Friday, October 04, 2013

Black Woman,Miriam Carey, Mistakenly Rammed "Barrycades" In D.C. - Chased And Killed

Ms Miriam Carey, a well mannered dental hygienist from Stamford Connecticut, may have been just touring Washington D.C near the Capitol Building when she surprisingly got caught in the midst of hundreds of Obama "Barrycades" which have been installed at a multitude  of places around D.C. and other federal properties - "because of the government shutdown," allegedly. Washington D.C. had been increasingly blocking off streets close to the residence of the Director of Barrycades, President Barack Obama, even before the shutdown. A city that was once a joy  to tour and view now looks more like Islamabad with all the restrictions and checkpoints installed  due to government paranoia and an increasingly mentally ill populace.

Ms Carey, unfortunately, panicked after she accidentally hit a barricade, not a "gate" as reported, and then  hysterically  tried to escape the pinball machine type maze of barrycades, which is the best description of Washington D.C.'s hundreds of roadblocks.

I am not excusing the woman, but earlier reports that "she exchanged gunfire with police" also seem to be false.

Included in Washington's craze to make the city  a maze of barricades, has been the barrycading of veterans' parks which had to be stormed by 80 year old World War II vets in order to gain entrance, as well as  blocking a very tiny, federal park for kids - Turtle Park - which local D.C. mothers also had to storm so that their children could play on the swings. If Obama could only temporarily lay off his presidential butcher, baker, candle maker, 24/7 movie projectionists, dog babysitters, etc. perhaps Turtle Park and other federal venues could remain open. Special thanks, however, to those federal guards  and  police, who, I understand, have volunteered their duty time for free, but will, of course, be compensated after the shutdown.

Most of the damage done to the police and their cars may have been from them also accidentally ramming the annoying and dangerous multitude of Barrycades. Its a sorry situation for all, especially Ms. Carey's toddler. May we pray for all involved.