Thursday, January 19, 2012

Newt Gingrich: "I Do, I Do, I Do." Maybe, Not So Much

"Do you Newton Leroy Gingrich take __________________ to be your lawfully wedded wife.. . . until death do you part?" "I do."

I guess he didn't really, but I will not condemn him for dropping two wives (adultery at one time was a secular unlawful action, as well as an offense against God and man). Now, we easily cast away our husbands/wives, as both church and government wink at the prospect. "Just ask for forgiveness, and its OK." Or, is it? Newt's own mother split from Newt's father "days after they married." This is what you call a bad start in life - because of divorce. It is far more tragic for children than psychologists (usually very liberal) will admit. Divorced children are more likely themselves to divorce, to commit crimes, to become drug addicts, etc.

Rush Limbaugh, like many South Carolina evangelicals, does not think Newt's past indescretions have anything to do with how he will characterize himself in the Oval Office. In fact, Rush, a mutli matrimonialist himself, did a good job of spear catching for Newt after he trounced on CNN's debate questioner, John King. However, Rush was challenged by some of his ditto-head callers for "sluffing off" one of Newt's former wive's, Marianne, who still looks hurt and battered after so many years. Who can blame her? Rush called the ABC iterview a "dud," and Laura Ingraham, being the hard-ass she is, had little sympathy for Marianne Gingrich. Laura said, "We all knew this story." I am sorry, but I was not aware that Newt dated this very young "devout Catholic," Callista, six years while he was still married to Marianne. Whether he asked for an open marriage, or not, is not that important compared to everything else.

Maybe God has forgiven Newt, and that he has converted to Catholicism, which is one reason Laura, a recent Catholic convert herself, is jumping mad at the media for digging up the dirt. Newt had been certainly taught as a Lutheran (before Lutheranism became so liberal) in his boyhood that one of the Ten Commandments is anti adultery. Newt, later in college, became a Southern Baptist, and we can be darn sure that he got the "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery," message from the Baptists. Not only that message, but the strict instruction from Christ to not even lust after other women, which begins the process. The woman that was brought before Jesus while committing adultery was forgiven, and then warned, "Go and sin no more." In another similar Gospel circumstance, Jesus adds, "Lest a worse thing comes upon you." Newt is fortunate that he is well over 60 years of age, and that his roving eyes and other body parts will probably not be forcing him to find another, even younger, wife.

I personally know three women, who claim to be Christians from their youth that have been married 15 times, or more, between all of them. One is a preacher's daughter, who has seemed to get pardoned too easily by her parents, who remind her every time, in between husbands, that "God forgives." Teaching heaven sweet, and hell hot is not in vogue much anymore, even among Republican evangelicals who have about the same dismal divorce rates as "the world."

I can easily remember as a Catholic altar boy that divorce was not a consideration for Catholics, so guess what - there were very few divorces in the RC Church fifty years ago. Now, people such as Catholic Nancy Pelosi is able to tell bishops that they must offer communion to pro abortion candidates, like John Kerry, who has also been ignored by church officials, concerning his extra Biblical divorce from his first wife. The Kennedys also seemed to have avoided church discipline for their many extra marital affairs. The same goes for mainline protestants and evangelicals. Easy divorce is now accepted as the norm, as what pastor would dare mention its deadly consequences? Excommunication was a constant threat to apostates at one time, but now Catholics as well as non Catholics tolerate unbilblical divorce, or offer the equally non Biblical annulment. I must admit, though, that Catholicism made it nearly impossible for a wrong spouse to divorce an adulterer mate, and then remarry. The wronged spouse could be denied the Sacraments, if he or she remarried. Read Matthew Chapter 5 and Chapter 19 to understand the Biblical reasons for divorce, although God has said, "I hate divorce."

Its easy for us to call Marianne Gingrich a grinch, or a dud, or whatever, but what Newt and other mates do to their spouses and children always produces a disaster. Look at BHO's childhood and his "daddies."

I believe John McCain was hurt by his indescretions, despite the fact that he may have been forgiven by God. We can be forgiven, yet still chastised.

Here's the way it works: I have been part of various prison ministries for many years, and I have known prisoners, who have become some of the saintliest of people. They have genuinely repented, though they may have committed some of the most gruesome, and aggregious crimes. They now live in the fear and love of God. They have been forgiven because of Christ's ultimate sacrifice, yet most of them will not be leaving jail anytime soon, or ever.

Newt, McCain, Kerry, Edwards, the Kennedys, and so many others, may also have been forgiven, but the court of public opinion usually does not reward those who break the greatest of all contracts - marriage, because of their personal, uncontrolled lust. In general,non-Biblical divorce should be shown to be an experience that will not be rewarded - to the rest of mankind.