Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Rams Gays Into The Military "This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun . . .

. . . This Is For Shooting, This Is For Fun," is what we boot Privates at Parris Island had to shout while running around the old, wooden Second Battalion barracks if we called our rifle a "gun." Since Googling, I don't have to be more descriptive as to what the disciplinary measure was about. It had something to do with a Private's privates, and not confusing them with the Private's weapon. *

In President Obama's State Of The Dysfunctional Union Speech Wednesday night, he promised to deliver on his threat and payback of opening the military front door [as opposed to back door] to, as the British used to say, buggers. Aside from religious objections there are many more "practical" reasons for the American military not allowing the admission of outed homosexuals, primarily because of their occasional lust for other men. Duhhh.

Well, I have heard it constantly reiterated that, "I don't care what sexual orientation they, are as long as they can shoot a gun to protect me." The fact is, that out of the nearly 2.5 million active and reserve members of the U.S. Military, very few are shooting "guns," although every enlistee is essential and not to be undervalued in any way. Its not the gay shooting a gun that is worrisome, it is what they have a proclivity to do during, what may be called, their leisure time.

Thirty-six crew members of the USS Acadia were pregnant and had to be transferred during the supply ship's deployment to the Persian Gulf, naval officials said. This is just one story among thousands of similar reports where sexually attracted people in close quarters get closer. Why would it not be the same for gays? Should we be glad that gays, at least, cannot get one another pregnant? I'm sure the Politically Correct, liberated Pentagon will be offering surgical operations, soon enough, so that there may be more fairness and less discrimination for gay males who cannot conceive. I leave no impossibility to Gates or to the rest of Team Obama.

I know, and I've heard, that we are so advanced and progressive in our American thinking (re: the liberalized Army Times and Stars And Stripes military newspapers) that its about time that we get with it, and do the thing which would be thought of as being just stuck on stupid by an Eisenhower, a Patton, a Lincoln or Washington, ten years ago. Why, I saw a couple of youngish, blondish conservative intellectuals on O'Reilly arguing how necessary it was for the greatest military force in the world to "sweeten" up the armed forces a bit.

I guess O'Reilly's blondish intellectuals do not identify very well with the raging hormones of younger recruits, both male and female, and that military rules - like not schtupping your bunkmate - are even now largely ignored by heterosexual active military members. Military divorce, adultery, unwanted pregnancy, domestic jealousy, sexual distraction and violence has become a huge, unheard, and ignored problem within today's progressive military, as led by Clinton Pentagon holdovers. Obama's military geniuses just recently decreed that there should be no punishment for women (married or not) who get themselves impregnated in Iraq - or wherever they may be stationed. Cramming all this flesh together in such close confines amplifies the potential disasters waiting to happen. The twenty-some countries which do permit outed gays into the ranks of their military organizations cannot not be compared to the U.S., because of the magnitude of duties and scale of the U.S. military, historically or futuristically.

Of course, O'Reilly's perky and cute, blond-haired military experts may not understand the ramifications of joining sexual opposites, or sexual similars, as in the case of gays, in close quarters, but as a Vietnam veteran, who witnessed what happens -its not pretty. Do not listen to those who see no harm in modernizing our American military so that it resembles those "fighting machines" in Sweden, Uruguay, and Lithuania, as they do not have the record, the experience, or the "boots on the ground" expertise as our United States Armed Forces do - until this point in time. President Obama will be known as the most reckless, and possibly, last President of the United States. It is as if he was born and raised to destroy the U.S. And, the sadder thing is that I do not believe he has any idea what he is doing concerning everything from health care, to the economy, to the military. O'Reilly's blond haired advisers have more of a clue. Not much more.

The thing that even social conservatives are ignoring and overlooking is that younger people, whether they become upstanding members of the military, or not, tend to be more sexually liberal and permissive. I have no doubt that a majority of the current generation of active duty members may reflexively report that "gays cohabiting in the military" is fine. Remember, when you sign up for military service, you will be literally cohabiting with many of those 2 million members who proudly serve in today's U.S. forces.

Wanting to show the world that they are "informed," I could guess that, if polled, members of the military, and especially Clinton era staff and brass, see no harm in inviting, en masse, men-who-desire-other-men to abide together in tents, hooches, submarines, barracks, foxholes etc. The only thing that is more abundant than bullets in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines is testosterine. I really don't believe that O'Reilly's really cute blond military advisers understand this - at all.

Here is a quick list of those countries which do permit open gayness in their military. Yeah, we want to be like them: 2.1 Argentina 2.2 Australia 2.3 Austria 2.4 Belgium 2.5 Bermuda 2.6 Brazil 2.7 Canada 2.8 Czech Republic 2.9 Denmark 2.10 Estonia 2.11 Finland 2.12 France 2.13 Germany 2.14 Ireland 2.15 Israel 2.16 Italy 2.17 Lithuania 2.18 Luxembourg 2.19 The Netherlands 2.20 New Zealand 2.21 Norway 2.22 Peru 2.23 Philippines 2.24 Romania 2.25 Slovenia 2.26 South Africa 2.27 Spain 2.28 Sweden 2.29 Switzerland 2.30 United Kingdom 2.31 Uruguay . Wikipedia.

I had enough trouble in Vietnam, but as a young Corporal and helicopter gunner with the Marines, witnessing a couple of very rare, I hope, gay lovers going at it in a latrine, was quite a blow, so to speak, and was not at all good for my morale, or the morale of my fellow Marines.

Letter To Pentagon, President Obama And Congress
Mr. President, Could We Not Run The Military Like Acorn?

"Here's A View From Someone Who Served In The Military In Vietnam. The point is also made that comparing African Americans with Homosexuals is a ploy. I served with Marines of all stripes and colors, and none of them jumped into my bunk - but a gay guy did. . .

It is beyond me how some of these armchair generals, who more likely than not, were comfortably populating the nonmilitary institutions of "higher learning" during the hippy-dippy days of the Viet Nam Era, can propose, that if the military disallows men who are erotically aroused by other men to enter the close confines of the service, then this is tantamount to racial hatred. The following relates my personal experience in the service, and please note, that in none of the situations described could the term "Afro- American" be used in lieu of "homosexual."

Black people can hardly be benefited by such comparisons. I am a disability retired Corporal who was medevaced out of Vietnam in 1970 after sixteen months service there, working in Aviation S-3 Operations, and as an occasional helicopter gunner crew member. I flew in areas in and around I Corps (the northern part of South Vietnam). My permanent disability rating is 70% Marine Corps, and presently 100% V.A. due to "nervous condition".

The main point of my letter is that my nervous condition was brought on by many factors emanating from Vietam service, including my witnessing two Marines in an operations building in Da Nang engaging in homosexual {NOT BLACK} activity. Another time, I remember one Marine {A HOMOSEXUAL, NOT A BLACK} who had the bad habit of hopping into the sack with several of us, while on mess duty, in Phu Bai - when we were asleep. Said Marine disappeared the following day, due to official or unofficial reasons. You don't mess around in a war zone. This is not a threat, but fraggings did happen.

There are other examples of this, and worse conduct, in the military and in the V.A. that I do not want to share at this time. I cannot enforce how demoralizing it was to observe this behavior {NOT RACE}. Shortly, thereafter, I was seeing a Naval "shrink" who prescribed medication that further weakened and depressed me. After ten years of military and V.A. psychiatric treatment, by the grace of God, I recovered enough to lead a non-medical-treatment life.

I vigorously believe, that we should not support the allowance for homosexuals {NOT AFRO-AMERICANS} to enter, or stay in, any section of the Department of Defense. Allowing women to be in close quarters with men is also idiotic - Look at the promiscuous behavior, lowered standards, and ensuing pregnancies (especially noticed in the Gulf, Iraq and other wars) already currently rampant. In Haiti it is reported that military men and women are sharing the same quarters with no privacy. Since adultery and divorce is already high among active service men and their wives, why make the temptations for heterosexuals as well as homosexuals {NOT BLACKS} even more abundant?

I have written others urging their reevaluations of these issues. That it seems incomprehensible to me why government leaders entrusted with the public's welfare would want to adopt such liberal, noneffective and corrupting measures is an understatement.

Other points to consider: What grand purpose could there be in exalting individual rights in the military?

The peaking hormones of young soldiers. "Sensitivity" of homosexuals and "gay"bashing

Same facility bathing and sleeping. AIDS and increased medical costs for gays.

There are countless testimonies of a multitude of command-level officers who have publicly condemned the ludicrousness of such thinking."

In the above testimony, I am concluding that witnessing homosexual behavior in the confines of a war zone or as permitted at the Veterans Administration at least contributed to the demoralizing of my self and other veterans I have spoken with.

Its just a plain, stupid idea that adds to President Obama's arsenal of other asinine ideas. May God Bless him.

*A Marine does not really achieve the rank of Private until graduating from boot camp

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Wins. Welcome In Camelot 2.0 Finally Thank God

The Scott Heard Around The World has ushered in a neo Camelot which has displaced the Kennedy senatorial regime that has continued uninterrupted since 1953. The Kennedy Camelot mystique, after derailing America for over 50 years - pushed by an amoral media and academia - must now suffer its requiem at the hands of all American truck driver, Scott Brown, Republican.

How could today's Boston, once known as the intellectual and freedom loving Hub Of The Universe, have morphed into the, now repentant, pedophile priest capital of the world, as well as the home of the leftist Boston Globe, John Kerry and Barney Frank? Apologies, somewhat to Massachusetts, as Senator Frank was born in New Jersey.

Camelot 1.0 started with a halfway decent JFK (he was decent except to Jacqueline), but became quite disfigured through Teddy and the rest of JFK's kin, especially those abiding in and around Teddy's compound. Check out my take on Teddy Kennedy's legacy at Teddy Kennedy's Bad Habit Of Leaving People Behind. Actually, the entire Kennedy clan got a very bad start because of the gangster dealings and vote fixing of old granddad Joe Kennedy Sr.
NBC, more afraid of losing the Massachusetts Democratic Senate seat than losing Conan O'Brien, pulled out all the "big" guns to put lipstick on Coakley and make her look politically pretty.

Ed Schultz called Republicans bastards, and then hinted that Mass voters should vote "ten times" to keep Brown from winning. The Acorn nut does not fall too far from the tree, I guess.

The Berkshires of Massachusetts (very Left upper corner of the state), I just learned, is referred to as the Rachel Maddow Belt. Boston and the Berkshires heavily supported Coakley, while most of the rest of Mass voted American.
Speaking of the Brown basher Maddow, she looked catatonic as she had to announce on MSNBC that Scott had won, and Coakley lost: "Maddow appears stunned as she says that America must "try to absorb the news that Democrats have lost Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat." No, it is the people's seat, Rachel.

Will Keith Dolbermann be eating his words? Dolbermann:"In short, in Scott Brown we have an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against woman and against politicians with whom he disagrees. In any other time in our history, this man would have been laughed off the stage as an unqualified and a disaster in the making by the most conservative of conservatives. Instead, the commonwealth of Massachusetts is close to sending this bad joke to the Senate of the United States." No, Dolbermann will still continue eating dog food.

Chris Matthews, the least offensive of all the GE media offenders (and, that ain't saying much) did predict victory for Scott Brown, and righteously quipped, "If they go for Republican Scott Brown it's deliberate, premeditated murder for health care!"

Foreign sounding Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (Daily Kos) predicted a "Dead Heat" on Monday.

The other foreign sounding blog, Huffington Post, heavily criticised Scott Brown for proclaiming that, "Two women having a baby is just not normal."

Just as King Arthur of British 5th century history had to die, and unfortunately, the other famous Camelotian and former Bay Stater, Robert Goulet, passed away 3 years ago, so the Kennedy mystique may have finally been put to rest - if you can believe that Ted Kennedy is "resting." He may be resting, but I, personally, would have been asking God for absolution, instead of the Pope in my last hours. We'll see. . .

Ironically, a third candidate, Joe Kennedy, not related to Ted, won 22,000 votes out of the over 2,000,000 cast in the Massachusetts election, Tuesday. They just keep popping up - those Kennedys.

Congratulations and God Bless to Scott Brown, his family, Massachusetts, and all Americans.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Malicious Massachusetts Prosecutor Martha Coakley And Balloon Boy

Senate Candidate Martha Coakley just can't get it right.

In 2005, a 31 year old police officer living in District Attorney Martha Coakley's county was investigated for raping his 23 month-old niece with a curling iron, yet, despite the clear evidence, no action was taken because the officer had, "deep roots in the community." The pedophile policeman was eventually caught and released by Coakley on his own recognisance, and was summarily sentenced to two life terms - two years after the assault. Justice had to wait for Coakley's successor to finally convict the pedophile rapist. Story here by Mary Katherine Ham.

As a good Democrat, Ms. Coakley had to show favoritism to the above guilty fellow member of government, but what has she done for the average innocent citizen?

The below case shows that Martha Coakley's susceptibility to jumping on politically-correct, public pressure-driven cases that have no merit could very well be taken with her to the Senate of the United States, God forbid.

According to District Attorney and Senate candidate Martha Coakley's lobbying: "In 1986 Gerald Amirault, owner of Fells Acres Day Care, inserted "a wide-blade butcher knife into the rectum of a 4-year-old boy, which he then had trouble removing. When a teacher in the school saw him in action with the knife, she asked him what he was doing, and then told him not to do it again, a child said. On this testimony, Gerald was convicted of a rape which had, miraculously, left no mark or other injury." Dorothy Rabinowitz

Amirault and his family were convicted, with no evidence and dubious testimony, of raping and molesting 8 children at the school resulting in Gerald spending 18 years in prison - thanks to the earnestness and the pleadings of Massachusetts Senate Candidate Martha Coakley requesting another lady, Governor Jane Swift, to keep him confined. Ms Coakley was also responsible for the 1997 prosecution of the English au pair, Louise Woodward, who was falsely indicted, in my opinion, for killing a baby in her charge.

Massachusetts, where Martha Coakley assumed the position of Attorney General in 2007 is infamous for finding pedophiles under every rock, yet had difficulty in quickly discovering child abusing priests under the Boston Diocese which lost over 80 churches because of the priest-pedophile scandals. She may be one of those "when I want to be" Catholics. John Kerry? Ted Kennedy? Nancy Pelosi?

Martha Coakley, despite being honored by Bar Associations and women's groups everywhere (except pro life women), got caught up in the politically correct, Boston style of liberal justice which sees men as nothing more than potential domestic abusers and as the prime offenders in divorce and custody cases. Working with the justice system and jail ministries for many years, I have seen many (especially overzealous) lady psychologists/social workers/lawyers/prosecutors/judges hang innocent parents, especially men, for crimes they did not commit. Like Gerald Amirault. Coakley has been THE poster child for the Violence Against Women Act, pushed by Hilary Clinton in the 90's, which has done more to encourage malicious prosecution against men than even the Affirmative Action executive order of 1968.

Today, conscienceless prosecutors (as opposed to conscienceless defense lawyers) can easily prosecute, on a whim or reasonless hunch, anyone they desire to. They usually do this with the aid of Grand Juries which are as easily swayed by a prosecutor's case as they were convinced by President Obama to bring them some Hope and Change. Yes, it is reasonable to calculate that juries are comprised of over 50% Democratic party members, and who will more easily "fall for a line (lie)." Today's prosecutors are out for a win; justice be damned. They don't need a ham sandwich to prosecute, not even the mustard. And, lawyers (Democrats) love Martha Coakley.

Neither Massachusetts nor the United States needs more Democrats in office who have known to be driven by push polls and liberal/politically correct public pressure, which Massachusetts happens to be infamous for.

Public pressure, even according to Sheriff Jim Alderden, was the driving force behind the prosecution of Balloon Boy's father Richard Heene and mother, Mayumi. After watching Richard Heene's last Larry King interview, and following the story fairly closely before making an opinion, it is obvious that: Richard's Japanese wife was threatened with deportation; Heene's Balloon Boy son, Falcon, was repeating what a Japanese reporter had told him, that "It was for a TV show;" and God only knows how many years of imprisonment and fines the Heene's were threatened with if they would not cop a plea for a lesser sentence. I don't think the general public realizes how heavy handed prosecutors can be - in order to get some sort of admission of guilt from innocent people.

So, the American justice system has become ruled by shifty lawyers trying to out shift-the shifty prosecutors, and vice versa. Honesty is not so much a byproduct of modern jurisprudence, as it was in the Perry Mason days. OK, there have always been shenanigans going on in the legal profession, but anyone who has been around long enough, or has studied history, can plainly see that lying, in general, has become more of a national pastime, among all demographics, than it ever has. We don't hear of lawyer jokes so much anymore because so many people have been hurt by so many lawyers, the jokes just aren't funny any more.

I admit to being on a binge, lately, of watching too many reality crime/detective/courtroom TV programs like Paula Zahn's On The Case, Investigation Discovery, Dateline, Criminal Minds, FBI Files, The First 48, etc." Even after working with and around the "justice" system for over 20 years, I am still amazed at how much injustice occurs on an epidemic level. If you don't believe it, you will when you are falsely accused, prosecuted, then jailed.
I have seen more men punished by the false accusations of daughters and wives in divorce, custody, visitation, abuse cases and murder trials than could be imagined.

Watch out. You may have a Martha Coakley prosecutor in your town, just waiting . . . lurking. . . ready to pounce. . . .

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Defenders Of The Faith Series: Nancy Pelosi, Catholic

Even before Nancy Pelosi, Iron Maiden of the House Of Representatives, dominated the most manly of men in her San Francisco congressional district, where there is a high likelihood that the men are actually women, she began life as a parochial-school-trained girly-girl, having just loose familial connections to the Mafia Don, Lucky Luciano.

I am only guessing, that when growing up, Nancy P. modeled herself after two famous personalities of her time - as can be noticed by her current quirky behavior: Liberace, the gay piano player, and Evita Peron the infamous dominatrix of Argentina. Her girlish ,Liberace-like giggles in combination with her heavy-handed authoritarian swagger have made her a force to be reckoned with, and it has been a very unhealthy thing for Democrats to defy her Health Bill (or, to support it). Contrary to suspcions, there have been no credible reports indicating that the Godmother has "dispatched" (dumped into San Francisco Bay) any of those who have dared to oppose her.

She was baptized Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro in 1940.

Who would have guessed that a beautiful ( before plastic surgery) little Italian girl from Baltimore, who had First Communion in 1947 and would later be a Confirmed Catholic - Defender Of The Faith - in 1951 would become the most powerful congressional Democrat and potentially three heartbeats away from being President Of The United States?

Nancy Pelosi is California's 8th District Representative, and this modern Joan Of Arc has staunchly defended the downtrodden from the man-boy lovers of NAMBLA to the partial birth aborters to homosexuals desiring to sanctify their sodomy through Holy Matrimony - one of the Catholic Sacraments with which Nancy is very familiar.

Few people have had as much Catholic education as Nancy. I only had 12 years of great Catholic schooling. Growing up in the 1940's, Nancy attended Saint Leo's parochial school, Notre Dame High School, Catholic Trinity College and then joined the creme de la creme of Catholic Universities (like Bill Clinton) - Georgetown. We should applaud the Jesuits for such a fine job with Nancy - not unlike they did with Fidel in his early years. Nancy attended her first Democrat Convention in Maryland when she was a mere 12 years of age.Her dad was the first Italian American to be elected mayor of Baltimore.

Nancy was smart enough to marry a banker who later would become worth 25 million dollars. Nancy's biography tells how she would sacrifice time away from her five children in order to fight for her progressive style of communism [Jesus did order his disciples to share, didn't He?] "Pelosi was a homemaker for a number of years. Her youngest daughter, Alexandra, told People Magazine that she and her siblings were not an easy crew: "We were like the kids from The Simpsons—she couldn't get anyone to babysit." No matter how busy she was at home, Pelosi always volunteered for the Democratic party during election campaigns." People Mag.

Nancy is probably best known nationally for her ability to transform her facial appearance through cosmetic additions and subtractions. According to my own research, I have not been able to find any evidence that Nancy was ever honored or given an award for intelligence i.e.. the National Honor Society or Mensa, or scholarships of any kind. It is very likely that she has been persecuted for her religious convictions just as Saint Rose of Lima, Mother Theresa, and Hillary have been ostracized because they were also "strong women."

Nancy Pelosi has been honored with near 100% approval ratings by such diverse, salt-of-the-earth groups as Gay/Lesbian, People For The American Way, ACLU, The Secular Coalition (antidote to Christian Coalition) etc.

Not unlike one of her heroines, the legendary Pope Joan of the 8th Century, Nancy has not been afraid to castigate errant Catholic priests and bishops who had forbidden pro abortion Democratic candidates to partake of the Catholic Eucharist. During the 2004 presidential campaign, she ordered the Catholic clergy not to withhold Holy Communion from candidates who were pro sodomite or pro abortion.

Nancy, although as stalwart in profession (big mouth) as Joan Of Arc, has not been able to summon the fortitude to actually battle America's sworn enemies such as Islamic terrorists. She is a woman of peace and is a product of the city of peace - San Francisco -her political base which is the "Gayest Large City In The World." Nancy defends and serves the San Francisco gays which comprise 20% of the city's population (a reported 25% of those homosexuals are HIV Positive). I do hope Nancy can do better than New Orleans Mayor Nagin did when San Francisco succumbs, once again, to the judgment of God.

[Timely Reprint By Editor]

Friday, January 01, 2010

Denmark Claims "Obama Greater Than Jesus" . . . But Not Greater Than Mohammad

A lot of strange things have come out of Scandinavia, as of late, like the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize given to "O" for doing "O," the humiliation of the United States in Copenhagen, and now, the exaltation of Barack Obama as "Greater Than Jesus" in Denmark. Something rotten in Denmark is an understatement.

Not since the Viking Norman invasion of England in 1066 has the West become so sullied and culturally dominated by that colder, "purer" race of Scandinavians. They are now conquering us through their ingratiation of our President.

Even liberal Jewish writer Thomas Friedman of the NY Times recently remarked how idyllic the Danish life is compared to the U.S. Mr. Friedman should recognize that racial purity is so predominant in Denmark - its population is almost 100% white, and, ahem, so "Aryan" - that Hitler treated them more favorably than most of his conquests. Denmark has a relatively low crime rate (comparable to the similarly homogeneous Japan) and can easily live as a so-socialized country that 25% of the populace works for the government, and 25% is on welfare. However, the ill effects of socialism are catching up with the Danes, as they see an increase in the percentage of citizens who desire to gain unlimited government benefits while simultaneously desiring less and less to be gainfully employed, ie,. the direction of the United States.

Friedman wrote that he was ashamed of the U.S. because of its lack of Green Power compared to the Danes which has "successfully implemented its welfare state through the Green/Socialist Party for the past thirty years." Of course, Friedman does not offset the advantage Scandinavia has over the U.S. by looking at the handicaps Americans have - like a more "impure" (diverse) population demographic, much more crime and unwanted pregnancies as promoted by American liberals, and the sheer, vast territorial expanse of the U.S. Denmark can only boast of its low crime rate because , by and large, it excludes groups that have a propensity to commit crimes, ie., non-white immigrants.

Denmark occupies a mere 16,000 square miles with a population of 5,000,000 ethnically non-diverse citizens. IOW there is no cultural warfare to speak of as in the States. However, they do compensate for their prideful, racial purity by exalting people who do not share their privilege - like Barack Obama. It makes them feel real good and justified in the world to show their generosity and magnitude toward people - like Obama - who they would not necessarily like living next door to their pastoral mountain chalets, or in their picturesque inner cities.

Why wouldn't Denmark choose Obama over Jesus? Denmark and all of Scandinavia has the most concentrated percentage of atheists in the world - while also claiming membership in the Lutheran Church, according to the stats I have seen. Seems to be somewhat of a paradox here. The fields seem to be ripe for an, or The, Antichrist. How the mighty have fallen, indeed. 2 Samuel 1:19-27

Modern history has seen the Danes award more and more Nobel Prizes to the most extreme leftists, even more radical than Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and Obama. Recent Nobel winner Jose Saramago has written a book citing the Bible as a "manual of bad morals." The Danes have a sort of neo Atheist-Lutheran moralism which boasts of having the most promiscuous teen girls in the world who eagerly looked forward to doing such charitable things as offering their favors - at no charge - to attendees at the Copenhagen Climate Conference. And, no wonder, one out of two Danish marriages end in divorce.

Denmark, Scandinavia, all of Europe, and most American Democrats are hungrily awaiting another empty promise from the Father of Lies which will purport to solve All of the world's problems via a human vehicle, who has been so hyped, that fools will rush to idolize him, because of their lust for a god who will give them the hope and change that will deliver them from this cruel world.

Of all the contenders for Antichrist - Kissinger, Benjamin Creme, The Twelfth Iman, Rockefeller, Soros, Obama, et al., BO has certainly been bumped up a bit in the rankings, but I still don't think its him. I've checked the Bible as well as Intrade, and he's not The One.