Sunday, April 06, 2014

United States Military Afraid To Discharge Deviants

And, I do have a sensitivity toward people in the military as well as civilians who have developed some sort of "nervous condition." I was medevaced out of Vietnam after 16 months there while serving  in the Marine Corps. At that time, if an enlistee even looked cross-eyed at a superior officer, or showed any sort of deviance - they would be "quickly and efficiently" jailed, hospitalized, or just booted out of the military. IOW soldiers like the most recent Fort Hood killer Ivan Lopez would have stuck out like a sore thumb in yesterday's military, but not in today's more PC armed forces.

Pray that Vladimir Putin and China's President Xi Jinping do not overly provoke the U.S. - before President Obama and General Martin Dempsey depart their offices, especially while the United States military is being trimmed down to pre World War II levels. Through weak and incompetent domestic and foreign policies, we are again begging for world wide aggression to expand without interference similar to the late 1930's.

Back in the day, the United States Armed Forces was comprised of about 2 percent female serving actively, yet  now the ranks of the females have swollen to 20 percent in some units. That's good for feminism and womens' rights but it has had a disastrous effect upon the morale of the men serving in what may still be the world's greatest military ever formed. I guess the social engineers and politically correct generals and admirals, out of ignorance, did not foresee the massive interaction (reports of female assaults, both true and false) that would bring both generals and lower ranking soldiers to their knees (especially females), causing the dismissal of a great many commanding officers as well as lower ranking personnel. Divorces, suicides, adultery etc have all increased since the liberalization of military morale. Interestingly enough, adultery is still a court martial offense, unlike in the civilian world where the Kim Kardashians are rewarded for adultery.

It was well known that the frist Fort Hood killer,  Major Nidal Hassan, an army psychiatrist was quite nuts and very vocal in his support of Islmaic Jihad. Yet, for years, out of fear of offending him, the Army brass would not take him aside for "special counseling" - as  in Court Martialing him.

The same with Bradley Manning (Now Chelsea Manning according to Wikipedia) was found out early  in his  training  to be a twerpish trouble maker, but, again, Army Command could not weed him out, probably because of his obvious feminine traits.

How the mighty have fallen in the Pentagon where unit uniformity is not as important as individualistic self expression - especially if the social engineering will gain Demorcrat voters and money. In 1996 Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Boorda, committed suicide because he thought that the controversy over a couple of medals that he wore would bring shame to the Navy.

Not saying that suicide was the answer, but don't expect the same sort of military pride to be expressed by Joint Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey, President Obama, or the Pentagon. They have made a moral mess of the military.

Proving even more  that there is a big problem in the military, is this headline from the Stars and Stripes - 

"Gay, Lesbian Troops Perform In Drag At Kadena, Okinawa Air Base Fundraiser."