Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ron Paul's Veteran's Day Tribute "Instead Of Praising Vets For Getting Their Legs Blown Off In Afghanistan . . . "

That is very close to what I heard Ron Paul say in a Peter Schiff interview here pa_20131112hgpd_low.mp3 . The link will only be available for a few days. I do think Peter Schiff is a voice crying out in the wilderness exposing Helicopter Ben's crazy fed policies, and I would suggest there is no better professor of economics than Peter.

Ron Paul, similarly, is very smart when it comes to  recognizing the evils of the Federal Reserve, United States deficit spending,  as well as international banking, however, Mr. Paul falls way short when it comes to valuing the American military. I also like his son, Rand, as he is very much a contender for U.S. president in 2016. Watch out Christie. But, I cannot excuse  Ron Paul's more accurately quoted  remark on Schiff's show, "Instead of using the conventional wisdom of praising veterans who got their legs blown off in Afghanistan . . [Paul trails off his comment and eventually states]" . . I have a lot of younger members of the  military supporting me." Somewhat paraphrased.

Lord only knows how the heretofore greatest military machine since the dawn of mankind has been diminished by the Commander In Chief/Army General Martin Dempsey's social engineering; admitting LBGTQs, pushing women into combat situations, lowering morale by allowing promiscuity, adultery, unwed and extramarital childbirths, increased suicides, and opening more opportunities than ever before for sexual harassment complaints and lawsuits.

In plain language, much of the military is going Libtard. There are many examples, not excluding the invitation of Noam Chomsky to speak at U.S. military academies.

Simply, Ron Paul is the iconic Libertarian of the time who has no use for the military. This will be the downfall of libertarians, who are "too high to load their guns." This is not much different than a Pat  Buchanan, who constantly accuses the United States of taking on the persona of a Roman Empire only existing  to pillage, rape, and terrorize defenseless nations at great expense to the national treasury.

Ron Paul is an Ob/Gyn who has delivered thousands of babies, so I understand how he is a bit gun shy when the United States, among all he countries of the developed West, only fights battles that it needs to fight. The U.S. is not the world's policeman, if only because we do not engage in every mass genocide that occurs, such as the infamous Hutu - Tutsi wars and many others.

The United States would not have its economy or status if it was not the Super Power. Our military since World War I has allowed us that status. Every historic study shows that a nation cannot be an economic powerhouse if it is not, first, a military powerhouse. And, so many libs and libertarians are willing to so quickly throw it all away. Who would they prefer to be the big guy on the block - the Chinese or Russians?  They are next in line, so pick one if you are don't mind becoming  a second class world  citizen, which is probably inevitable in any event.

Even the "little wars" like Korea, Vietnam (where I served), Kuwait, Persian Gulf Wars, Kosovo, and Afghanistan were worthwhile, despite what the Libtards say, because we, at least, slapped down communists, tyrants, radical Moslems etc. for a while. I would like all veterans of those wars to remember - that they were not in vain. Communism has come back with a vengeance (in the United States), and radical Moslems are rising up again, still,  it must be said that the United States of America inhibited, if not totally defeated, many of our natural born enemies. Its much the same with the War on Drugs, which so many libs and libertarians claimed that that war has been in vain, yet crack and cocaine use is at a many year low. What if we would have given up on the War on Drugs? Coke/Crack addicts would have increased, accompanied with the Crack/Coke murders, which have also declined significantly. So, its on to fighting other drug wars that are on the horizon.

Ron Paul's remarks were especially crass having been made on Veterans Day, where I must say I had the time of my life at a local Golden Corral restaurant where hundreds of veterans of every color and branch convened for a free feast, compliments of the Golden Corral restaurant chain.

And, contrary to Ron Paul's disparaging remarks, I had no problem thanking the veterans who were wounded, lost limbs, or were otherwise troubled because of their service in any of the wars and conflicts. None of our service was in vain, Ron Paul.