Saturday, August 13, 2011

White Driver Is Kidnapped - To Prove He's Not A Racist

The original story went something like this in the Akron Beacon Journal, "Man begs boy pumping gas for ride because, "My car is broken down." The story goes on to explain that, "The man then demanded at gunpoint that the younger man give him money, his Ipod, and to take him to other destinations, forcing him to buy cigarettes and chicken wings ."

The rest of the story, which could not be printed in the PC paper known for its diversity, IE., they are reluctant to air the dirt laundry of the sizable ethnic community, IE., they refuse to shame criminals among the black community, because of the indignation it causes, went more like thus: A black man at an Akron area gas station bluntly asked a younger white male high school student if he was a racist. The startled boy said no, as he continued pumping gasoline into his car. The black man then asked him if he would give him a ride because his "car was broken down, down the street." The boy replied back, no.

The black man continued to insinuate that the white boy was indeed a racist - until the younger man conceded and offered to give the man a ride to his "broken down car, down the street." The black man, of course, had no car, but actually needed cigarettes, money, and chicken wings, which he forced the kid to deliver to him at gunpoint. After getting the cigarettes, money, and chicken wings, the kid had to also surrender his Iphone, after which, the well fed, and somewhat richer black man, went on his way. Shortly thereafter, the black man was found by the police (Iphone tracking) and was incarcerated the same day.

One story goes, that the young man went down to the police station to identify the perpetrator, who still had the Iphone in his pocket. Slam dunk. He will be getting 10 years, divided by two, probably, so that he will spend maybe 5 years in the klink for armed robbery and kidnapping.

The larger story here is that the libs have so shamed usually right-minded people into doing things - like electing President Obama to President of the U.S.A - just to prove that they are not racist.

During the presidential campaign of 2008, I remember many libs calling into the local talk station, hosted by the great Howie Chizec on WNIR.COM, and bragging how unprejudiced they were - because they were voting for a black president. Its as if nothing else mattered, including, especially, qualifications for the world's top job.

Oh, how the white lib callers prided themselves in taunting those of us who would not consider BHO for such a job. We were racists and bigots, they intimated and intimidated over and over.

BTW, I don't hear so much from the pro Barack people anymore calling into the radio station. That "Obama money" hasn't come through as promised.

This same wedge of "white guilt" has turned into a wedge of "hetero guilt," for those people who refuse to award gay couples with the honor of earning the status of Holy Matrimony between themselves.

I'm seeing loads of conservatives, wanting to prove their humanity by not discriminating between what the Bible calls sodomy, and what is holy. Fox news is leading the charge in showing its lack of honor, consecration, and holiness for man and woman relationships.

The very nasty Fox Redeye program, which regularly features gay advocate Anne Coulter, is most persuasive in its steering of straight America into the depths of Gomorrah. The conservative host commonly employs homo erotic humor throughout the show which is mainly seen by conservatives. They use that "shaming" technique mentioned in the first part of this story, in order drive America to love, not only the sinner, but also the sin.

Be on the lookout for libs and wishy-washy conservatives in name only (CINOS) to be be playing upon our hearts, utilizing not only the R - Racist Card, but also the H - Homophobia Card. These same conservatives, like Meghan McCain, ridicule conservatives who believe that gayness is a choice that can be altered. I mean if gender is a choice, according to psychologists, then why not choose again? Former Baptist Pastor Huckabee seems to be also among those who would want to advance gay rights.

They are already tearing Michelle Bachmann to shreds for her valued morality, but also her hubby who urges gays to go straight, ne Pray The Gay Away. I've have seen it, and I have worked with former gays who now are ministers with wives and children.

Years ago they promised that they discovered the gay gene. They are still looking.