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Kathleen Sebelius Celebrates Approval With Dr.George Tiller The Baby Killer

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Senator Arlen Specter's Secret Plan To Destroy The World Now Revealed

Obama And The Media - "Panic But Don't Panic," Just Wag The Dog

Not even Bill Clinton could wag the dog, by bombing Serbians on their way home from church, like the current crop of media joined at the hip to the Obama administration.

"Panic but don't panic" has been the mantra that should totally confuse and sidetrack the Democrat electorate who has not been convinced, yet, that America is "sliding toward Gomorra" because of President Obama's alleged high ratings.

"The Swine Flu Is Coming," "The Swine Flu Is Not Coming," is bombarding us as my medium sized city, run by all Democrats - Akron - is suffering from an epidemic of the Homicidal Flu,where mainly African Americans are mowing down, without discrimination both their black brethren as well as white folks, thus proving that they have fully integrated, and are quite non-prejudiced in whom they rob, kill, and destroy. Last night, a grandmother who was baby-sitting a seven year old was shot point blank through her door, and died. I moved out of this neighborhood over twenty years ago after escaping a gun fight between two of my tenants in what is called North Hill. The local dying and very lib newspaper, The Akron Beacon Journal, considered this story as no big deal as it was buried several pages into the paper which headlined GLOBAL GROUP RAISES SWINE FLU ALERT LEVEL, URGE PUBLIC TO STAY CALM. [Editor: HA!]

It has gotten worse since then, as the ruling city Democrats have overlooked the bad behavior of certain people, because they had been "kept down by the white man." This has been the excuse for inspiring the black rage of the youth for years , even as both the black and white liberal leadership in the city rely on the large African American voter base - something like 40% to reelect them ad infinitum.

The World Health Organization, wanting to spread its importance and bureaucratic wings, is overkilling us with dire threats, even as Europe is advising travelers not to embark to the United States unless they "have to."

So, Obama and his Media are playing both ends (wagging the tail as well as the head) by screaming "panic, but don't panic," all the while: the Homicidal Flu is raging in our cities, gun control is on the agenda, universal healthcare is being considered, hate-crime laws are going to be toughened, Bush's security team is investigated, banks are afraid of Obama, an extreme pro deather, Kathleen Sebellius, is being considered, conservatives and veterans are targeted as right wing extremists, gay marriages are promoted, paying off GM union friends, bashing Tea Parties, destroying parents of pregnant daughter rights, taking freedoms from doctors who do not want to abort babies,free speech threatened, no tolerance for Christians, obliteration of states rights,stifling energy restoration, besmirching the U.S. world reputation, taxation, taxation,taxation, GIVES commie youth movement, Judge Hamilton, titanic government debt, and did I miss any? Yes, global warming conspiracies.

The MSM is only good for hyping news that diverts from important issues, custom made for Democrats who are not too good at looking down the long and winding road. Ignorance is only temporarily blissful. The very policies which they routinely vote for will probably contribute to their demise. Universal healthcare will probably cut short hospital and medical benefits for the disabled and elderly,who are 'not worth it' (we have seen their compassion when it comes to abortion), and their penchant for lawlessness will result in them contracting the Homicidal Flu from some thug wearing a hood in the hood.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama's Bobbleheaded Media Posse Not Expert Spear Catchers

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Anti-Christ Alive In America? *

Click To See and Hear Song Anti-Christ Alive In America? On Youtube or

To The Tune Of Zager and Evans' In The Year 2525
Original At

*Lyrics Writer Disavows Any Connection Between The Anti-Christ And
The Current President Of The United States

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Latin Americans Were Once A Proud And Cannibalistic People Who Were Not Ashamed To Eat And Sacrifice One Another Before Those Devil Europeans Conqu

Friday, April 17, 2009

Governor Patterson Of New York - Blind Leading The Blind, But Rush Is Not Following

It is unfortunate and I do have sympathy for Governor David Patterson's physical blindness, but his 'other' blindness is leading many people into New York's deepest ditch.

There are so many Biblical lessons that can be learned from liberal New York's antics, I do not know where to begin. The previous Governor Eliot Spitzer was unfaithful to his wife, as she was unfaithful to him, thus opening the door for the governor to spend beau coup bucks on prostitution rings. Adultery.

It would not have been so bad had the governor not been so high and mighty and self righteous when trying to hang everybody from state Republican opponent Joe Bruno to President George Bush. Read the Book of Esther and see how the pagan Haman tried to hang Mordecai the Jew, but instead, was hung on the gallows he built for Mordecai. Or, as you like it, from Shakespeare - hoisted by his own petar.

Governor Patterson relieved Governor Spizter, and has provided more Biblical lessons on how not to govern. Just as Patterson was scolding Spitzer for his adulterous affairs, whoops, Patterson admitted to both he and his wife having extra-marital affairs for many years. How can you criticize the speck in your brother's eye, when you have a beam in yours? Can these plethora of adulterers be forgiven? Yes, but Jesus said, "Go and sin no more, less a worse thing come upon you." And, Let marriage be had in honor among all, and let the bed be undefiled: for fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

Again, thank you New York for really bringing the Bible to life.

Well, Patterson could not leave bad enough alone and just let it go at adultery, he had to move on to endorsing sodomite marriage - Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

Not the worse that Patterson had done, but ranking right up there in Biblical proportions is the Governor's boasting on 'getting rid' of Rush Limbaugh, I guess, and any other tax-paying conservative, at a time when New York is listed at the bottom of the Rich State Poor State index.

Last night, fellow New Yorker, CNN's Larry King asked Donald Trump, concerning Rush Limbaugh's get-out-of-town attitude (New York City) where Rush has been audited umpteen times in the past several years, and where he only works, maybe, two weeks a year, "Why don't patriots want to pay taxes?"
The Biblical response comes from 1 Kings 12 where King Solomon's son, Rehoboam, who decided he was going to overtax the Israelites: The young men who grew up with him spoke to him, saying, “Thus you shall say to this people who spoke to you, saying, ‘Your father made our yoke heavy, now you make it lighter for us!’ But you shall speak to them,. . . Whereas my father loaded you with a heavy yoke, I will add to your yoke; my father disciplined you with whips, but I will discipline you with scorpions. Needless to say, thereafter, the kingdom started its inevitable decline.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

John Demjanjuk - When Nazi Hunters Become Nazis

89-year-old John Demjanjuk is taken from his home in Ohio by immigration agents. Demjanjuk faces deportation to Germany to face charges he was a guard at a Nazi death camp during WWII. AP

A German Nazi Hunter who has been hunting for leftover death camp guards since 1958 partnered with the U.S. Justice Department and U.S. Immigration are thinking they may get international brownie points by extraditing the frail Demjanjuk who was previously exonerated by an Israeli court.

What,can't the Germans find any former German death camp guards IN GERMANY to hang? How about those infamous Capos who were Jewish death camp guards - who would rather be death camp guards instead of death camp prisoners.

This entire story stinks to high heaven since the only 'evidence' is a faked ID card provided by the most untruthful Soviet Union. This latest abominable deportation attempt is no more than a payback to Obama's liberal Jewish constituency. It has nothing to do with justice.

With millions of illegal immigrants robbing America, is it really necessary to kill a long-time, hard working, retired, American, auto plant worker immigrant? This has been a thirty year nightmare for a man that has been labeled Ivan The Terrible - without substantial proof and an acquittal from the Israeli Supreme Court. The Nazi hunters have become the Nazis, and they may get the same mercy in the time of need that they have bestowed on John Demjanjuk.

Maybe the German professional Nazi hunters, before they run out of real Nazis, can find a few WW II German veterans who stood guard at some of the horrific death camps. I have heard that more than a few can still be found in German veteran beer hauses, lifting their steins , and still, secretly zig heiling and reminiscing about the good ole days.

Back in 2005 - Demjanjuk in court to fight extradition to Ukraine
Long story, short: John Demjanjuk is an 85 year old Russian immigrant who originally served as a Russian soldier, but was taken prisoner by the Germans in WW II. As a Russian prisoner of war he may have been assigned to Jewish death camps [his entire history is conjecture] Wilkipedia

He emigrated to the U.S. in 1951 and spent the most of his American life working at a Ford plant and raising a family. In the late seventies, the now deceased Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal with fellow U.S. Justice Department Nazi Hunters charged Demjanjuk with crimes against humanity for being the infamous "Ivan The Terrible," death camp Jew-killer. He was deported to Israel, and sentenced to hanging, but after languishing in prison for five years awaiting the death penalty, the Israeli Supreme Court judged that there was not enough evidence.

Wiesenthal's Nazi Hunters and U.S. Department of Justice Nazi Hunters have been pounding on this man ever since. Relentless. Unmerciful.

Demjanjuk has been under the Nazi hunter gun for various reasons, including the fact that he was not completely honest on his immigration application to the U.S.

Well, excuse me, why are an estimated 10 million illegal immigrants allowed to live and work in the U.S. today, but John Demjanjuk, who has been contributing to American Society for over thirty years be, may be stripped of his citizenship and deported because he cannot give a credible account to the nazi hunters in the Justice Department?

It has been so long since we have been involved in a full scale world war in the United States that, perhaps, we have no idea how much pandemonium and displacement is experienced in a world war. So, Demhanjuk cannot account for where he was at any particular time during WW II - just like millions of other victims of the war.

Maybe its time for Wiesenthal's and the Justice Department's Nazi hunters to see if there are any Jewish Capos still living in the United States. The Capos were Jews who collaborated with Nazis in the WW II death camps.

Monday, April 13, 2009

C'Mon, Rush, Three Hours Of "Thanking The Most High Obama?"

I have been a semi faithful student of Rush's EIB Institue since the early nineties, or earlier. I value Rush as the magna cum laude proxy leader of the Republican Party, because there ain't anybody else around qualified to do it. However, Rush's OOCD Obsessive Obama Compulsive Disorder is getting a little boooooring, even as I admit Obama is quite Obsessive - about himself. Were Obama's kids required to name their new dog "BO?"
Aren't those BO's initials?

I do not approve of President Obama, and I do not say we must "respect the office of the President," no matter who is sitting in the White House, but lately, I can listen to the first five minutes of Rush's program and pretty much know what will be discussed for the next three hours - Most High Obama stack of stuff stuff.

The heroics of the Navy Seal snipers which liberated the American skipper were overwhelmed by R.L.'s railing against Barack Obama's personal Driveby Press which was giving the glory to O and not to the brave sailors. I got it, but I could not bear to keep getting the same for three hours!

There are so many crucial issues now on the table which could be addressed, and hammering Obama's glory will not get'r done. Submitted as a friendly reminder, only, below are some Urgent Talking Points that will fill up those thee hours in a much more productive way. Thanks for acknowledging these, Rush.

I know the following issues may not be Rush Level, but it would be nice if he would more thoroughly discuss the issues that the O and the Dem Congress is rushing through the legislature:


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Jews Who Are Not Against Christ

(I mean, after all, were not the first disciples of Jesus, Jewish?)

Friday evening I attended a lengthy but beautiful Christian Seder Service starting at about 6 PM on what is known as Jewish Passover.
It was pretty much an exact copy of traditional Seder, but the focus was on the Messiah Yeshua.

Christian Jews and Gentiles were in attendance, and we all in one accord celebrated the Passing Over of God of the Israelites who in Egypt obeyed Him and painted their doorways with the blood of a Lamb. Thereby, they were saved from having their firstborn killed, while the Egyptians had to suffer a dissimilar fate, because of Pharaoh's stubbornness in that he would not let the people go free. One of the greatest stories in the Bible.

Today, as we celebrate Resurrection Sunday for the real freedom found through faith in Christ, we must also remember that this freedom is in jeopardy in Western Civilization, and especially the United States, and about which, we should be most concerned.

Because backslidden, mainline protestant churches are dying, and the Catholic church hierarchy is not quite as bold as it once was, I have been mainly hearing from Conservative Jews in the media and politics crying out against the tyranny which has darkened the political scene as of late, IE. the last Presidential election.

The great one Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Savage, the brilliant Michael Medved, Jay Sekulow, Dr. Laura, Ben Stein,and Tammy (I cannot believe she's gay) Bruce, Mark Steyn, Neocons everywhere, and an host of others too many to list. The above Jews have done more to defend Constitutional principles and even the Christian history of the United States more excellently than Christian Gentiles who have shrunk from being "doers of the word." Just being a patriotic American will not get one into heaven, but I cannot see how it would not bring one closer to the kingdom.

"Jesus was not involved in politics," you hear many lackluster believers spout, thereby giving themselves justification for not motivating themselves to change government policy. If we only knew how much more a voice we could have as Christians - compared to when Jesus walked the earth, when slaves (just about anybody not Roman) had nothing to say about how they were ruled.

Jesus was certainly involved in politics to the point that He scolded - to no end -the Pharisees, Sadducee's, Scribes, and Lawyers for their phony motivations, since after all, they were the political rulers over the Jewish populace. The Romans allowed this,and for the most part, the Roman rulers co opted authority with the ruling Jews even to the extent of allowing them to execute people. I am thinking of One in particular, right now.

I am somewhat fearful that those Lib Jews who are in full attack mode against the Constitution, against civility, against morality, against free enterprise, and for an even more titanic government, will be themselves the object of eventual scorn and persecution as they have experienced too many times in last centuries via pogroms. As it has happened in the past thousands of years, Jews, blessed (and occasionally cursed because of idolatry) by God and promised through Abraham have been gifted in such a way that it could only have resulted from supernatural influence. They, like every other nation, have used their gifts for good - and for evil in whatever society they have blended into.
The MSM does not have a clue about an underlying distrust and hyper criticism of ALL Jews, because many public school educated children have no idea that their are Jewish people who are as patriotic as Nathan Hale or Paul Revere.

I do not have to describe how Jews have excelled in virtually every field and profession they have set their hands to. We have seen Jews at the forefront of technology, music, law, academics, etc. for the good of mankind, and then we have seen them develop Bolshevism. I am not going to mention the ones who are determined to Bolshevize America, and there are plenty of non-Jews tagging along. The Jews who seem to be the "fools rushing in where angels fear to tread" are only Jewish when reminding us of the horrific Holocaust, otherwise, they despise their Jewishness and often take the side, lately, of the Islamo Fascists and the regular Fascists south of Mexico. The same have no sympathy for Israel.

The Conservative Jews are observant of the Ten Commandments as well as the Constitution, and should be thanked for this, and for being defenders of the Christian faith, because they are aware of what the Jewish Bolsheviks did to fellow Russian Jews who did not want to tow the Communist Party line. See Jews In Soviet Union.

During this Resurrection (Easter does not bother me) I pray we Christians and Jews will give more exhaustive thought as to how we have been able to maintain a free country for about 200 years, and how we can jointly take back our country from those Jews and Gentiles, who I believe, contrary to Rush, "know not what they do."

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Special Easter Gift From Sen. Schumer - Crucifies Values, But They Will Rise Again

Friday, April 10, 2009

Where Did Somali Pirates Get (Pardon The Epression) So Much Chutzpa?

There is an expression in the inner city called "No Fear." From the Taliban, to Al Qaida, from Saddam Hussein, to the Somali Pirates, from the unpronounceable named guy from Iran, no fear of the U.S. has been the mantra. Why? America's enemies surely have not gotten their superior attitude merely from adhering to the anti U.S. philosophies of the Democrat Party, New York Times, Hollywood, Academia, Associated Press, or John (Leibowitz*) Stewart, alone.

The above traitors are also more likely the cause for the dark cloud over America that is casting its shadow on those crazed, fringe folks who are going on the serial shooting sprees. No fear.

With an American destroyer within site of of the pirate life boat which holds the prayered for Captain of the U.S. merchant ship, the Somali pirates are showing just a bit less respect for the American military than Mike Wallace or the NY Slimes. Nevertheless,these are proud and crazy people, furnished by a decrepit Somalia, who are even calling for Somalia to "send reinforcements. No fear, in deed.

Bill Clinton had no problem bombing Serbians on sunny Sundays as they exited their Orthodox churches, but he could not finish business in Somalia before the catastrophic, but heroic,Blackhawk Down episode by furnishing the necessary men and supplies to the super hot war zone. Kosovo was a safe haven for Jihadists. Similarly,had Somalia been subdued, it would not have attracted so many Islamic terrorists to rule the country and spit at emasculated International Rules and American shipmen.

And, there are plenty of International Rules to go around: The International Rule That Prohibits U.S. Troops To Fire On Suspect Insurgents; The International Rule That Prohibits Israel From Using Enough Force To Defeat Its Enemies; The International Rule That Gives GITMO More Creature Comforts To Jihadists Than American Prisoners; The International Rule Which Gives Jihadists The Rights Of American Citizens In Court; and, The International Rule Which Disallows Merchant Ship Crews To Carry Defensve Weapons. John Bolton was right about "not missing" the United Nations.

I don't hear those who hate the "world's policeman," like the American Left, the U.N.,the Euros, or NATO screaming about us policing Somali waters - while they don't show up in force for much of anything. They have denigrated the reputation of the United States so much, it is no wonder that four Somali Islamic entrepreneurs (the word pirate may be banned by now)can threaten the new Obamacratic kinder and gentler military.

*So labeled by the Great One, Mark Levin

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Obama's Bow And How Pat Buchanan And Obama Agree

When I first heard of Pat Buchanan's book America, A Republic, Not An Empire seven years ago, I immediately thought, what a great treatise against the United States as world policeman and the New World Order agenda.

After actually hearing and reading more excerpts from the book, it became clear to me that Pat, despite his most honorable service and patriotic record, did not have the same vision as many conservatives - by a long shot. Pat presented himself as so pro peace that he believes the U.S. wasted its time and lives in fighting WW II, Korea, Vietnam, and any number of other wars because such actions exalt America to the ranks of a Roman Empire.

Can no one recognize that unless the U.S. had promoted the winning of the 1940's European conflict, we would not had the forwithal to become the industrial and economic giant which engineered the boom since the 1950's? Devalue America's military and social strength and kiss the power of the dollar (In God We Trust, though)goodbye.
But, "Europe will hate us," they say. That spite goes with the territory, not that we are perfect, but I pray that we are better than what the American Obamacrats think of us.

Germany was not a threat and Soviet Russia was the worst of allies, because George Washington made the famous "foreign entanglements" proclamation, IOW avoid any sort of interference. Would that mean no treaties with other countries, or absolutely no trade with other countries? Should we always run surpluses and never defend other countries in war or help with foreign aid? President W Bush was once asked why he did offer aid (yes, I agree too much)to countries which had their freedom challenged or were just plain starving, and he replied, "To him who has been given much, much is required."

Even Teddy Roosevelt should not be considered as having been a war mongering, hawkish president (BTW Hawks only charge after innocent prey, and Saddam was not that innocent - like Brittany Spears).

We were never the world's police man, but we have intervened, sometimes in dishonorable covert ways, in the world when injustice threatened the life and liberty of our worldly neighbors - and ourselves. America has been involved in only a fraction of the many world dust-ups, such as the current Islamo Terrorist threats which are wreaking havoc in about 25 countries around the world. Liberals have often taunted conservatives about this "world policeman" thing, not recognizing that there exists NO OTHER POWER in the world which has had the morality to come to the financial and military aid of other countries. Not Europe, not Russia, not China or other members of the G-20 or United Nations which consistently vote against the United States. We have stood alone - until Obama. Now, they love us. But why?

Just as Pat Buchanan overly deplores America as an empire likened to Rome or the Brit Empire, Obama has been apologizing, grovelling, bending over frontward, and otherwise ingratiating himself before the world community in order to demote the United States' political, social, economic, and military standing, so that the world will love us.

I agree that the United States should give preference to American workers (but, we are so expensive) and should eliminate deficits (but, can't do it with such huge entitlement and other government spending).

Since George Washington's time and before people have always looked for lower taxation and cheaper goods - which were motivators for the American Civil War. We, however, can never stop world trade, and will always be entangled to some extent with other countries that have things we need or want.

So, as with Obama and Buchanan, America should shed its "imperial" status and give homage to the next empire which will rule as the superpower in not quite as charitable a way - Communist China.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Finally, The U.S. Will Be Free Of Those Nasty Nuclear Missiles

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Example Of Obama's Gallows Humor - Hanging Uncle Sam At European G20 Entertainment Event

Classless Obamas Gifting The Classless Brits

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools! Obamacrats Knew GM, Chrysler Would Fail. Needed Union Vote To Elect A President

Obama - "Bankruptcy Best For GM" No Foolin'

Remember Nancy Pelosi's proclamation before the election that she just "wants to save the planet?" Saving the planet meant cutting offshore drilling for oil during the $4.00 a gallon price spike. The insidious plan was and is to force car makers to eliminate gas hog trucks, SUVs, and only manufacture autos the size of Hot Wheels, while forcing, through anti oil legislation and taxation, gasoline to rise to near European levels, which actually does ,intentionally, inhibit the use of gasoline Across the Pond. Oil will be going up. Does it seem that between the Sierra Club,PETA, and the Environmentalists that they would be much happier if there were no people on this planet?

Unfortunately, inhibiting the drivability of people also inhibits commerce, but in a socialist Euro government who cares about commerce? Its all about the green revolution and "saving" the planet. Even as the Euro folks drive Ford Focuses with 1.4 Liter motors not available in the U.S. because they are too cheap to make here. IOW the auto unions could not squeeze profit out of a less expensive car. And, that's what's its all about.

Knowing the necessity of assuring union votes for the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections, Democrats cried out that the Banks and Auto Companies were Too Big To Fail when actually they were Too Big To Succeed. The rush was on to,at least promise union workers a job, if only past the elections. GM was "burning" 9 Billion Dollars a month and the Obamacrats knew that it could not survive because of the humongous legacy and other costs of paying wages, medical, and retirement benefits to the already dwindling hundreds of thousands of employees and retirees - no matter how many Billions were to be sent down the crapper.

Bankruptcy was always inevitable, but it HAD TO BE AFTER THE ELECTION.

Now we have another Czar - the Car Czar - and public school trained Democrats were never taught that the origination of that word is from "Caesar" the original Italian Fascist.

So the Greenies and Internationalists (American Haters) are now advancing the best of all their plans: Diminishing the prosperity of the U.S. by boosting oil prices through lowering supply and taxation; restricting transportation; fomenting civil unrest through higher unemployment and massive debt; pretending that windmills and solar panels will replace fossil fuels when experts say that even if we spend (borrow) everything we can to promote wind/solar power in the U.S. for the next twenty years, at that time wind/solar will only supply, at most, 2% of our needed energy.

During the 1990's I invested in car companies and did pretty well because studies, and Bob Brinker, had proven to me that car manufacturing would be going through an "up" cycle. Thanks to Brinker, I pulled out before the big stock market dip in 2000- at the end of Bill Clinton's - thank God - last term. I don't remember reading too much bad publicity in that year when the market dropped about 40%, because it was during a Democrat's tenure. Nevertheless, little did I think that when I was profiting from my auto company investment that the profit was from future borrowed money. The car companies were just too big to succeed. The Auto company execs were pressured by unions to promise salaries and benefits they knew could never be afforded, but during those hot car sales years of the Nineties the car companies could not "just say no" to the unions. Now,finally, the G-Man Car Czar can wrestle with unions, who admittedly have already taken big hits. Lets see how Obama deals with those sole unions that have had unprecedented power and have been traditionally recession proof - government unions, including teachers. Maybe their love for Obamacracy will fade also.

Who knew that the Auto Unions would be taking the Big Hit on April Fools? Everybody but those Foolish Democrats.