeing "Naked Boys Singing," at the New World Stages, compliments of the government of New York City. I would suggest, if Mayor Bloomberg does not condemn the building, that you visit the Times Square Church started by the late David Wilkerson, who was one of the most right-on preachers I have ever known.

Your New York intinerary should also not include the government sponsored "Dog And Pony Show (Bring Your Own Pony)" - a one woman show developed by "the lesbian woman who drove Jesse Helms crazy." You can probably guess what this show is about

For a complete listing of New York Gay and Lesbian shows, now playing, you may not want to visit Sodomy has been well represented through funding by Mayor Bloomberg's New York. Wonder if he would sponsor an old fashioned tent revival. I'm sure he would, but it would have to gay themed.

New York Museums have a lot to offer in the form of tax-paid degradation. Remember the P*ss Christ exhibit by Andres Serrano who depicted a crucifix in his own liquid excrement? Serrano deployed other bodily issues in his much acclaimed (by New York culture) works of "art." If you want to suffer instant disgust, Google his name.

New Yorkers were gaga over Robert Mapplethorpe's "art" (always described as dark and decadent) even when he provocatively photographed 5 year old girls wearing leather outfits. His art career was brought to an abrupt halt when he died of aids. Even though he thought of himself as "the devil," he was always welcomed into New York City.

A Brit, Chris Ofili, was gratefully accepted into the New York art scene when he displayed a picture of the Holy Virgin Mary pasted with elephant feces.
The then New York Mayor, Rudie Giuliani, staunchly opposed such blasphemy. Read it here.

On the contrary, Mayor Bloomberg could only be incensed by someone trying to smuggle a prayer into the New York Memorial at Ground Zero.

A "Moment of Silence," will be allowed, because it doesn't offend anyone, since it is just a moment of "blanking out," or merely a "forgetting God" moment. Extremely gabby, talkative people may be offended by that, so Mayor Bloomberg may have to even relent on allowing a moment of silence.