Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sodomalatry, America's New Preferred Religion

I have heard for years that we are now living in a post Christian America, and after looking at our culture, I would have to agree. Since nature abhors a vacuum, U.S. citizens have been seeking other forms of worship as opposed to the faith of our fathers. I can think of no other object of devotion that attracts greater adoration today than sodomy, as the Bible calls it.

Judge Robert Bork, who wrote Slouching Toward Gomorrah, must have had an idea that the United States would soon be Reclining In Gomorrah, hence his objections to the obvious decline in morality, especially abortion, for which Joe Biden soundly railed against Judge Bork during his nomination for the Supreme Court. Old Joe has not been the same since.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, a Tea Party favorite, caved before and she caved again to public pressure which among other things threatened to pull a scheduled Super Bowl game out of her state. Larry Kudlow, Jew turned Catholic, also decided  to take the side of mammon over God, or, at least, individual religious freedom. All of Hollywood, the press, and MSNBC put on the full court press "forcing" Jan Brewer to renege on her conscience - which turned to mush as intended by the massive public pressure.

What can one expect in a country where even long standing protestant churches, like the Episcopal denomination, also believes gayness is a "gift from God?"  Most of the first American presidents were Episcopalian, and many former presidents have claimed that denomination as their own including FDR, Gerald Ford, and both Bush presidents - which might explain why they veered off the straight and narrow of Christian conservatism - because they were acting out the lib values of the American Episcopalian Church. Despite the backslidden condtions of the current  Episcopalian Church, and its  huge losses of money and members, a new American Anglican Communion has emerged from the old Episcopalian rubble, and even though they have had their buildings confiscated by the Episcopalian Church, these American Anglicans have found a straighter path.

 In the Old Testament, in order to avoid profaning the name of God, a word called the Tetragrammaton replaced the actual spelling of God's name - Yahweh. The word was not to be pronounced. Similarly, today homosexuality is so special, and even sacred to libs that never is heard a discouraging word against the outlawed lifestyle condemned many times in the Bible and other historic religions. Google, Starbucks, Microsoft, and politicians have all joined this new religion - dictating that sodomy is so special that it should be exalted by all peoples and  institutions.

In California, and elsewhere, the promotion of alternative lifestyles supersedes reading, writing, and arithmetic in the the public schools. Contrarily, children who have opposite sex traits may not be encouraged to prefer their natural born gender under penalty of law. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is now offering up to 50 gender choices to identify with on the  FB profile. The confusion is so pronounced that the youngest of Americans are becoming more deranged for these and other reasons, and I am one that believes there is a special punishment for those who "stumble the little ones." Hint: Millstone around neck.

 Throughout history we see where prosperous empires would eventually degenerate into bestial practices - before they would experience great judgments via pestilence,disease, economic collapse, famine, natural disasters, and war. Rome, Greece, Sodom and Gomorrah are just a few nation states which took the low road - to their own peril. One of the most fascinating reads is from Josephus War Of The Jews which depicts homosexual Jewish sects, walled up in Jerusalem, during the Romans  siege, performing all sorts of "female acts" and "dressing like women." Rome finished off the rebellious people in 70 AD during the last siege by Vespasian. This and other previous judgments were prophesied years before Jerusalem's final destruction, but no one listened, as they are not today. It  is such a sad bit of history where even God's Chosen People rebelled against Him and suffered the consequences. Not unlike Christians today who have "left their first love." I know that President Obama has frequent prayer meetings and confesses to be a Christian, and that he is very young in the Lord, having unlearned Christianity under Jeremiah Wrights' ministerial leadership for too many years, but he must have some inkling, despite what his lib religious counselors teach him, that the promotion of sodomy will not be rewarded, even as it says in Romans Chapter 1.

Similarly, in many Christian churches, adultery, fornication, and homosexuality are just human traits than cannot be superseded by the Spirit changing grace of Jesus Christ. Adam Stanley, son of the venerable baptist Charles Stanley, has no problem with the forcing of Christian bakers and photographers to participate in gay weddings. What if a gay couple would like ALL of their honeymoon activities filmed by  a Christian videographer? Would  the conscience of the photographers be allowed to prevail over the "civil rights" of the newly wedded gays who want to do a gay porn movie? We have no idea how extreme this movement  will become which would have gay rights dominate individual freedoms.

Another "unmentionable" word is the N-Word, and it is now esteemed to be so special or holy that only certain people (blacks) can been ordained to utter the word.The NFL seems to be floating the idea that players profaning the name of God on the field  is OK, but players and coaches who shout the N-Word, may have to be fined for such behavior.

The NFL and ESPN, have been added to the ranks of those who esteem gay activities as something that deserves adoration, so much so, that an ESPN broadcasters had to offer moral guidance, they thought,  just as Jan Brewer was deciding to sign the Religious Freedom Bill. ESPN's Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon made the inexplicable  point that the ill fated Arizona Bill would 'mirror what the Nazis did to the Jews (Holocaust), . . .  and Arizona gays might have to be identified (like the Jews in concentration camps) with yellow stars.' Even Roger Goodell, NFL Commish, had to threaten removing a future superbowl game from Arizona, if the governor did not bend over frontwards and veto the bill. And what's with Bob Costas now pontificating, like Miss Manners, what is and is not kosher in professional sports?

I once told a radio show host that the gay rights bandwagon was on such a roll that soon enough gays would be having sex on your front yard and would claim it was their civil right.

"Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me" [Especially Gay gods]