Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Radio/Harold Camping's Judgment Day May 21 Has Been Indefinitely Postponed

No, Family Radio/Harold Camping, which has been hearkening the Return of Christ, and the Rapture for several years has not delayed the Big Day, but the Lord has not intended to return at this time. Nor, according to Camping will Armageddon and the Last Judgment occur in October of this year as prophesied. COGWRITER explains fairly well Harold Camping's errors both Biblically and mathematically.

It is unfortunate that such a nice group of people at Family Stations Inc, worth over $150,000,000 could be AGAIN hornswoggled by their Pastor-President Harold Camping, who strongly suggested earlier, that 1994 was most possibly THE DATE. He did leave a little wiggle room back then, but his followers, who I consider Christians then and now, continued to uphold a man who has been defiant to scripture, "No man knows the day or the hour." Yet, the Bible does say there would be signs. . . which have not, as of yet, prophetically occurred.

Even so, none of us have been free from getting Biblical doctrines wrong, yet the Lord in His mercy freely forgave us - and then may have even chastened us for being too trusting in ourselves or a mere man. And, all of us have at one time or another been shepherded by mortal pastors who were so proud that they could not repent or apologize for wrong doing and wrong preaching - as they would just bully the flock for their own gratification. I hope this is not the case with Harold Camping as he finds himself still on earth with mud on his face for depending too much on his own "special revelation" and knowledge, come Monday morning, May 22, 2011.

This sort of errant prophecy has occurred many times in church history. Of note, might be the Jehovah Witnesses, who I studied with until their projection that 1976 was THE END proved to be untrue, as well as the Millerites who were the progenitors of the modern day Seventh Day Adventists. They prophesied that 1844 was THE DAY, but Oops! it, of course, didn't happen, so they postponed the Second Coming to several other months in 1845. First April, then July, and finally October. When Christ did not return by the end of October, they finally gave up.

Below is one of several faxes I have been sending to Family Radio HQ, hoping that there are some there, who will not give up on the Lord because their man Camping blundered again. Feel free to fax them, or if you know anyone caught up in a May 21 Catching Up May 21, persuade them to encourage Mr. Camping, nearly 90 years of age, to just fade away for the greater good of Family Stations Inc. And, to repent.

FAX TO Family Radio Personnel FAX # 15106337983
"Even as I have enjoyed the Bible readings, music, and some of the sermons and bible expositions from Family Radio over the years, I am saddened as you will be that Judgment Day will not occur on May 21.

President Camping has again erred in regard to this, and he has also misled us on a number of other doctrines, including:
No "hell" as the Bible clearly describes,
Satan is in charge of ALL the churches (except his),
Satan is responsible for all modern day signs and wonders,
Jesus did not die on Calvary, but that was merely a "manifestation" 2000 years ago.

I pray that the vast number of Family Radio listeners will not be so disheartened that they would blame the Lord for Camping's grievous misstatements.

I am sure that there is forgiveness for Brother Camping, for many in the past 2000 years have also been seduced into believing that they had "special revelation" above and beyond their brethren, which is the chief fault possessed by Harold Camping, and so many other church leaders.

May your ministry continue to teach more pure, Biblical doctrine." Sincerely

The Jews Who Hate(d) Israel

Hate is a strong word, but anyone, Jew or Gentile, who does not understand the precarious geopolitics of Israel, and pooh-poohs the obvious anti Israeli posturing of the Obama administration, and the liberal academia, abetted by the media, cares little about the survivability of Israel - and should be considered as hating Israel.

Left Wing Hecklers Interrupt Netanyahu's AIPAC Speech says it all -many American and Western Jews have ganged up on Bebe's defense of his country, Israel. Jews in Hollywood, academia, politics, and the press are denouncing the tiny country, and former ally, surrounded by Moslem natural born killers, who have been trained since birth to hate Israel and "push it into the sea."

George (Schwartz) Soros very much at the forefront of Jews who hate Israel as can be demonstrated by his history, rhetoric, and financial investments. Soros has funneled so much money to Israel hating entities, that the list is endless. Such as Soros's contibutions to former conservative David Brock's Media Matters which has been relentless in its attacks against pro Israel Fox News, and especially that "Jew loving, antisemite, Glenn Beck." Soros had a tough start early in life. Yet, he feels "no remorse" for turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis, nevertheless, the liberal (a lot of Jewish folk) media has given Soros a pass on every anti Israel activity he has been involved in. To demonstrate how confused they are, Soros's allies have dubbed Glenn Beck, " A Jew loving anti-semite."

Cass Sunstein is Obama's Regulator Affairs Czar married to Samantha Powers, Obama's anti Israel foreign Policy advisor. How could he support her, if he as a Jew, abets his wife throwing Israel under the Israeli bus,which will be in even more danger of being bombed, whenever Israel's self defense is questioned?

Richard Falk, a United Nations appointed bureaucrat, has been a very outspoken Jew condemning Israel for "Ethnic Cleansing," for defending itself, as well as establishing housing in the West Bank, and 'deliberately killing innocent Palestinian children' whenever they can.

Zbigniew Brzezinski , one of President Obama's chief foreign policy advisers, is of Jewish ancestry according to as well as other sources. He does not only deny his possible Jewishness, but if you ever questioned how Jimmy Carter became so sympathetic toward Moslems, including Fatah and Hamas, and bigoted against Israel, look no further than Carter's foreign advisor sidekick, Zbigniew.
Marx, Lenin and Trotsky
were of Jewish descent, but they were in no way tolerant of religious or secular Jews. Anyone who knows Soviet Communist history is reminded how many Jews (the ones who were not Party Bolsheviks) were herded to their own "settlements" early, and later during the Red reign of terror.

Eric Alterman is a professor, Daily Beast Contributor, and has written for Media Matters, Huffington Post, The New Republic , and now, The Nation - the Lefty of Leftist pubs, and he has no sympathy for Israel. He is Bad For Jews. He is so leftist, that he has ingratiated himself with anti-Israelis, while condemning the New Republic for favoring a Jewish homeland.

Left-leaning European Jewish Groups offering aid to Israel's enemies. And Jewish Germans for Peace lead flotilla to Gaza.

Code Pink's founder, Media Benjamin, is Jewish and also anti-Israel.

NY Times owned by the Jewish Sulzbergers for generations. "Friedman bragged that the Anti- Israel and Pro-Terrorist propaganda machine alive and well in our American Universities will noAlign Leftt breed a new generation of Pro-Israel Americans." And, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman’s displeasure with Israel.

One only has to remember that Western Jews have their money and power here, outside of Israel. Its ironic that Money and Power does seem to follow, geopolitically, those who are anti Israel, for now. This may change, after the Obama administration ultimately fades away. Its also ironic that, as a Baby Boomer, my generation was extremely sympathetic to Jews after WW II and the Holocaust. Since then, Jews of all stripe have gained the ascendancy in the media, Hollywood, academia, banking, and law. Unfortunately, leftist Jewry has forgotten the kindness, and has turned on American tradition, culture, law, and Christianity. And, they have turned against that tiny and alone nation of Israel, while supporting many pro Moslem activities.

Norman Finkelstein is an MIT professor who is "virulently" anti Israel. He is an acolyte of infamous anti-Semite Noam Chomsky of Roman Catholic DePaul University??????. It would be very hard to find a more anti-Jew Jew than Noam Chomsky.

Israel Shahak's Book Jewish History, Jewish Religion. The Weight of Three Thousand Years in no uncertain terms tells why Jews Are Bad.

George Steiner, an Jewish anti Judaism Jew, blames the Nazi Holocaust on Judaism.

Michael Neuman, Canadian leftist professor and Jew, is one of your more rabid anti-Jew, pro Palestinian activists who has even demanded that Israel take his holocaust-victim ancestors' names off the Wall of Remembrance.

Jacqueline Rose, a proponent of Progressive Liberal Thought, concedes that "Zionism is a form of collective insanity."

Yeshayahu Leibowitz is one of Israel's most famous philosophers known for throwing vile epithets against his homeland as he compared the Israeli Army to Nazis.

Harold Pinter is another Nobel Prize winner who gained his fame for hating Israel and not understanding that Israel's neighbors, not only do not recognize Israel as a legitimate state, they would also desire to, as the proverb goes, "Drive Israel into the sea." Maybe, that's why Israel has to get tough once in a while.

Joel Beinin, Stanford prof. What better description for this anti-Israeli than "that Israel-hating pro-Hamas sometimes-Maoist professor of Middle East Studies at Stanford University is just such a persecution whiner. "

The Jewish Divide Over Israel is a book which convincingly argues that many of Israel's biggest enemies are, indeed, Jews.

Front Page Magazine did and excellent peace a few years ago on this very topic, interviewing Edward Alexander on this subject - Jews Who Hate Israel.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Florida Dem Rep) is a Jewess demanding that Jewish Republicans do not in any reference Israel, or its borders, in the 2012 Presidential Campaign. Yeah, sure, Ms Debbie.

Dishonorable Mention of Jews who are anathema to Israel:

Andrea Mitchel 'Bebe Netanyahu was really rude to President Obama, treating him like a schoolboy.'

Lauren Booth who masterminded illegal flotillas loaded with "gifts" from Iran to Gaza is Tony Blair's sister-in-law as well as a Moslem convert. She has obviously disappointed her Jewish mother.

Jeff Danziger is one unfunny editorial cartoonist who generally depicts Israel as just a big bully which shoots up Palestinians just for sport. He, of course, can be seen in the Huffington Post.

Richard Stengel of Time Mag is reportedly a Jew, nevertheless, Time really had to stretch to lambaste Israel with this recent feature story, "Is Israel Using Gay Rights to Excuse Its Policy on Palestine?

The media, academia, and political bias against Israel is infinite, yet HonestReporting.Com, with contributing author Charles Krauthammer, affects a very good job against such bias.

Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: They shall prosper that love thee.

Zechariah 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fax To Google Chrome TV Commercial Which Recruits Teens By Guaranteeing That Gayness 'Gets Better'

Google's Corporate Chrome Browser people have aired a commercial directed toward teens and younger which encourages them to believe that gayness, eventually, "Gets Better," while simultaneously encouraging everyone to download Google Chrome on the same TV commercial. The commercial even drags "Woody" from Toy Story to fend off anti-gay bullies, which, I guess, we all are if we do not approve of homosexuality (AKA sodomy). BTW wondering why "Woody" was chosen to be so prominent in the commercial.

Sindar Pinchai is Chrome's senior VP, and his native country of India is well acquainted with the ravages from AIDS and other gay-oriented diseases. Send Pinchai a fax to Google and pray they do use your personal phone info to bully you for not being pro-gay. His fax is 16502530001.

Nevertheless, we do pray for those who are bound by this confusion, and for those at Chrome who must have downloaded several terabytes of

TO: Sindar Pinchai Senior Vice President Google Chrome

FROM: jc

Subject: Google Chrome TV Commercial States " Best Is Yet To Come For Gays"

Dear Sindar: Perhaps, you are not aware that many gays (much more
than any other demographic group) suffer high rates of gay related diseases such as Gay Bowel Syndrome, Aids, Syphillis, Gonorrhea, Mental Illness, Lymphogranuloma Venereum Outbreaks, HIV, Shigolessis, Hepatitis, Lessened Longevity, Anal Cancer, Pedophilia, Obsessive Promiscuity, and a even more troubles await a very high percentage of gay people, despite your declaration that, for gays, "Things Get Better."

I do not believe, Mr. Pinchai, that you can honestly make that claim, but quite the opposite. All you have to do is look back at your native India to see what ravages are brought about by homosexual behavior. Maybe, Google should ammend their "Ten Things" with the TEN COMMANDANTS

Photo Of AIDS victim below:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Not GLEEful About Chaz(tity) Bono's Gender Reassignment

It was not that long ago that I would regularly
watch the Sonny and Cher TV show, featuring their cute little towheaded
daughter, Chastity, the three of them posing like a holy family. It was
hard to imagine little Chastity becoming "Chaz" after discovering her born
lesbianism. But, wait a minute, if she was born a lesbian, why would she undergo
semi gender-change surgery? (The semi surgery only included an upper
half alteration - or breast reduction). Even the very progressive David
Letterman was confused
and confounded by his awkward sounding

There are so many paradoxes surrounding the
Chaz(tity) Bono story that it should leave younger, curious, and bicurious kids
even more perplexed about what the good Lord has invented. Yes, the Episcopal
Church has pronounced gayness as a gift from God,which brings to mind, " Whoever
causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better
for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, ..."

Long before cute little Chastity became
beefy Chaz, there was a well published story that when Chastity was eleven
years old, Cher left her with a known lesbian friend to baby-sit. Years later,
Chastity complained that she was raped by this friend, "Joan." According
to the story, Cher told Chastity that encounter would be, "A good life
experience for you."

The fairy tail story (pun intended) of Chastity
ended as she turned five years old when mommy dearest dumped her dad, Sonny, who
went on to lead a more regular life (compared to Cher), and served as a
Republican Congressman for several years until his untimely death on a ski slope
in 1998.

Still, I feel sort of sorry about Chaz(tity) even
though she is officially not a he, because the lower operation is "way too
risky," at this time - and Chastity was born a female. Chaz's morphed manhood
sort of resembles the below picture, but he she - looks more feminine, for a
sheman. Even still, I feel sort of sorry for Chaz(tity) and how confused heshe
has become, even though heshe claims that "the testosterone treatments have made
me randier, and harder to live with." Yeah, male doses of testosterone in your
female body, just might do that.

It even becomes more complicated by the fact that
Chaz's lovely significant other is a lesbian, or maybe bisexual, or whatever the
soup of the day is. Whatever, California will probably soon
introduce a course for Kindergartners which will explain the advantages
and wholesomeness of this fairy tale story (pun intended): A beautiful
young, very feminine girl is raped by an lesbian adult, so she decides to become
a lesbian, only to later decide to become a man engaged to a woman who desires
only other women.

I am not sure that, clinically, we must refer to
semi transgenders (she did not go all the way) as the gender they prefer as
opposed to the way God made them, but contrary to what Lady Gaga has been
preaching, The were not "Born This Way." Not wanting to embarrass Chaz(tity) any
more with any of his/her after pictures, I decided to post one of Chaz's
longtime iconic idols - K.D. Lang.

k.d. lang on the cover of her album Drag K. D. Lang

Help a group of Military Chaplains disuade
Congress, The President, and the Pentagon from reengineering military barracks,
military weddings, military showers, and, no doubt military and VA furnished
gender reassignments for our future fighters. They don't need the confusion.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Public V. Private.Ohio,Wisconsin,Other States Must Slim Down Gov Union Bennies, Especially Public Ed

I wrote the below letter to the editor to a liberal editor at a liberal newspaper (Akron Beacon Journal) in a liberal city (Akron), and so it had to be not so critical of teachers, public employee unions in general, or Democrats at large. That is how you get an editorial written in local newspapers which have the same mindset as the NY Times.

Dear Editor
"I can understand why public school teachers would object to being judged by how they perform in schools where undisciplined and uninterested children stifle the teaches so much that they would never be able to "merit" raises.

I cannot understand why teachers do not empathize with the general public's need to have a government which spends budgeted tax money within its means. This is all that Ohio Senate Bill 5 is advocating. With high unemployment, and the
economy and housing not rebounding fully for much of the population, teachers and all public employees should understand that we do not want to starve them, "kill off" their union membership, nor deprive them of that much of their public
employee salaries and benefits. The state of Ohio, as other states, must slim down and tax less in order to attract businesses into a state which otherwise is known as a 'no right to work state.' The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that nearly *16 percent of Americans are either on the unemployment rolls or are discouraged from finding work. The statistics are even worse for
African Americans. This is no time to squabble over a few dollars in benefits that we simply cannot pay the teachers, especially when the educational outcomes are so inadequate."

On any given Sunday, or any other day of the week, local newspapers will be chuck full of op-eds featuring stories expounding on how trimming any public union benefits is tantamount to treason. State legislatures in Ohio, Wisconsin and elsewhere will be fighting union-sponsored impeachments, recall elections, and media campaigns geared to undo states' slimming of over fat, unaffordable budgets.

Day after day after day, public school teachers (the semi literate contingent among public unions) pound those greedy Republican and Tea Party people who want to rob, starve, and kill public unions into nonexistence. One writer this past week had the nerve to write, "Teachers are the only professionals who have not had any increase in wages in the past several years." What?

The fact is, that the amount of money thrown into education has distanced every other investment in real dollars. The cost of colleges has risen 900% in the past thirty years, and the same can be said for elementary and secondary education. And where does the money go? 85% of school funding goes to salaries - and that to mainly teacher and administrator salaries. Meanwhile, it was reported that less than 50% of Detroiters are literate. One billion 300 million dollars is fed into the Detroit public ed system, and as of now, Detroit schools are operating with a 300 million dollar deficit. These stats are are comparable to those in every Democratic city across the country. Poor performance after maximum investment.

I have lived through so many failed education experiments that I cannot count them. Back in the 60's, they tried School Without Walls - the beginning of the "let the child lead the teacher" philosophy. Outcomes Based Education was another loser. Educrats also had the brainstorm that, "If we increase kids self esteem, their school proficiency will accelerate." Notta. Bill Gates convinced the educrats that if you divide a high school into four smaller high schools (within the same building) the kids' cognition will advance. Not so much.

Busing was an extremely expensive experiment which, instead of helping blacks by sending them to white schools, chased white people out into the suburbs - away from the inner city schools. And, they took a lot of tax money with them. Now, many schools are nearly 100% black, such as in Detroit. Citizens who have fought hard to send their children to charter schools, funded by the government (or, us), have been resisted every step of the way by Democrats in general (including Obama), and the Public School Unions in particular. However, when the educrats wanted to initiate an "Afri-Centric" public school in my home town of Akron, that was not problem. But, it became a problem after it was discovered that the Afric-Centric curriculum,including courses on how to bang drums and chant African hymns, could not teach the children to read, write, or do math. The public sponsored Afri-Centric school closed after just a few years of embarrassing results. However, these educrats cannot be embarrassed.

There is always one more futile experiment to try.
... Such as, locally, in the year 2000 about 200 parents of children enrolled in a local black High School (Buchtel) marched into downtown Akron complaining that their children (who were particulary misbehavin') were being over disciplined, and therefore suffering in their learning performance.. The city schools decided to establish a "Zero Tolerance" policy where white kids in other schools would be punished for things such as wearing a shark tooth necklace, so that it would make it seem that the white kids were just as disorderly. At the same school (Buchtel) a newer, new academic program was initiated, and it was promised that this program called "New High Schools" would finally bring children to see the light of educational enlightenment. Well, after ten years of that failed experiment, the local public schools have provided another new program entitled "New Tech High School", which actually hires an outside private corporation to do the brunt of the teaching - all the while fighting voucher and charter schools, which cost much less than public schools, and are safer and more disciplined.

Charter and voucher schools usually do not do that well performance-wise, because their classrooms are stocked with the poorest, worse performing students, whose parents are desperately seeking an alternative to those wild, undisciplined public schools.

There is no end in sight to the many future experiments planned by effete, elitist academics which will be only designed to bluff the tax paying public into believing that unruly kids will finally be irresistibly attracted to a Magic Bullet Curriculum. One local liberal newspaper editor requested that the schools "be given a billion dollars," so as to make school study "exciting." I wrote back and told her that the public schools have been given billions of dollars, and that studying is sometimes drudgery and rote memorization. What, should Big Bird teach every class K through 12th grade?

Speaking of discipline, I do sympathize with the teachers who are not allowed to excercise their in loco parentis rights to seriously discipline young ne'er-do-wells. The teachers' unions have actually requested that corporal punishment be avoided at all costs, not recognizing the deterrent effects that a smack on the butt with a board of education can produce. Aside from that, modern women, especially teachers, abhore physical punishment and according to another liberal group, "corporal punishment always encourages more violence." However, if my rear could speak it would say, "Ouch, that Sister Rose smacked me so good I don't want to disrupt the class again." So, we have lib teachers (mainly women by design) who cannot teach a class to a rowdy group of kids, because these kids know that there is no physical retribution required for their errant behavior. The misbehavior is very disruptive to the majority of kids who do want to learn in a stable, quiet, well mannered classroom - like you see in every other country in the civilized world. Sister Rose could command a class of over 50 boys and girls to keep quiet and sit erect, not having to compete with goof-offs such as myself.

Teachers cannot discipline children as they did, nor can they fail failing children, because this would anger the parents who vote for the levies that pay for the teachers to babysit the children. That is the cycle of life. The money means so much to public ed that around here the schools have paid agents which actually go to the homes of truant kids, who are not attending school, to plead with them to go back to school - just to get their head counted for state funding purposes. When I was a kid, if an "agent" visited your home to find out why you were not attending school, you could be forced to go to juvy, and even sent to a special School For Juvenile Delinquents. Year after year, they have falsely claimed that they needed mo and mo money "for the kids." To be honest, the kids have not been profiting very much at all from levy increases - certainly not as much as the teachers. Test scores bear witness to this.

The all powerful teachers unions are spending gobs of money to challenge Ohio's Senate Bill 5 which would put their benefits package (far better than most people could every dream) off the bargaining table. Ohio teachers are donating through their omnipotent union over 6 million dollars to fight the state's drive to fiscal austerity. Their oligarchy may be ending, as the majority of people who are unemployed (the Burea of Labor Statistics states that 16% of Americans are unemployed or underemployed) would work for a fraction of what they make. Local Akron teachers have been paid full salary to take off with sick time from their teaching jobs to rally and protest Senate Bill 5 - many miles from Akron, even as their substitutes are paid to teach in their absence at a very expensive rate. Add to this, nearly 1 million applicants were recently rejected by hamburger stand McDonald's - when the request went out for new hires by the mega burger franchise.

I don't think public ed teachers will be getting as much sympathy as they have been over the years, even though many of them do very admirable work. Their own union has hamstrung them by throwing out classroom discipline, and not sticking to simpler, proven educational standards that require a stricter classroom atmosphere, and the necessity of failing some kids. We just cannot afford them and their antidemocratic, socialist agendas