Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mocking Christians In Election Season - Last Acceptable Bigtotry

While GLAAD is super protected by the media, both liberal and conservative, Christians, in general, are
experiencing a renewed full-out onslaught against their faith, pre presidential election.

As usual, the faith of those running for the highest office is being scrutinized more than ever, first by Republicans. We never hear much concern about a Dem's faith, because faith is not much of an an issue to Dems. President
Obama's religious bona fides came into question, only because his mentor/minister was from a planet even beyond Louis Farrakhan's Mother Ship. Like, who ever knew that Joe Biden is the first Catholic Vice President of the United States, or who really thinks about Nancy Pelosi as a practicing Catholic? Not much bragging on them by RC people. Nor, Newt or John Kerry. Rick Santorum, a Catholic, is despised by libs as he speaks against Gay Marriage Equality in Washington state by Occupiers and Unionistas. I can remember a time when union members, Catholic and non Catholic, would start meetings with a prayer. Now, they gather to determine how much money to send to pro abortion candidates.

So, we conservatives like to examine (pick apart) our candidates, while Democrats will usually elevate any old relatively faithless person to be their messiah.

We are seeing increased attacks, both subtle and not so subtle, on America's foundations and traditional faith - Christianity.

I have never enjoyed Tina Fey's humor on Saturday Night Live nor on 30 Rock. It could be a very funny show except for the constant jabs at conservatives, especially by actor Jack McBrayer who plays the goofy, cheerful Bible believer, Kenneth, who is the object of every sort of ridicule and Christian cliche under the sun.

Lately, cable TV Chelsea Lately's Chelsea Handler, a liberal Jewish actress/comedienne portrays an "uptight" Christian on Are You There Chelsea? Even without the Christian bashing, this show will never be funny. How did Ms. Handler attain her own TV show and other highly prized show biz gigs? It is not her deadpan Roseanne Barr delivery, nor is it her bombastic f-bombing everyone in sight. Simply said, she had a long affair with the President of Comcast Entertainment which is a parent to the E! cable television program.

Nicki Minaj was fortunately panned by even the secular showbiz press for her demonic presentation of a sort of musical exorcism act she performed recently on the Grammys. In a few short minutes, she mocks pope and priest, speaks in demonic tongues, levitates thirty feet, while in a stained window "church," dressed in red, while a choir sings off-key How Great Thou Art. At least, Lady Gaga did not perform any blasphemous performances this year. LL Cool J did say a respectful prayer ( a tad bit late) in memory of Whitney Houston, who started out as a beautifully voiced child gospel singer, but then crossed over - without taking the cross, unfortunately.

In Your Face TV, like the shows Glee and Modern Family, which are among the many gay themed programs, plays, and movies which exalt LGBTQ lifestyles, and regularly receive awards aplenty for doing so, have featured gay teenage sex, like Matt of Glee promising to "lose his gay virginity this year," and the 4 year old Lily, daughter of Modern Family's gay couple, shouting out something to sound like "F You" in one episode. The creators of the TV cartoon South Park have regularly lampooned (blasphemed) Jesus, and then decided to bash Mormonism with The Book Of Mormon Broadway musical. In blasting Mormonism, the South Park guys also denigrate all that is holy - apart from Mormon doctrine in the musical. I don't consider it a consolation that the South Park producers also ridicule other institutions, as well as Jesus, but they have avoided saying much about Mohammad. How brave is that? The NY Times, of course, lovea the Book of Mormon production.

Russel Brand, a British comedian who married Katy Perry, blamed wife Katy's Christian religion for their recent divorce. More specifically, Brand, who has bragged about his insatiable whore mongering, blamed Katy's Christian parents, who are ministering evangelists. Katy Perry went from singing gospel to singing, "I Kissed A Girl," and later explained to Jay Leno that, "I no longer believe that the world is flat," thus dissing her Christian faith. Soon after she married Brand.

The media jumped on the Susan G. Komen Foundation for withdrawing support, and then pressured the group into resupporting Planned Predators (Planned Parenthood).

Led by NBC's Andrea Mitchel-Greenspan, the press pressed in on Republican candidates to favor requirements for religious organizations to furnish "free" contraception for all. Like salivating, rabid wolves, the media dug into Rick Santorum for merely saying that, Constitutionally, states could decide to ban contraception. Baby hating females ripped Santorum like Dr. Tiller into a fetus. BTW Jim Quinn of Quinn and Rose radio fame has asked, since contraception is guaranteed by the Constitution, why aren't the free issue of firearms guaranteed to every citizen? At least, bearing arms is guaranteed in the Constitution while baby prevention is not even hinted at in our founding document. How about free vasectomies for men? You go first.

Thankfully, American Bishops have come out of their shell and have made very staunch arguments against Obama's anti-religious/conscience health care mandates.

Here is a good list of recent nationwide Christian/Catholic bashing as performed by people such as from Maher and other media pundits. Top Ten Instances of Christian Bashing in America, 2008.

It would be unthinkable for this sort of criticism to be levied against other demographics, such as Liberal Jews, American Islamic Fundamentalists, Gays (Gay,Lesbian, Transsexual, Transgender, BiSexual, Questioning). African Americans, Fat People, Asians, etc.

Truly it has been observed; bashing Christianity, "Is The Last Acceptable Bigotry."

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