Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is Ron Paul A Hero Or Hack?

Yes, Ron Paul has a bead on revamping or dissolving the Federal Reserve (I did read The Creature From Jekyll Island). Lots of corruption, secret undertakings, and opacity dominate the Federal Reserve, but what would be the alternative? A presidential, or congressional commission that oversees the U.S. banking system? No. Elected representatives overseeing the quasi government agency Fed? Not likely. Governments, for eons of time, have been in charge of the coinage, and it cannot be any other way. The Buck does Stop there.Ron Paul has no alternative to the Fed that would guarantee fairness and honesty.

Ron Paul is the neo Ross Perot, who almost sucked me in years ago when he talked about the "sucking sound" of businesses leaving the continental United States. Ross now has a business or two in Mexico. Ross Perot seemed a bit more stable, I'm sad to say, and for that reason, he grabbed 20% of the Repub vote which certified Bill Clinton as President. I backed away from Ross before voitng for Bush One when he started getting paranoid about the Black Panthers infiltrating his front yard and other groups who were going to "out" a member of his family as gay. Ron Paul has received support from prostitute groups, street drug dealers, and college students for his anti military involvement philosophies, which might require these same students to to be drafted into some future military action. You cannot tell these students, or many other libertarians that America is a great economic power, because it has been a great military power. That should be obvious.

Ron Paul has sort of implied that the states "should decide" which drugs should be legalized. Is meth OK? Coke? Hemlock? Opium? Ron Paul seems alright with allowing people to poison themselves with complete libertarian freedom. Opium dens were eventually banned in China, because the Chinese government could not afford to pay for the welfare (SSI and other welfare) that would eventually be required to pay the stoned addicts who had trouble getting gainful employment.

Although he has sort of denied that the United States was the mastermind of the 9/11 trajedy, Ron Paul's interviews on the infamous Alex Jones radio programs sort of belie that admisssion. Therefore, Ron Paul has also become a haven for 9/11 Truthers, who need a new "Truth" to rally behind. Ron Paul, like Jimmy Carter, has an unnatural disdain for Israel, and does not understand the need for Israel's friendship, at least, for some sort of balancing of power on the geo scale. I recently witnessed Mr. Paul slamming Michelle Bachmann on the Jay Leno show saying that, "She hated gays and muslims." Evidently, Michelle Bachman's former campaign manager thinks that those sorts of comments make Paul a winner.

Ron Paul is not a deep thinker. He has made several racist remarks, "Not in context," or "I did not read that," in several of his early newsletter publishings. He hasn't really repented of those like Newt, but then again, I am not sure Newt has really repented.

Is this what Iowans, or, indeed, much of America wants? I don't think so. He is a pro life obstetrician, who has delivered thousands of babies. That may very well be the reason why he cannot fathom sending men off to war, even when it is necessary. It would have to be difficult decision for a doctor.

If that's not enough to prove that Ron Paul has been a conundrum wrapped in a paradox, what possesed him to endorse both Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader?