Monday, December 29, 2008

Was President Bush Too "Muscular?"

President Bush has been hated for every reason imaginable, such as, he "touted" prayer and said things like

"Americans pray for a number of reasons, such as acknowledging God's sovereignty in our lives and our complete dependence on Him." He concluded his remarks by saying that the "greatest gift we can offer anyone is the gift of our prayers, because our prayers have power beyond our imagining." And. . .

When asked, why we went to war to punish, and liberate Iraq, he answered, "To him who is given much, much is required." And. . .

After being asked what he thought of his popularity rating (much higher than Congress,BTW), he responded, " I could not sell my soul, just to be popular." Far different than the Dems' responses who spent multi millions on popularity polls. Hillary still owes 7 million dollars to pay off her worthless pollsters who stuck their fingers in the air to determine her campaign direction. Too bad, Obama was able to hire so many more fingers. (Insert joke here ___________________)

After Bush's medical physical, it was reported that his body fat was about fifteen percent. Slate magazine then promptly reported that wasn't so great because Bill Clinton's body fat index was calculated (by Slate Magazine) as being similar.

President Bush has mainly been derided for his "too muscular" international diplomacy. The Europeans, the United Nations (only united in their hate for the U.S. like our own leftist media), and communists world over, have consistently criticized Bush for his "warmongering belligerence." IOW he carried a Big Stick and used it - with discretion.

What happens when your President has no muscle? Bill Clinton and, it looks like Obama, are good examples. OK, Obama has less body fat than W, but like Bill Clinton who avoided every battle with Jihadists, and even supported Kosovo where the Taliban was training, Barack Hussein Obama may become the next Bill-like Grand Appeaser.

You will also not find muscularity in Pakistan at present where an old softy like President Zardari (Mr. Ten Percent - Google It) replaced Musharraf who was more aligned with the U.S. in ousting the Taliban and Jihadists in general.
The American press as well as the world demanded that the semi-ally Musharraf be ousted so that Mr. President Ten Percent Zardari could lead Pakistan - right into the terlet.

Since the election of Zardari, the Taliban and other Jihadists have been reencouraged, deadly bombings are on the increase, and there is much more fear, confusion and rebellion in Pakistan. The turmoil has spread to Afghanistan - all because Pakistan has lost its political and physical muscle.
I pray that Obama will put those pects to good use in fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

Democrats are always brave, unfortunately before wars begin. LBJ chickened out of Vietnam, Kennedy and Kerry were pro communist in Central America, Maxine Waters and the MSM love Cuba, House and Senate Democrats were pro Iraq invasion until . . . , and Clinton defended the Jihadists from the Serbians. How many churches have been burned down in the former Yugoslavia by your peaceful Muslim types, so far?

During the height of the Iraq War (where mistakes were made, and what war is not fraught with a multitude of mistakes?) many Dems wanted us to attack North Korea. Dems only enjoy wars won by the enemy. This is obvious from all the rhetoric and congressional hearings they entertained, which sole purpose was to lose a war and embarrass the United States for merely selfish political reasons.

Our own Mainstream Media, and the world, it seems, is in a sort of an unconscious stupor, not recognizing that a lot of "muscle" has kept another 9/11 from happenning here, but it will continue with Pakistan, yet not Israel.

Israel, despite its unfair share of libs, still has muscle.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jewish Madoff, Deceives Fellow Jews, Escapes Investigation By SEC Jewish Fellow

A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent

I hope this is not taken as a mere anti Jewish diatribe, but as an example of what the law calls "affinity fraud."

The Security and Exchange Commission gives Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme this very title according to their definition - "Affinity fraud refers to investment scams that prey upon members of identifiable groups, such as religious or ethnic communities, the elderly, or professional groups."

Mr. Madoff has admitted to magically causing up to 50 billion dollars of feeder/hedge fund money to disappear after promising investors such as friends, relatives, (like Tremont Group Holdings and Fairfield Greenwich Group), Jewish charities, and, especially golf club members, unbelievable profits up to twenty percent per year.

According to Canada's Chronicle Herald

His most loyal customers were wealthy Jews who divided their time between Manhattan and Florida. Some, it was said, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to maintain memberships at the Palm Beach Country Club just in the hope of gaining an introduction to this Wall Street wonder boy.

Bernie was most charitable in his giving $238,000.000 to Democrats, but several Jewish trusts have closed due to Bernie's love of giving to himself. The 1 billion dollar Picower fund has had to close down due to Madoff's madness. Just last week a Democrat relative of mine was telling me how he "could not forget that Republican scammer, Kenneth Lay and company," who was responsible for, as I remember, extorting only a half billion dollars via "accounting errors" - very small potatoes, or latkes, compared to old Bernie.

Finally and most unfortunately, another Jewish mishpocha, Jonathan Sokobin, in charge of such SEC investigations, refused to investigate Bernie Madoff depsite warnings for ten years.

From Grennwichtime.Com - Early this year, Markopolos made one last major effort after receiving an email from Jonathan Sokobin, an official in the SEC's Washington, D.C., office whose job was to search for big market risks. Sokobin had heard about Markopolos and asked him to give him a call, according to an email exchange between them. With low expectations, Markopolos got in touch.
"The way I figured it," he says, "if they didn't believe you at $5 billion, and not at $10 billion, they didn't believe you at $30 billion, then why would they believe you at $50 billion?" Markopolos also sent Sokobin an email - with the stark subject line "$30 billion Equity Derivative Hedge Fund Fraud in New York" - saying an unnamed Wall Street pro recently pulled money from Madoff's
firm after trying to confirm trades supposedly done in his account, but discovering that no such trades had been made. It was his last try. He never heard back about his allegations regarding Madoff.
"I felt pretty low," Markopolos recalls.

Finally, finally, where is the money?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Very Special Christmas Gift From The Mainstream Media

Monday, December 08, 2008

Associated Press & NBER Lie Again - There Is No Official Recession

We have been hearing from MSM that the U.S. has been suffering an economic recession since 2007 - according to the NGO Non Governmental Organization Bureau Of Economic Research. This is not an official organ of government. IOW this widely quoted "finding" was just made up by a very lib group of economists. (They also predicted better financial times ahead - in 1931- see National Bureau projection).

No wonder the NY Times, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and every other newspaper is laying off or considering bankruptcy, as are the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. Oh, and Chris Matthews, even with cellar dweller ratings, is considering a run for Congress. All the above have fed off the Associated Press for the most faulty, biased, god-awful news stories. These flunky, liberal news groups promoted Obama beyond human conscience or sensibility, and now they are dying.

They blame the Internet and cable TV, but these hard core leftist publishers will not admit how boring, prejudiced, and inaccurate they are and have been.

The National Bureau Of Economic Research, has a decidedly leftist agenda, according to my research. If you like high oil prices as they do, and more money thrown at education, big government, and other social programs, you should become a member of the NBER. Why else would the AP tout these phony recession pronouncements, prematurely, if the NBER was not lib?

Democrats do not like playing by any rules and the rule for Recession has been "two succeeding quarters of Gross Domestic Product economic downturn."

Why has the NBER and Associated Press decided, and the press accepted, the fudging of facts, time after time? I can answer that by substituting the lyrics in your church hymnal to "All To Obama, I Surrender," from the church hit, I Surrender All. "I Have Decided To Follow Obama" is another good one.

Here is another excellent article on the subject from African American, out of North Star Writers Group, Herman Cain.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Special Holiday Offer - Free House And Barney Frank Fruit Cake

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Deepak Chopra Is Not That Deep

Notice one of Deepak's gods with all the arms which could be put to better use if she would only pick up a few - simultaneously, of course - American and world history books.
Thou shalt have no other gods before me
Deepak seems to have accused the Indian Mumbai attacks on the United States for "inflaming moderate Muslims," and that we should reach out and study the "poverty" and "humiliation," which these poor people suffer. He should know that the a large number of Muslims have a divine mandate to manifest destiny over infidels, independent of their richness or poverty.

Deepak also blamed the U.S. support of the Taliban in Chechnya for training the same people who are now are our mortal enemies, and who bring terror to over twenty countries worldwide. How could we have supported such terrorists in Cheknya, the Man Of Higher Intellect and Spiritualism asks?

Come down to earth (or up to earth, Deepak, might be more appropriate) and let me share with the Enlightened One an education in how we have supported past enemies who later became our friends and vice versa. Not as if we can even know the future like Hindu intellects.

Since the dawn of time, countries have made alliances with one another when it was advantageous at the time. Much of America was once allied very closely, as was India, as a colony with England. We, like India, demanded our independence and fought against our former ally in the Revolutionary War and the War Of 1812. We later became friends, and still are.

Historically follow any country's alliances past, present and future. It is obvious that your former friends are your future enemies. Allies today will be fighting us tomorrow. Such is the simplest understanding of history. We had good relations with the Czar and the Communists early in the Twentieth Century. Later, we disavowed all that was considered Communistic (except, today, half of the American electorate has endorsed the Democrats, and they have no clue what their evil intentions are). We were very much allied against Germany with Russia in WWII, and then a long Cold War followed by Perestroika. It appears, unfortunately, that we may be again sharing a cold shoulder with the Russians under Putin.

Looking at any nation's history the above pattern can be observed over and over and over again.

Deepak, please, put down the Vedanta and Bhagavad Vita and pick up any world history book, and may I suggest, the Bible.

PS I do want to credit Deepak for believing in Intelligent Design. He has written more recently a book about Jesus, but qualifies his biography with "I don't want this Jesus to be worshipped."
Deepak is a doctor who fortunately is more spiritual and may be much closer to the Truth than America's atheist radio doctor, Dean Edell.