Thursday, April 28, 2005

Marine Lt. Pantano Troubled By American 'Lawyas'

Marine Lt. Pantano Self Defense or Murder in Iraq? has been dogged not only by Islamic terrorists, but also fellow military social engineers/lawyers including a former Air Force lawya Scott Silliman whose name has been prophetic.

According to Michael Savage, the Ethicist-Internationalist Silliman who has been rewarded for his One World views (read pro U.N., pro Europe, pro anything-but-America) by being hired by one of the Poison Ivy League's worse - Duke University.

I just had to send a fax to the former airman who has had much more sympathy for America's enemies than our own troops. Pray for Silliman and the railroaded Marine Lieutenant Pantanto.
Fax or email silliman at and Duke University Fax = 1-919-613-7231
Support Lt. Pantano at his mom's website, Defend.

Fax Sent To Silliman:

Mr. Silliman: Whether you are a "Judas" as mentioned on the radio is not important to me. I am in wonderment as to how you people are chosen to promulgate ethics. You, so unethical, have condemned the Marine Pantano. I recall in Vietnam, where I served as a Marine, and was subsequently medevaced out while you were in law school, that it was easy to make a mistake in identifying enemies because it was wartime.

Can you understand that, you silliman? You may know about the heat of the courtroom, but do you know anything about the heat of battle? Duke is perfect for you, but how did you manage to serve in the Air Force for so many years? So confused, so distorted, so prejudicial is your thinking. Unbelievable.

Sincerely, Joe Clarke Disability Retired United States Marine Corps

PS I just spent a few minutes skimming most of your "works," and it is obvious that you are very much the internationalist, ne American now, vaunting idealistic wartime rules. You don't seem to have too much trouble with the way our enemies conduct themselves, yet you have setup this utopian "Rules Of Engagement" to be obeyed by non philosophers, ie. grunts no matter what their combat situation. Europe, the Ivy League, and the U.N. loves you. A lawyer, an internationalist, and an ethicist. I do feel sorry for you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Anti-Patriot Bruce Springsteen "Baby We Were Born To Cut And Run"

I have often wondered what The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, was doing when I was serving in the Marine Corps in Vietnam from which I was medevaced out of in 1970.

I put together this little ditty during the Bush-Kerry campaign when Brucey was stumping for that faking traitor John Kerry.

With a little coaxing, I could put this to music in that mumbling Bruce Springsteen style.

Baby, We Were Born To Cut And Run - Bruce Sprungspleen

I'm glad I'm not sweating and bleedin in the streets of Baghdad - I am too clean a machine.
I evaded Vietnam like my friend Bill Clinton - I had to sing and make the girls scream.
No jeeps to drive, no tanks to ride in a hostile warring place.
I likes my cozy Asbury Park - let others take my place.
Its so much safer on E - Street and Greenwich has the poets.
I could imitate Bobby Dylan like Melencamp but many folks just didn't knowit.
The way to protect America is with the guitar and not the gun,
'Cause, tramps like us, baby we were born to cut and run.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Delay Delay No More

"The Constitution Is What The Judges Say It Is." - Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles E. Hughes.
"Candidates With Deeply Held Christian Beliefs Are Unfit and Disqualified From Serving As A Federal Judge." - New York Senator Charles Schumer

Both Tom Delay and John Bolton are "up against it," as the libs break out their Big Guns like Charles Schumer and the White Anita Hill - Melody Townsel - to smear these men of renown.

The same Dems who fled Texas to avoid doing their job in 2003 are playing the part of the spoiled rich girl (Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi immediately come to mind, and I'll throw in Chuckie Schumer) by obstructing the appointments of Bolton and countless federal judges.
At a time when China is ready to pounce on Taiwan and Japan with France's permission, "Annexation of Taiwan? `Oui,' Says French" PM", the United States needs someone no less bold than John Bolton as United Nations representative.

The Democrats are not only self-conscious about America's image in the international community they are bending over frontwards to promote America's inferiority to a. U.N./European destined hegemony.Several members of own Supreme Court have admitted to relishing International Law in place of the Constitution. I wish someone would scream at these Internationalists who are so ready to ditch the U.S. first place in world affairs and hand over our sovereignty to Europe.Don't scream at them today as it is April 22 - Lenin's Birthday - ur, I mean Earth Day. It would kill their Red party spirit.

I believe Tom Delay was genuinely upset over the Court killing of Terri Schiavo, and I am supporting his pledge to "go after" the courts. The dems have sworn a death pledge to stifle President Bush's court appointees based on the premise that the conservatives may threaten to deprive the libs of their Sacrament Of Abortion. Others have said it, and I believe it. There is a judicial litmus test, and it is pass or fail. The Kill Terri crowd is the Kill Baby crowd. The money and power associated with the pro abort people is inestimable, and expect Barney Frank, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, et al. to lay down their lives for the cause of infanticide.

Has anyone noticed that there are those on the left who are driven: to deprive us of using our own energy resources; to oppose procreation, yet favor sodomy and pornography; to promote adultery, to dumb-down children in the Public Fool System, to keep segments of society poor to guarantee that the poor's vote goes to Democrats; to see America's enemies succeed. . . ?

Since American statutes and policies are now being governed by anti constitutional liberal judicial lawmakers (aided and abetted by the ACLU, New York Times et al.) it is past time to support those Republicans and Democrats who want to wipe the court benches clean and restock the courts with some honest-to-God American judges. And, I stress the "honest-to-God," which should make libs very uncomfortable.

Call Your Senators And Congressmen toll free at 1-877-762-8762.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Our neighbor to the north, Canada, is quickly "progressing" into a heathen, anti-Christian communist state - even at a faster pace than the United States. We have many friends in Canada who have seen individual liberties such as preaching the gospel and ownership of firearms for defense confiscated by the government as persuaded by the media , academia, and even the liberal churches (United Churches Of Canada). Now, it is a "hateful" thing to preach against sodomy, but it is not "hateful" to vilify, persecute, and prosecute Christians for preaching the Gospel. Wake up, especially you Canadian preachers, who have any love of God left. . . Isaiah 57:10 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.
The Canadian government has become a Politburo run by Nomenclatura mentioned above. Is it any coincidence that Liberal/Socialist/Communist/Democrats preach everything that is diametrically opposed to the Bible? Pick a commandment of God and you will see an anti-commandment, such as the Bible requiring children to honor their mothers and fathers (Fifth Commandment) is displaced in communism which rewards children for snitching on their parents. Study the "Young Pioneer" movement in Communist history and notice that we have Communist "reeducation camps" alive and well teaching death in our Public Schools.
If the Bible teaches against Abortion, Sodomy, Pornography etc., you will see it advanced by the Communists. Adultery? Communists love it - because it breaks up the family. Why not work seven days a week as communists have tried? Communism is diametrically opposed to EVERYTHING that is good.. Its a denomination of Satanism.
Of course, we must cry out to God for deliverance for our own wicked land and people, first. We must also consider our strong economic trading partner to the North - Canada, and offer them our prayers and every other resource in seeing that our many Christian brothers and sisters in Canada are not going to be targeted and persecuted by their Bolshevik governmental overseers. I do not overstate the case that we must do anything and everything we can to Free Canada! even as we fight to free ourselves in these United States.
Canada is one of the leading importers to the United States. Let’s let the businesses up north know that we will boycott their beef, automobiles, oil and whatever else, until the Christian persecution ceases. By the grace of God we can make a difference and be "doers of the word, not just hearers."

Write letters and emails, send faxes, make calls, boycott, "cry aloud and spare not," and let Canadian government officials, academics, businesses and even the Sleeping Giant, state-run churches aware that we are fellow Americans and we are going to resist the Canadian Communist movement (they actually use other names to describe themselves such as liberal, progressive. . . ). Pray to God for wisdom how to do this, as there are many ways. You can contact virtually anyone in the world via the Internet. Personally, I have a fax program on my computer that makes it very easy to write a letter and fax it to any governmental leader, commie professor, newspaper, church, corporation president, TV, Radio, Movie industry people . . . Isaiah 50:7 Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Want Your Country Back? Deport The New York Times

Just as Gepetto played Pinocchio, the New York Times has been playing the major media and the American public since Vietnam. At one time, the Old Gray Lady, who now has "All The News Fit To Spit At," was a more patriotic American newspaper before it transfigured into the internationalist rag it is today.

Is there anywhere in the world a more concentrated array of such Ugly Americans are staffing a newspaper - U.S. or foreign? Not the Brit Guardian, not The Washington Compost or even The L.A. Slimes. No paper has so many expatriates as the NYT. The Sulzebergers, Safire (not a conservative), Brooks, Krugman, Rich, Herbert, Friedman, Miller, and a Token Gentile, Dowd. I could throw out a bunch of other Jew and Gentile names, such as Linda Greenhouse (do Supreme Court Justices actually want to read good reviews about themselves in the Times? Yes.), but that's not the point. And, by God, the Times even has an its own official "Ethicist," Randy Cohen. In order to understand Randy's ethics, read the Bible upside down and backwards.
BTW The only reason I mention the liberal Jewish contingent at the Times is because the NYT has never been hesitant to bash the conservative, Christian right.

I just heard, today, a report that a New York Times editor had asked a Republican luminary (Freepers: Please, post the details of this) to submit a commentary on the Tom Delay contrived flashpoint. After the retired Republican governor, or whoever, replied that he liked Tom Delay, the Times editor became suddenly uninterested in the commentary.

Do we so soon forget the blood, gore, and fear that the Times prophesied would upset the Iraq elections?

What has Frank Rich thought about such serious subjects as the deaths of the Pope and Terri Schiavo? Here's a Rich sampler: "Mortality - the more graphic, the merrier - is the biggest thing going in America. Between Terri Schiavo and the pope, we've feasted on decomposing bodies for almost a solid month now." Frank Rich, April 10. The Culture of Death is chronicled by the Newspaper Of Death.

In the year that we lose Koppel, Brokaw, Rather, half of the 60 Minutes staff, and maybe Jennings (my prayers are with him, regardless), may the Light shine upon these Darkened Times (especially New York's Times), and expose the Newspaper Of Record's record.

Monday, April 11, 2005

America's Judges - Isolated, Insulated, And Insolent

Federal Judge Joan Lefkow's husband and mother were tragically executed by someone many were hoping would be a white supremacist. Almost to Lefkow's chagrin, it was only an irate citizen who did the deed despite even the best hopes of the Anti-defamation League, CNN, and CNN's Terror Tracker, Henry Schuster After the killer was found, Judge Lefkow's immediate reaction was that she was "relieved" that the perpetrator was not a white supremacist, which proves that the hatred for everything 'right' overrides even the natural grief one should have for one's murdered relatives. And so, the legacy of today's courts is that they hate what is RIGHT! Don't ask for rhyme or reason why they so despise conservative ideology. If it is wholesome, they hate it. If it is patriotic, they are against it. Is it, maybe, Biblical? Expect the lib contrarian courts to despise it. Separation Of Church And State? If it "sounds gody, it must be unconstitutional," they spout.

Renegade judges who renege on the Constitution will not be rounded up by homicidal maniacs or lukewarm Republicans. We must hound heaven and earth for justice in the judiciary. A grassroots movement will have to spread like wild fire in order to disappoint the lifetime appointed judges who are hell bound to dominate the American people. It has been said that "One man is one vote," yet now, "One judge is one million votes." As they frequently do, one judge can easily kill a Terri Schiavo, undo a majority-passed referendum, or legalize homosexual marriage without the clear consent of the American citizens.

Mark Levin of has written an excellent tell all book which exposes the activist-judge history. The Men In Black have been tired of not being seen nor glorified such as the more visible Legislators and Executives, so they are on a rabid rampage to BE SOMEBODY. Judges don't want to be just bench sitters, calmly deliberating on the constitutionality of laws, so much as they want to quarterback from their thrones, and make new earthshaking, outlandish laws for the most ancient of all reasons: They want attention. The more bizarre, the better. Why would Ruth Ginsburg, O'Connor, Breyer et al. so desire to ditch the Constitution in favor of weighing International Law? Mere pride, arrogance, and intellectually effete barren snobiness - not to coin a phrase.

If Sodomy and Abortion are approved in the Constitution, then, what may we find next but possibly the permissibility of shortening the life of people in non-vegetative states such as Terri Schiavo. Maybe the United States should bow down to European Socialist Law. Maybe, we should consider the advantages of Communist Law.

Before the Supremes and the less supreme federal courts displace our Constitution with the Communist Manifesto, there needs to be a sea change/ground swell to oust these bench sitters.