Monday, August 29, 2005

Lib Jew Attacks Catholic Priest (Again)

Coincidentally, on Sunday, I watched Michael Lind, the Neocommie ex-conservative, attacking Neocoms on C-SPAN before viewing Fr. John Neuhaus defending himself against this same Jewish Atheist - Michael Lind.

If it is not Lib Jew Lind (to be distinguished from those heroic God-fearing conservative American Jews) attacking Christians, it is the plethora of other LJ's like Feinstein, Schumer, Normal Lear, Mike Wallace, and too many others to mention, who are constantly hammering people of faith . . . because they are people of faith.

According to Lind, Lincoln was not a Christian, although there is anecdotal evidence that President Abe was at least a serious deist (the opposite of Lind) and eventually became a believer in Christ (again, the opposite of antiChrist Lind). BTW Don't expect the media or academics to admit to Lincoln's foxhole conversion to Christianity after experiencing the tragic demise of his sons and the carnage incurred in the Civil War, even if it were so.

Lind, who is only accountable to a convenient concscience, slighted Neuhaus on this occasion because Fr. Neuhaus has intimated that America in many ways has lost its Godly morality to a soulless, commie morality, which of course, is true. Even Democrat Stink Tanks such as the Democracy Corps, headed by attack-snake James Carville, has reported that Americans do think that the Commie Lite Democratic Party is "morally bankrupt."
From RushLimbaugh.Com
Then came the bad news: 'As powerful as the concern over these issues is, the introduction of cultural themes -- specifically gay marriage, abortion, the importance of the traditional family unit and the role of religion in public life -- quickly renders them almost irrelevant in terms of electoral politics at the national level,' the study said. Many of these voters still favor Democrats on economic issues. But they see the Democrats as weak on national security, and on cultural and moral issues, they view Democrats as both inconsistent and hostile to traditional values. 'Most referred to Democrats as "liberal" on issues of morality, but some even go so far as to label them "immoral," "morally bankrupt," or even "anti-religious,"' according to the Democracy Corps analysis."

Saturday, August 27, 2005

United States Must Make Military More Accommodating For Women

According to the newest military reports, women are not treated like men in the military. Well, like duhhhhhh!

Defense Dept. Surveys Academy Sex Assaults
1 Woman in 7 Reports Being Attacked

"One female student in seven attending the nation's military academies last spring said she had been sexually assaulted since becoming a cadet or midshipman, according to a report on the first survey of sexual misconduct on the three campuses released yesterday by the Defense Department.

More than half the women studying at the Naval, Air Force and Army academies reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment on campus, according to survey responses. But few of those incidents, and only a third of the assaults, were reported to authorities. A new confidentiality policy for assault victims, also released yesterday, attempts to improve reporting of sex crimes on military campuses.

Officials at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis say the climate on campus may be improving. (The Washington Post) More at"

How much proof do we need that the new, social-engineered coed military is not good for morale, or efficient? Feminists and Democrats have done everything possible to corrupt the military by forcing men and women to coexist in the Armed Forces during such extraordinary circumstances - like warfare. BTW Sharing foxholes with foxes leads to "christening."

I understand that affirmative action has forced women into all sorts of civil service positions where they are not qualified (every minority has been given this boost, for good or bad) but why must our mainline of defense - the Department Of Defense - be subject to this ridiculous concept?
Read about the mythic Amazons getting whupped by the Greeks mythic Amazons getting whupped by the Greeks

More on women warriors at

And, let's not forget Joan Of Arc, the French warriorette who was eventually burned at the stake by her fellow French

I do honor women now serving in hostile areas of Iraq, but next time let's let the men serve without the distraction of having women posted in the forward, most hostile postions. Last night I saw an interview on the Discovery Channel with a very youngish girl B-2 Bomber pilot who must have said five times that piloting a B-2 was "really cool."

No thanks to you Patsy Schroeder , one of the Mothers of this PC military boondoggle. Here's a good one on the phoney, trumped-up Tailhook Non-Scandal which started it all. I guess, we just need more Cindy Sheehans, Jane Fondas and Babs Streisands as Generals.

Sorry, I am just Old Corps.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Richard Hoagland is a guest NOT to have even though he is somewhat popular. He plays both sides of an issue such as Pentagon crash, and Twin Tower destruction but presents no evidence favoring conspiracies.

George had an eyewitness on his program ( and there were literally hundreds of other eyewitnesses) who saw a "huge plane" (not a rocket) crash into the Pentagon. You all dismiss these eye witnesses. There are many good scientific reasons why only a 16 foot whole was made into the Pentagon. Please read about the Army Bomber which crashed into the Empire State Building. The Pentagon and FBI may have very well wanted to classify many of the details - including photographs - of the Pentagon Crash so that future imitators would not have too many details about how the Pentagon is constructed. Are all these people lying? Did they see a hologram crash into the Pentagon? Brainwashed - every one?

Hoagland has just enough truth and a presentation style to sound credible, but it is clear that he just wants to be a guest on Coast.

PS I would like Coast to feature more scientific inventions that could revolutionize our living conditions such as the Power Valve, Axial Vector Engine, etc rather than too much of the Ghost Hunting stories.
Please, also do a bit more investigation into the "high CPM" of depleted uranium at the Pentagon before jumping to such wild assertions.

Sincerely, JC

Friday, August 19, 2005

Jane Fonda & Cindy Sheehan Did It Before And They're Doing It Again

Jane Fonda As Barbarella Pictured Above With Another Woman Undermining The War Effort

I have not heard many libs say lately that, "We are just as patriotic as any American," etc. The left has done everything imaginable to undermine the war in Iraq, as well as thwart the global war against terror, and hinder homeland security.

Abraham Lincoln, still beloved among most liberals, would have locked their hineys up during the Civil War. Lincoln understood that war is serious. Its life and death - something libs do not comprehend because of their selfish bloodlust for power. They would rather side with the enemy than give President Bush, or the success of our troops, any recognition.

Lincoln knew something about the seriousness of war and how even American citizens can be so factious that they could easily hurt the morale of soldiers as well as fellow citizens. Honest Abe shut down many newspapers and even incarcerated "Copperhead Democrats" by the thousands. Go ahead, Mr. President, you have my permission to lock up today's Copperhead Democrats as well as any contributor/ worker at the ACLU. See Lincoln shutting down the Free Press, Believe It Or Not:
After the war is won, we can release these pesky libs back into society, but on probation. I would not allow a Democratic administration to have such power, because I have double standards. One standard for Dems. One standard for everybody else.

I had just about forgiven Jane Fonda after I heard of her conversion to Christianity and subsequent apology for aiding and abetting the North Vietnamese communists so many years ago. After I was medevaced out of Vietnam and hospitalized for many months during the 1970's I had no real knowledge of how Hanoi Jane and her Hollywood-NY Times-CBS-Campus Intellectual buddies had subverted the war effort which launched a thirty-year, liberal coup of everything American. The MSM shamed Viet Vets for many years - until John Kerry. John Kerry's campaign and unpatriotic past unearthed the Swift Boat Vets who brought belated dignity back to veterans and all those ordinary anti Viet Communism Americans who wanted a win in Nam, yet were to be so hated by the Left.

Jane Pictured Above On North Vietnamese Anti Aircraft Gun

Jane Fonda will be looking for young, wounded Iraqi war vets
so that she can parade them around the country in her vegetable powered bus just like a young John Kerry paraded phony veterans with phony "Genghis Khan" war stories before Congress and citizens of the United States. Why? Politics, of course. In Ohio we have seen the Perfect Democrat, Paul Hackett, lose a close race to a woman in a southern Ohio district. Rush had called him "John Kerrry Junior," and for a good reason: He campaigned as a devotee of President Bush, yet has publicly called him a "Son Of A B_tch." Unfortunately, Hackett is a Marine Major who has little concern for the espirit de corps of his charges who must be wondering why their officer in charge is railing against the Commander In Chief, and getting away with it. Hackett, also a lawyer, has personally denigrated me by questioning my service during the Vietnam War. He even has made personal remarks about my oversized "gut," which is a size 38. He is a perfect Democrat, whose style will be copied by other DNC contenders in future races: He is an Iraq veteran who rails against Bush and the Iraq War even as he proudly wears his Marine Dress Blues. Is this "New Corps?"

Does anyone know who Casey Sheehan was? Probably not because his mother, Cindy Sheehan, has obliterated any heroism, glory, or patriotism which Casey, the young Army son of Cindy - NOT CINDY, should be known for. Great tribute to Casey here:,0,648828.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions \