Sunday, September 24, 2006

Help Wanted: Democrats Desperately Seeking Ingenius Ways To Undermine U.S. Security/War...Hoping For Attack On Homeland

The cornerstone of the Democrat platform for the upcoming elections - undermining the war on terror while simultaneously weakening homeland security - is not winning the hearts of many Americans and so is in need of fresh material to accomplish these goals.

A Recap Of Democratic Ideas Which Have Not Worked:

*Those obsessive, media driven negative stories about Iraq have not undermined the minds of most Americans
*The Dems have not been able to convince the American people, despite the Rockefeller Senate Intelligence Report, that there was: a) no link between Saddam and Al Qaida and b) there were no WMD. Terrorist camps were allowed to flourish in Iraq (just like Clinton's Kosovo), and Saddam's WMD has been partially discovered.
*Even though Dems pretended to be concerned about the lack of armor in Iraq for the troops, they had done nothing for the military in the form of increased appropriations or wages in the past 40 years.
*The Dems brilliant idea to pull the troops out of Iraq, let Iraq go to hell, and then redeploy the troops to "more needful" areas in the world has fallen on its face
*Those stupid Mantras, "Impeach Bush" and "Fire Rumsfeld" have also been deep sixed by the Cut And Runners.
*Those schizophrenic Dems have consistently criticized every administration attempt to alert the populace of possible homeland attacks, as using scare tactics - all the while criticizing President Bush for not doing enough to protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks. Remember how the red, orange, yellow system of terror warnings were despised and ridiculed by the Dems?
*The Dem media has done very little to tell of the hundreds of FBI, CIA busts of terrorist cells within our borders, and has done nothing to praise the work of the military in Iraq.
*Despite the Drive By media's revelations of Top Secret military and CIA actions, the American public is more suspicious of the Drive Byers.
*The torture of terrorist detainees, who must be treated as American citizens according to the Democrats in the Supreme Court, has not overshadowed the barbaric, grotesque methods of the terrorists who cut heads off and bomb babies. (Gee, I hope I don't start a riot with statements like that, since everything else causes the Islamic world to riot. Ask Pope Benedict what happens when you tell the truth.)
*The Dems idea to give Islamic terrorists; the rights of American citizenship (like a speedy trial), Miranda rights on the battlefield, lawyers aplenty - even to an enemy NOT COVERED by the Geneva Convention - has not been generally accepted by the American people.
*The Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Daily Kos, George Soros contingent of the Democratic Party is losing what little popularity it had.
*Jesse Jackson and his friend Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez are losing prestige, even as Jesse at this very moment is escorting Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez to several African American Baptist Churches in Harlem where Hugo is delivering sermons which are being "warmly received." They both have denounced America's war on terror.
*Despite having their very own Federal Judge Diggs in Moslem controlled Michigan, Democrats and especially Moslem representatives Cal Levin and John Conyers, both from Michigan - packed with about 300,000 "mostly peaceful" Moslems - were not able to kill off the NSA surveillance of Moslem phone calls between the U.S. Moslems and Al Qaida Moslems.
*Harry Reid's self applauded defeat of a more exhaustive Patriot Act did not ring well with Americans.
*Ohio Democratic Party nomination of antiwar, Bush-cursing, veteran of Iraq war Paul Hackett for U.S. Senate went down to defeat.
*Despite thousands of picture of prisoners "Walking In Women's Underwear" at Abu Ghraib, the intentional embarrassment of our military did not stick. You may hear the above Underwear song on the Mark Levin radio program at
*The NY Times/Schumer etc. push to indict Scooter Libby, Karl Rove et al. went nowhere
*Neutering the Sky Marshals and fighting the airline pilots who want to carry weapons has not - thank God - resulted in another airline hijack.
*Attempting to nuke airport profiling has also not worked for the Dems. Sorry.
*Olberman and Matthews are more despised than ever. So to is CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, BBC, Reuters, LA Times . . .
*Air America has crashed
*Instead of Democrat led shut down of Gitmo, security will be tightened. (Detainees will not be given new soccer balls to play with)
*Sandy Berger and the lib led 9/11 Commission was not able to convince the American public that the war in Iraq is a mistake.

If you can come up with any other innovative way the Dems can undermine America's war on terror as well as homeland security, please, submit them below. I am confident they, too, will fail.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Good News: Alex Jones Is Only 82% Nuts. The Bad News: Kookoo Quackers Are Listening

"Bush is Lucifer, Bush is Lucifer" is not an uncommon description of our president routinely shouted out by Alex Jones with or without bullhorn.

At one time the thirtyish Alex had the markings of a patriot who could have made a difference as he revealed real international conspirators who were hell-bent on destroying the United States as we know it. The United Nations, European Union, CFR, Bilderbergers, Club Of Rome, Bohemian Grove, etc. were targeted by Alex as enemies of the state. Communists and Masons were also fingered as being un-American. Now, Alex Jones rarely mentions that Islam is a danger, because George Bush is a greater danger.

I even believed Alex when he was in his twenties as he outed Vietnam war veteran and POW searcher Bo Gritz as "unpatriotic" because Bo was beginning to have reservations about how short wave radio (Jones' first media domain) was going way too nutso.

After Waco, unfortunately, Alex went wacko. He rebuilt the Waco Cult Church and then began to direct all of his conspiratorial ire toward the United States Government. Yes, the feds did blow it at Waco and Ruby Ridge, but young, *gravel throated Alex saw Waco as his launchpad to glory via his incessant railing against every facet of American government, especially his fellow Texan, George Bush.*( at least he sells filtered water after smoking two? packs of cigarettes a day - for health reasons. See Alex in this demonic video smoking with his pal, dirty Joe Rogan of the "Man Show"

Oil barons, Jewish neocons, Jewish bankers, Israelites and just plain Jews have increasingly become the object of Alex's disaffection, as they are the prime movers of their "puppet" - Bush. When Israel recently attacked the Hezbos in Lebanon Alex was right there cheering on the Hezbos as he even seems to be the greatest "Christian Conservative critic" of the war in Iraq as well as any other U.S. action against Islamic militants. Alex has tried to connect so many conspiracies with the most scarce evidence that his religion is beginning to resemble Zen and the so many endless, convoluted and insane avenues which Buddhism offers. Alex mainly quotes liberals and communists for his conspiracy theories and these include such credible characters as Cindy Sheehan, Charlie Sheen, and Professor Steven Jones of BYU. Steven Jones who is a "Scholar For Truth" and one of Alex's chief 9/11 investigators is best known, or unknown, for his dissertation at BYU which "Proves That Jesus Christ Appeared To The American Indian" after His resurrection. He is perfectly qualified to be Alex's gumshoe.

Alex Jones first blurted out his scientific finding that Bush/United States operatives formulated the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon shortly after a Frenchman published "The Horrible Fraud" in France which became a bestseller among the people best known for cowardice and adultery.(Thanks to Ms. Coulter for that one.)

I have noticed that the Jones Cult members (possibly related to the other Jones Cult of Guyana Kool Aid Fame circa 1978) do not question Alex's arsenal of fictions and just plain bad guesses - even as Alex criticizes the government because the "media and the government" criticize him. He only wishes the government would lodge him in one of his detention camps while spraying him with chemtrails. It would fulfill Alex's prophecies which seem dangerously close to David Koresh's. At least, Alex has not said he is a Messiah, but if you listen long enough to him, everyone is related to some conspiratorial group - but only Alex will save you from a world of disinformation. However, he can only perform this by using disinformation.

Washington D.C. is a city with about 6 million people within its metropolitan borders. On 9/11 before 10 AM there were a lot of people working outside, riding cars and busses, walking, touring the capitol etc. Did all the eye witnesses who saw A LARGE AIRPLANE traveling at a high speed VERY LOW toward the Pentagon have a magic wand waved over their heads by BushBankerBlack Ops, which through MK Ultra methods convinced them that they a saw A LARGE AIRPLANE and not, in reality, a rocket? Soon after 9/11 I did my own investigation and found that a good NUMBER OF PEOPLE gave similar reports of seeing a LARGE AIRPLANE dive toward the Pentagon. I read of these personal accounts in Bush hating lib newspapers. I think Alex did find one guy who saw a plane, "fly over the Pentagon." Michael Moore must be insanely jealous of Alex stealing his audience.

The Twin Towers were obviously structured with steel which did not melt, but did warp. Steel does not need super high temperatures to weaken. Ask anyone who welds or works with metal. Floors of buildings can only withstand so much vertical force. When one floor collapses, the floor beneath it cannot take the added weight, thus, you have floors falling like dominoes - straight down. That's called gravity - not one of Alex's favorite buzz phrases, " Controlled Demolition." Debris was blasted and thrown out up to a thousand yards away from the building. That may be how building 7 was effected. Alex and his Merry Men have no consistent plausible explanations for their conspiracies. Its all mish-mosh, speculation, grab a fact here, grab a phony expert there, and voila - you have a series of books, movies, and personal appearances on CNN.

Even with all his outrageous claims, Alex is still not getting noticed though he brags that he gets more audience than MSNBC and Bill O'Reilly. Such a troubled boy who will probably be barricading himself in a compound soon - only because he did not get enough attention. His friends, the libs, are not sure about him because he says 'God bless you,' once in a while and conservatives think he is psychotic.

Still, there is an element of ex militia, shortwave, and Perot people who believe Alex has got it right. They are soooooo wrong.

More On Alex From Other Internet Sources

Caution: Some of the following videos may have extremely foul talk and behavior of Alex Jones and his behind-the-scenes friends.
Alex Jones interview with Joe Rogan of Man Show and Fear Factor. Interview full of blasphemy against Christ and other dirty talk and cursing. This video is when Alex first announced that "Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks." Even the other Bush hating commies could not believe Alex was serious about this. (Video Of Alex with pagans and heathens having a good ole time. Notice, no Gospel being preached to Joe Rogan)
In one clip, "The A Game," Alex is joking and cussing with his drunk and stoned audience and at one point Christianity is attacked by one guy and Alex takes a back seat as the name of Christ is trashed. Alex sells Berkey water filters. WHY? Does he care about health. Look at some more of the videos at Sacred Cow, and you will notice Alex smoking a cigarette and drinking what appears to be alcohol.
See A Christian Family Betrayed Jones sells out Branch Davidians for money. $500? (By the way We Stand On Guard does not support the Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventist movement. It is a cult and it makes me suspicious that Alex helped rebuild a church for an oppressive, mind controlling, Biblically incorrect cult. Although the Davidians were murdered by the US government doesnt make it right to help rebuild a temple unto Satan, of Seventh Day Adventism, a legalist cult based in Judeo-Masonic pharisaism)
Debunking Alex Jones Theory That There Was No Manned Landing On moon See