Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Will Sodomites/LGBT Community Let Us Heteros "Live And Let Live?" No

Akron, Ohio is overjoyed that it will be co-hosting the Gay Games in 2014 with Cleveland. One Akron Convention Bureau official responded, "We are over the moon, with this news." Surely she jests. Akron, in the midst of its worse economic crisis, is promising to roll out lots of cash along with the lavender rainbow carpet to host a sporting event that touts sodomy.

Chicago, which is equally broke, after hosting the Gay Games in 2006, headlined that the Games were a "Huge Financial Success." But Where's The Money? President Obama has sidelined his whirlwind health care tour to barnstorm and beg the International Olympic Committee to allow Chicago to host the 2016 Hetero Olympics. By then, the Federal Government and Illinois will be even more broke, if that's possible.

"Live, and let live," and "Let consenting adults do what they want to in the privacy of their homes." That would be OK, but the GLBT community does not simply want to do "their thing" in private, they want to, eventually, have sex on your lawn in front of your kids. They are wanting to ramrod their anti-marriage,anti-family, anti-moral ideology down the throats of already doomed Americans. Economically, Socially, Politically we are the Decline of the Roman Empire unless God hosts a Supernatural Tea Party. Do not pardon the puns.

One of many examples is Obama's new Safe School Czar, Kevin Jennings, founder of Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network which has worked in cahoots for years with the teachers of the National Education Association to find any way possible to infiltrate schools and indoctrinate children in the public schools so that they may "consider the legitimacy of their own sexuality," and accept sodomy as a righteous alternative. Safe School Czar, indeed. No one is advocating that gays should be picked on in school, but neither should kids be expelled for calling others "gay," which I understand is the worse epithet that can be hurled at a classmate. Let's not bully gays, but lets not kiss their . . . . either. OK?

Safe School Czar, Kevin Jennings, is also in trouble to referring to the Religious Right as the "F-Word," and while he was a public school teacher, Mr. Jennings was told by a young student that he (the student) was having an affair with an older man. Kevin did not report the abuse, but rather, advised the boy to "use condoms."

BTW October is National Coming Out Day as well as LGBT History Month. Look for scheduled celebratory events in your local schools.

Sodomites are constantly battling society along with public schools so that they may prove how normal they are (except for the sexual practices part), and that it would be no great sin if your kid, mom, day, friend or uncle decides one day to suddenly turn gay.

Obama's education friends, like Bill Ayers have been pumping out more pro-gay text books for grade schoolers than could be bought in Bob's Bathhouse. We literally had to fight the public schools' inclusion of the likes of Heather Has Two Mommies,One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads (textbook available at, reduced price from $100.00 to $30),Emma and Meesha My Boy: A Two Mom Story ,The Family Book,The Different Dragon,Who's in a Family?, King and King (guess what that's about),and the latest rave, And Tango Makes Three, about two male penguins raising a young one in New York's Central Park, of course. Mothers and public school teachers (mainly women) love these books for the little ones. How cute!

Anyone interested in researching these books and how moms and teachers (mainly women) glowingly review them, just plug in titles into

In trying to be balanced I would like to advertise the Gay Days At Anaheim will be beginning October 2 In Disneyland, Anaheim California. If you two mom or two dad families decide to take your kids, remember, there may be some promiscuous dress and behavior on display. Oh, I think you knew that.

President Obama's Health Care Blitz Boosting Fox Ratings By Not Appearing - Over 300 TV And Public Speeches Later - I'm Thinking Overexposure

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are Blacks Taking More Liberties Since President Obama Has Been 'Gettin It On With His Bad Self?'

Since the Race Card has again been thrust upon us via Joe Wilson's yelling "Liar" at the President, and then, consequently, being accused of a being one of those Southern Bible Belt Racists, I thought it might be time to look at some real racism running rampant throughout the United States.

Maureen Dowd and other desperate liberal pundits have been waiting to pounce on us bigots at the Tea Parties, Town Halls, conservative radio stations, and in good ole American families but nothing has stuck. Thank be to God for Joe Wilson who has opened the door to expose those nasty prejudicial people who only dislike President Obama for his race and absolutely not his politics.

Its like our inner sanctum of conservative secrecy has been discovered, and here we are, naked and ashamed because one of our "brothers," Joe Wilson, blew our cover and revealed that we are nothing but kloseted KKK members.

In actuality, the desperation of the Left is convincing so many Independents as well as Democrats (those who pay taxes and enjoy freedom, and who are not members of Acorn), that their leftist elite leadership is absolutely bonkers. Thank you, Maureen Dowd.

If you want to see real racism where the rubber meets the road, look again at a story from Akron, Ohio (formerly Rubber Capital of the world) where 50 black kids beat on a white family, while yelling "This Is A Black World."
Warning: You may be called a racist for resenting what these teens did.
Authorities are considering that it just may be a hate crime.

More racism that was not motivated by Joe Wilson was noticed in Cleveland where 20 black youths beat up a lone white boy (isn't that the way it always is?) at a Catholic Italian church festival seen here.
Authorities are considering that it just may be a hate crime.

Just this past week, 2 black school students mercilessly pound on a white kid on a school bus while other riders watch and have a good hoot. Video here.
I wonder if Maureen Dowd is going to write about this obviously racist incident.
Authorities are considering that it just may be a hate crime.

Time nor space permits exampling so many rash incidents which are examples of certain African Americans feeling a bit too uppity (sorry for choice of words) about the election of Their Man who has become The Man - Barack Obama.
No one can whip up people like BHO as he calls out to a crowd in Minnesota, "Are You Fired Up?" . . . "Are You Fired Up?" . . . "Are You Fired Up?" . . . "They Can't Stop Us!". . .

I think I first noticed these special privileges being perceived by blacks when the famous Peggy Johnson proclaimed to the world on camera at an Obama campaign stop that Obama was going to "Pay my mortgage and my gas."

Talk about chutzpah, how about those Acorn nuts, and the Philadelphia New Black Panthers with billy clubs "protecting" voters?

Just to confirm my I have black friends bona fides, or street creds, I do have black friends, brothers at church, I supported Alan Keyes, Ken Blackwell, Jesse Lee Peterson, etc. I even, once upon, a time taught Sunday school and attended many revivals at black churches (not the Jeremiah Wright kind). The one African American church I taught at sort of evolved into more of a Black Power than Christ Power church, so I, in response, sort of left.

I like black gospel singing, and sing it myself. I always like the fiery hot-collar preaching of legitimate black ministers. That does not include President Obama's sermons which do not inspire people to do anything but "Get It On With Your Bad Self." And I do mean bad. And I do mean Maureen Dowd bad.

Monday, September 14, 2009

9/12 D.C. March Super Success - Back To Washington D.C. 11/4, The Day BHO Invaded America?

As President Obama was leaving town on September 12 to campaign for Obamacare in Frankensteinia, the capital of Minnesota, and home of Al Franken; hundreds, then thousands, then millions of patriots entered the District of Columbia almost invisible to the state controlled media, which hardly noticed those ordinary, non-racist Americans who were not marching on D.C., because Obama is a black man, or even half a black man. That's the message you will hear from the Olbermann,Maddow,Matthews,Pelosi and Tavis Smiley crowd.

As someone suggested, " I can't help to wonder if the Prez was eyeing the mass of humanity trucking into D.C., perched from that half-billion dollar tax-paid helicopter, as he was leaving."

Who cares if the MSM could not cover or count the number at an event which made the Million Man March look like Janeane Garofola fan club meeting, ie., very sparse?

Rose, of Quinn and Rose radio fame was there and notes on her website how inaccurately the press reported the event. She also posted some great pics.

I could not attend, but I may be game for a return match - another gathering in Washington, D.C. - November 4, 2009 or 114 - The Day BHO Invaded America (Presidential Election Day, 2008). The date 9/12 was intentionally juxtaposed after the commemoration of one of the darkest days in history, 9/11, which was also ignored by the MSM.

Although, 114 - The Day BHO Invaded America falls on a Wednesday, maybe its time for people who do not work for the government, or Acorn, or SIEU to take some time off in the middle of a work week to express our continued nonsupport for, not just the Democrats, but for all those who would tread on our liberties.

While Americans were converging on D.C 9/12, President Obama was hot-collar preaching to some union folks in Minnesota, leading them in some sort of cultic chant: " Are You Fired Up?" "Yes, We're All Fired Up." Obama, according to my count in his speech/preaching, called out "Fired Up," about twenty times.

I think we are starting to put out that fire, however, since "there is no rest for the wicked," anyone up for bringing your buckets to put out those "fires" 114 - The Day BHO Invaded America?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Jim Traficant Takes Swipe At Jews, Unfortunately, Not Just The Libs

Big Jim "Jimbo" Traficant is more than a legend among Ohioans and he has had more fans than can be numbered across the U.S. Recently released from prison for charges of "receiving illegal campaign funds," and other matters, former Representative of the Youngstown area came out of prison looking very fit, not remorseful, and with a grudge or two.

I followed the Traficant case very closely, since Youngstown is sort of a sister city to Akron. I watched Stephanie Tubbs Jones (now deceased) unmercifully castigate Jim, along with Carl Levin in a congressional trial 8 years ago which gave no chance to Jimbo to exonerate himself. His lawyer, also Jim Traficant, was not much of a help, as Jim fought the corruption charges pro se, or sans real lawyer. Jim had beaten down the IRS years previous, acting as his own lawyer. It was a landmark and benchmark defeat for the IRS revenuers. They never forgot.

Jim came out swinging on the Van Sustern show and it was clear that he ain't takin' no guff from the bureaucrats - Democrat or Republican. Jim had been known for his staunch opposition against an unfair Nafta and WTO agreements, particularly giving Commie China "Favored Nation" treatment. "Beam Me Up Scottie" was a common response from Jim to congress when he heard something from his fellows that sounded out of this world - which was quite often the case.

Jim, a Catholic school basketball star was a take-no-prisoners sheriff in the early 1980' and he was well known for helping to bust up organized crime types. I'm talking Mafia. They never forgot. Jim was a just but tough customer, who could have made Mariocopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio cry.

A recent radio poll at Akron's big station WNIR showed that if Jim ran again he would overwhelmingly beat Tim Ryan, aka Nancy's Lap Dog, by an unscientific score of 96% to 4%. Young freshman Tim Ryan, trained by Jimbo, has lost what little popularity he has had because of his inability to do anything but what Nancy Pelosi demands including supporting Cap and Trade and Obamacare. Thousands of jobs have disappeared from the Mahoning Valley primarily from the collapse of General Motors, and unemployment is very high - even for a Democratic city.

I especially like Jim's renewed attack on all those (Liberal Jews, especially) who have perpetually persecuted a possible death camp worker, 90 year old John Demjanjuk, for over thirty years, and who is now in some Nazi Hunter prison in Germany awaiting his twentieth(?) trial. Even when he was on trial in Israel, awaiting execution, the Jewish Supreme Court admitted there was not enough evidence to convict him.

I have followed the John D. case for many years, and have never see substantial proof, nor heard from credible witnesses that John D. was, indeed, Ivan the Terrible. He is very frail and near death, but the Nazi Hunters always get their man, even if it is not really their man. Its just a man. To get.

World governments, and especially American justice officials who are endlessly looking for Nazis under every rock, have been running short on eligible Nazis so they have been clamoring for John D.s death - guilty or not.

What I do object to is that Jim has revealed upon his release from prison that he may be caught up into a "Jews Run The Government" conspiracy, indicting all Jews, including the conservatives.
This is where we all get into trouble - not differentiating the conservative Jews from the Libs. That is like equating Mark Levin with George Soros, or Wolfowitz with Noam Chomsky, or Netanyahu with Nadine Strossen of the ACLU, or the Southern Poverty Law Center with . . . You get the picture.

Even Free Republic has chastened me for trying to distinguish the social/political differences of Jews (who are exceptionally gifted, though some use their exceptional brilliance for bad),I guess, because it might result in some sort of rise in anti-Semitism - as has happenned innumerable times in history. God forbid, but why allow the overly protected class of Lib Jews to scorch the earth with a political socialism which targets conservative Jews and Christians without any allowance for speaking out against them -as a demographic? Let me make it clear that I don't desire even liberal Jews to go to death camps, and, if it is not too impolite to say, I prefer not to be persecuted for being a conservative Christian. Its not really PC to say, but there are certain political/demographic/ethnic people who loathe Christianity. Capiche?

If even conservatives fall into the trap of disallowing criticism of some aspects of liberal Judaism, then they are promoting the problem - and becoming just as self-righteous. And, that's exactly the way the libs would have it, as we allow ourselves to be destroyed so that we may pride ourselves with some sort of honor - for being destroyed. Its a big lib trap.

One of the problems with not allowing for the sorting out between liberal Jews and conservative Jews is that people like Jim Traficant, and there are many others who believe similarly, lump the whole schmeer together so that Neocons are looked at as no different than professors at Colombia Law School.

Nevertheless, GO JIM! And, please, don't castigate all Jews for the actions of some.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Will Ted Kennedy Be Given "Reagan Treatment?" What Will He Be Remembered For By Some?

From Left To Right: Kicked To The Curb Wife Joan,Vietnamese Left To Communism,Car Containing Mary Jo Kopechne,Aborted Babies,Central Americans Left To Communism, Man Enjoying Adult Beverages On Yacht Off Martha's Vineyard

"The Black Book of Communism (Harvard University Press, 1999) provides a tally of the "politically correct" mass murders, the deaths from firing squads, man-made famines, gassing, hanging, concentration camps: China, 65 million deaths; USSR, 20 million; Vietnam, North Korea and Cambodia, 5 million; Africa, 1.7 million; Afghanistan, 1.5 million; Eastern Europe, 1 million; Latin America, 150,000 deaths." From Mises.Org

It may have all started with Mary Jo in July of 1969 - and ended with Chappaquiddick, and I think we all know about that. Or, did it start with Kennedy's father, Joe, who had trouble understanding good old American family values?

Early Kennedy From FrontPage.Com
"As his eight-term record shows, Kennedy's definition of "honest" has not changed since his failed attempt to have his smarter friend take his Spanish final at Harvard. His father was a notorious mob associate, Nazi sympathizer and predatory womanizer who tyrannically micro-managed the lives of his children. His mother spent much of her life either at Mass or obsessively pinning notes to everything in sight. And Ted? The runt of the litter. A puckish dumpling of a boy who was never expected to make good, until fate left him the last son standing. Then, with a slip of a wheel greased by booze, all presidential hopes and expectations were washed away in the waters of Chappaquiddick. And the dark days weren't over by a long shot."

Teddy Learned To Cut And Run From Brother JFK
Since I had about eleven years of Catholic education, I had to be one of the original Kennedy worshippers back in 1960. It was unofficially madated by the Church. The disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion orchestrated and then abandoned by JFK was overshadowed by the Cuban Missile Crisis. I now wonder if Mr. Camelot Kennedy would have eventually backed down from the Soviets - in retrospect.

From Tripod.Com "Meanwhile, Washington dithered. The CIA handlers had the Provisional Government ready to fly in, but the situation was still too "touch-and-go" to risk it. The CIA planners argued with the Joint Chiefs and the President. Kennedy was afraid of how the Soviets might react. He felt that the CIA had forced him into a no-win situation. The recriminations and finger-pointing began as the Brigade members paid dearly for this indecision.

The aftermath was a political nightmare for Kennedy, and a field day for Castro. Eventually the US paid $53 million in ransom for the Brigade survivors. Of the total, 150 men had made it out, 1189 were ransomed, and 114 were KIA. Communists losses were exaggerated by both Brigade survivors and the CIA analysts and an accurate figure will never be know. Some estimates ran to over 1100, while the Cuban government admits to 154 KIA. The tourist museum at Playa Giron features captured weapons, disturbing photographs, and a Sea Fury. In Florida, anti-Castro sentiment still fuels Miami politics."

Teddy's first attempt at desertion may have been while he was actively undermining the Vietnam War as early as 1966 - a war which was authorized by SEATO.
From The BBC 1969: "Millions march in US Vietnam Moratorium "I do believe this nation in danger of committing itself to goals and personalities that guarantee the war's continuance." Senator Edward Kennedy." God forbid the nation should commit itself to such goals like winning a war. . .

"In June 1973, he voted to cut off all funding to the South Vietnamese government, practically ensuring a communist takeover by the North Vietnamese, the ramifications of which were the killing fields of Cambodia and a bruised and shaken USA. Kennedy's answer then is not too different from his answer today, which is to abandon our mission in Iraq and send our troops home, denying our soldiers the chance to see those objectives to fruition." RedState.Org

"19 Jun 73 The U.S. Congress passes the Case-Church Amendment which forbids any further U.S. military involvement in Southeast Asia, effective August 15, 1973. The veto-proof vote is 278-124 in the House and 64-26 in the Senate. The Amendment paves the way for North Vietnam to wage yet another invasion of the South, this time without fear of U.S. bombing. I remember that because that was the exact date I arrived in Saigon on my new assignment as a civilian contractor to work at Bien Hoa AFB. This awful and cowardly move guaranteed that the US would not respond to protect the South from attacks from the Communist North." DailyPundit.Com

Would Ted Kennedy Help Save South America From Communism? Are You Kidding?
American Thinker.Com
"In 1985, Senator Kerry was one of the members of Congress who returned from Nicaragua with that worthless signed piece of paper. He then supported the third Boland Amendment. Apparently, not only did John Kerry [and Ted Kennedy] not want to fight Communism "all over the world," he didn't even want to fight communism in our own backyard."

"In 1985, when the Reagan administration requested aid for the Contras, Kennedy couldn't resist evoking the "Gulf of Tonkin" resolution. The Panama invasion didn't last long enough to be compared to Vietnam. Instead, the removal of Manuel Noriega represented "long-term damage" to our foreign policy, to our ability to work with other nations in Latin America, and our goal of achieving lasting democracy in the region. Kennedy predicted that George Bush Sr.'s aggressive actions made the Sandinistas shoe-ins for the Nicaraguan election in February of 1990. He was dead wrong. As soon as the Nicaraguan people had a chance, they booted Fidel wannabe Daniel Ortega from power by a 14-point majority." FrontPageMag.Com

"In congressional debate on aid to the Nicaraguan "contras," Sens. Ted Kennedy and Tom Harkin seized on testimony by Gen. Paul Gorman, then the U.S. commander with responsibility for South America. The rebels, he had testified, would be incapable of overthrowing the ruling Sandinistas "in the foreseeable future."

Ted Kennedy And The First Gulf War - From FrontPageMag.Com
"Kennedy went beyond Vietnam in the debate before the first Gulf War. According to the senator, the casualties in Southeast Asia would seem slight when compared with Desert Storm. And the liars in the Bush administration knew it beforehand. "The 45,000 body bags the Pentagon has sent to the region are all the evidence we need of the high price in lives and blood we will have to pay," said Kennedy. And when the war ended in a matter of days, as predicted, he never apologized to the President for his paranoid insinuations and over-the-top fear-mongering."

Ted Kennedy And The Iraq War
"Quagmire" and "Vietnam."

Feeling A Little Sympathy For Joan
Teddy divorced his wife Joan in 1981, had the marriage annulled [The Catholic Church relegates the marriage as never occurring] in 1983, so that he could remarry as a Catholic in 1992. The second marriage was even "blessed" by the Catholic Church in 1995. "A Catholic annulment, or a declaration of nullity or invalidity, is a statement of fact, by the Catholic Church, that a valid marriage (as defined by the Catholic Church) never existed." Too bad for the children Patrick, Edward, and Kara -their parents were never married according to RC. Legally, no? Spiritually, no? I may have to google "bastard."

Adam Clymer On Writing About Kennedy
"I am kind of surprised that the Kennedy-hating press hasn't picked upon the explanation for his annulment that's in the book. A source close to Joan Kennedy told me he never really intended to be faithful in the first place when he took his marriage vows. I was hoping that would get modest circulation from The National Enquirer at least as open scandals. But they're in the book because they affect his political life, they affect his ability to do things, and they give you some measure of who he is."

Ted Kennedy's ex-wife found on the street The wife that Sen. Ted Kennedy kicked to the curb was found, er.. kicked to the curb again... WizBangBlog.Com

BOSTON (AP) - Joan Kennedy, the former wife of Massachusetts Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, is in the hospital recuperating from a concussion and a broken shoulder after a passer-by found her lying in a street, according to her son.

"Were indebted to some anonymous pedestrian who found her and picked her up and got her help," Patrick Kennedy told the Boston Herald for its Wednesday editions.

Details of exactly what happened and how she ended up in the street were unclear. There was no police report on the incident. Joan Kennedy, who divides her time between Cape Cod and a Boston condominium, has struggled with alcoholism.

On other political fronts, Kennedy reaffirmed his position that with abortion, "we are dealing with a personal and private reproductive decision." He has said that he supported civil unions and equal rights for gays [Death To Marriage].

Finally, Ted has been one of the hardest chargers for abortion - leaving over 1,000,000 babies dead per year.

Ted Kennedy's Abortion Voting Record CathFam.Org

Voted NO on criminal penalty for harming unborn fetus during other crime. (Mar 2004)
Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions except for maternal life. (Mar 2003)
Voted NO on maintaining ban on Military Base Abortions. (Jun 2000)
Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions. (Oct 1999)
Voted NO on disallowing overseas military abortions. (May 1999)
Rated 100% by NARAL, indicating a pro-choice voting record. (Dec 2003)