Saturday, November 13, 2010

Obama And Michelle Extreme Extravagance Puttin' On The Ritz On Trip. For What?

Meanwhile. . .

What sort of trade agreements can you get after impressing the world by spending hundreds of millions of dollars on . . . 34 U.S. Naval warships, 40 aircraft, hundreds of swank hotel rooms, a half-mile, onetime use bomb proof tunnel, thousands of close friends and journalists (and the families of close friends)? Not too much. Notta . . .

From Headline News: Obama leaves G-20 empty-handed on currency spat
Leaders of 20 major economies on Friday refused to endorse a U.S. push to get China to let its currency rise, keeping alive a dispute that has raised the specter of a global trade war amid criticism that cheap Chinese exports are costing American jobs.

And South Korean `No Deal' May Damp U.S. Trade Accords

And Outsource Obama & CEOs that are exporting jobs to India

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obama Praises Tolerance Of Indonesians - After Thousands Of Christians Killer Or Converted

Obama lauds Indonesia as a model of religious tolerance ...Reads the news headlines, but hopefully, someone will inform President Obama that the Indonesians only became more "tolerant" after they martyred or subjugated thousands of Christians during and after as series of brutal jihads beginning in 1999.

From Various Sources And Times On The Web:

About 10,000 Christians were killed in Indonesia between 1998 and 2003 and about 1,000 churches were burnt down by Muslim mobs, according to campaigners. Although religious conflict has eased in recent years campaigners say that about 100 churches have been closed down in the past five years in West Java.

Christians face jail for giving treats to children of Muslims During "Happy Week" THREE Indonesian housewives face up to five years in prison for allegedly trying to lure Muslim children into Christianity at a Sunday School "Happy Week". Senior Christian figures claim that the prosecution is politically motivated and part of a campaign of persecution by Islamic fundamentalists against Indonesia’s Christian minority — about 8 per cent of the Muslim-majority population. The three women faced threats from a yelling mob of 150 fundamentalists during a court appearance in West Java last week. It is claimed that the women were teaching lessons in reading and writing to mixed classes of Christian and Muslim children, taking them on trips to parks and swimming pools, and rewarding them with treats such as pencils for memorising Christian prayers and Bible verses. Many of the alleged offences took place at a special Happy Week earlier this year, although the lessons began in 2003.

Christians Killed in Indonesia JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -Christians Killed in Indonesia - Assailants in black masks hacked, shot and burned to death 14 Christians, including a six-month-old baby, in the religiously divided capital of Indonesia's Maluku province Sunday, threatening a fragile peace pact.Carrying automatic rifles, grenades and daggers, about a dozen men yelling "kill them all" stormed the mainly Christian village of Soya on Ambon's outskirts, 1,600 miles east of Jakarta, witnesses said.They set 30 homes and a Protestant church on fire, and went from house to house, shooting into those that were occupied, witnesses said. Six Christians, including the baby, were stabbed to death and six others were killed in fires. Two more were believed to be shot to death.The killings came two days after a militant Islamic group, Laskar Jihad, rejected the February peace deal, which was meant to end three years of fighting between Muslims and Christians here that has left 9,000 dead.

Shock As Mob Surrounds House - Three Christian School Girls in Indonesia are Beheaded Extreme violence and persecution against Christians in Indonesia has taken a new dramatic turn at the weekend as three Christian school girls were barbarically beheaded by masked Daniel BlakePosted: Monday, October 31, 2005, 22:13 (GMT)Extreme violence and persecution against Christians in Indonesia has taken a new dramatic turn at the weekend as three Christian school girls were barbarically beheaded by masked attackers.The shocking news has stunned the region, and is the latest in a long line of religious attacks in the country.The three girls were attending a private Christian school in the highly tense province of Central Sulawesi. The three were attacked by unidentified assailants, and a fourth girl was left seriously wounded.

Timoor - A Roman Catholic country. About 30% of the population died by murder, starvation or disease after they were forcibly annexed by Indonesia (mainly Muslim). After voting for independence, many Christians were exterminated or exiled by the Indonesian army and army-funded militias in a carefully planned program of genocide and religious cleansing. The situation is now stable.In January 1999, anti-Christian violence erupted by local Muslims. "Tens of thousands died when Moslem gunmen terrorized Christians who had voted for independence in East Timor."

Voice Of The Martyrs There is officially no state religion in Indonesia but Islam seems to be gaining strength politically, often at the expense of religious minorities such as Christians. The province of Aceh, for example, has imposed Sharia or Islamic law. Christians say they are being marginalized in society and increasingly persecuted. Many house churches have been closed. Nationally, they are the target of a concerted campaign by militant Islamist groups bent on the total Islamisation of the archipelago. In recent years, Islamist groups such as Laskar Jihad have carried out jihad or holy war against Christian communities, particularly in the Moluccas and Central Sulawesi. The Indonesian army has frequently been accused of complicity and involvement in these attacks. Calls for jihad led to widespread violence in the Moluccas and Central Sulawesi between 1999 and 2002. Thousands of mujahedin were mobilized, hundreds of churches were destroyed and Christians were forced to convert to Islam. As a result, Muslim and Christian communities were pitted against each other, with casualties on both sides. The 2002 Malino Peace Accord signed in Maluku marked a truce and the start of a reconciliation process. A fragile peace has held but attacks on Christians have continued. The murder of three Christian girls, beheaded by militants as they walked to school in Poso in 2005, sparked international outrage. Three militants were convicted of the killings in March 2007. Less dramatic, but equally alarming, was the conviction of three female Sunday School teachers from West Java for "proselytizing Muslim children" in September 2005. The women’s claim that they had the Muslim parents’ full consent was drowned out in a courtroom full of Islamist militants making murderous threats.

JAKARTA, SEP 29 [Not 2010] (ZENIT)"Why have they killed our people? We don't know. They were here to help everyone; they were no one's enemies," Bishop Basilio Do Nascimento said in Baucau's Cathedral, during the funeral of Sisters Erminia and Celeste, three seminarians, and four lay people killed by the Indonesian military. At the end of the service, the mourners went to the cemetery where a large cross has been erected. In a country that is lacking everything, candles and red roses were found and placed at the foot of the cross. "People here are shaken and full of anger over these killings," Baucau's Bishop said.

Documents Leak from a Notorious US-Backed Unit as Obama Lands in Indonesia Secret Files Show Kopassus, Indonesia's Special Forces, Targets Papuan Churches, Civilians JAKARTA - Secret documents have leaked from inside Kopassus, Indonesia's red berets, which say that Indonesia's US-backed security forces engage in "murder [and] abduction" and show that Kopassus targets churches in West Papua and defines civilian dissidents as the "enemy."

From Jihad Watch:Where is Obama calling on these "assailants" to stand down? Why isn't anyone calling upon the Indonesian Islamic authorities to make stronger efforts to ensure that the adherents of the Religion of Peace don't misunderstand it so drastically as to think that attacking Christians could be justified? Don't they realize they're just going to provoke those familiar figures on today's political landscape, the bloodthirsty, revenge-minded Christians? "Christian worshippers attacked in Indonesia," from AP, September 12:

BEKASI, Indonesia -- Assailants stabbed a Christian worshipper in the stomach and pounded a minister in the head with a wooden plank as they headed to morning prayers Sunday outside Indonesia's capital.
Neither of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. No one claimed responsibility for the attacks. But suspicion immediately fell on Islamic hard-liners who have repeatedly warned members of the Batak Christian Protestant Church against worshipping on a field housing their now-shuttered church.In recent months, they have thrown shoes and water bottles at the church members, interrupted sermons with chants of "Infidels!" and "Leave Now!" and dumped piles of feces on the land.Local police Chief Imam Sugianto said Asia Sihombing, a worshipper, was on his way to the field when assailants jumped off a motorcycle and stabbed him in the stomach. The Rev. Luspida Simanjuntak was smashed in the head as she tried to come to his aid....Leading the charge against the Batak Christians has been the Islamic Defenders Front, which is pushing for the implementation of Islamic-based laws in Bekasi and other parts of the nation. They are known for smashing bars, attacking transvestites and going after those considered blasphemous with bamboo clubs and stones. They also pressured the local government early this year to shutter the Batak church. Perpetrators are rarely punished or even questioned by police.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Stupid, Stupid NRA Endorses Dem Governor In Ohio And Loses

I have been hearing a lot of talk in the past couple of years by gun owners - like members of Gun Owners Of America and Ohioans For Concealed Carry, and even NRA people that, possibly, the National Rifle Associations was getting a bit too big for its holster, ie. the NRA has become a PAC of bureaucrats who are more becoming like what the AARP is to oldsters - losing its mind.

The NRA endorsed the Democrat incumbent Governor Ted Strickland over a more conservative John Kasich who in years past did not have the best record on Second Ammendment issues. Even though Kasich turned around on his understanding of the Right To Bear Arms Ammendment in the Bill of Rights, the NRA inexplicably spent a whole lot of gun owner money on last minute commercials which nearly deep sixed John Kasich.

I cannot believe that NRA members are that much of a one-issue group, but the staff and honchos at the NRA have been attempting to portray the rank and file rifle owner as some dumb dunce who would rather vote for a Democrat who promoted a member of Handgun Control Inc. (Lee Fisher, Strickland's Lieutenant Governor) and a defiantly anti gun Yvette McGee Brown, Strickland's running mate for governor. Kasich won, anyway, and the NRA has gunpowder on its face.

Late in his campaign for reelection as governor, Ted Strickland got a lot of publicity for taking a sudden interest in taking shooting lessons - with his wife.
I do want to thank the Governor for his endorsing the Castle Doctrine in our great state of Ohio, but how could we have supported a man who has such close political and media friends (mostly liberal Democrats) who are so anti Second Ammendment?

Did Strickland promise the NRA something we don't know about?