Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Moral Majority - Moral Majority Timeline

Moral Majority - Moral Majority Timeline: "Reagan"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who's At Home In The Democrat Party?

There are many hard working Joes and Joanns who are Democrats. They are moms, pops, singles, marrieds, union members, and nonunion who are under the mistaken belief that the Democratic Party is "looking out for the little guy." More accurately,the Democrat hierarchy is out looking for ways of getting the heart, soul and money of its members.

Millionaires with over ten million dollars in assets are decidedly Democrat. President Bush did garner the lesser millionaire support, but he did not get Soros or Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance money. That went to Gore and Kerry. Billionaires Ted Turner and Bill Gates overwhelmingly support libs such as CNN, MSNBC, abortion, global warming hysteria, etc. They are certainly at home in a political party where they can act out their god-given talents to play God.

Academia is epidemic with soft-science intellectuals who are overpaid by universities to tryout endless and mindless, unscientific theories which hype global warming, Marxism, expensive women's Title IX, psychology, and the deformation of American morality. Very welcome they are with the Democrats.

Public Education (and their associated unions), despite the extremely poor academic performance and lack of discipline, is very much at home in the Democrat Party where political power is the end and the means. There is no end to the failing experiments such as fuzzy math, fuzzy spelling, and fuzzy reading which has dumbed down American students to the point that many cannot even read - after graduating from college. BTW Al Gore's big lie The Inconvenient Truth is now appearing in a grade school near you.

The sub-American country of Africa America is a vital voting block of the Democrats, therefore, the D's will say nothing about the sky rocketing crime committed by blacks (Alberto Gonzales hearings are much more important). For so many years the Democrats have encouraged the separate Africa America and it has now become a reality where governmental laws have been discarded in favor of Hood Law. Although there are many morally courageous African Americans who value constitutional America, they are too few in comparison the to the 90% of blacks who have established their own distinctive culture - far different from what the founders of the United States envisioned. No snitching, dropping out of school, street crimes, blasphemous music, single mothers of illegitimate babies, against winning the Iraq war, monetary shakedowns and eternal welfare dependents have been the result of liberal white progressives who have bought them and incarcerated them within the Democrat Party.

Rappers and gangsta music are at home with the Democrats - donating millions of dollars to Hillary alone.

The Democrat Party loves pornographers. Several years ago I watched a news clip of a Adult Film association president pleading with the audience to vote for Al Gore, because, 'if Bush is elected, it will be the end of us.'

The abortion industry professional killers have nested with the Democrats, because even the Catholic Nancy Pelosi, as well as millions of other nominal Roman Catholics, have traded in their spiritual integrity for political and financial gain. Planned Parenthood is well established with the Dems. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breier are very good liberals and very pro baby killing. Lets guess that they are Democrat. Let's also guess that the ACLU is for all things evil.

Lawyers are one of the main pillars of the progressive Democrats. Law and order Republicans are anathema to the conscienceless attorneys who are never denied their day in court as long as Bar Association and Lawyer's Guild members recommend judges who are lawyer friendly. And, can those lib lawyers tell whoppers! Much better than and easier than the down home Matlock attorneys. So much money to made by godless lawyers. "Woe to you lawyers," is one of my favorite scriptures.

North American Man Boy lovers are not discouraged by Nancy Pelosi who presides over the largest gay city in America. In San Francisco, gays, half-gays, transgendered, half-transgendered, transsexuals, alter sexuals, and anyone other than heterosexual have been Nancy's most ardent supporters. They are her unashamed "Nancy Boys," anxiously supporting such things as the Matthew Shepard Act which elevates gayness to a religion (Hate Crimes Bill).

Liberal Catholics are at home with the Dems where they can pretend to be Catholic all the while supporting abortion and illegal immigration.

Protestants such as the United Church of Christ is very Demmy in that it is now ordaining sodomites as is many other members of the World Council Of Churches.

Very bothersome and annoying people like Dennis Kucinich, Patrick Leahy, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Bernie Sanders, Charles Schumer, John Conyers, Nancy Pelosi, Kos, David Brooks of Media Matters, Ruth B. Ginsburg, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Bill Moyers and a host of other big government Stalinists are faithful apparatchiks who have a only the destruction of America on their minds.

Losers are highly prized in the Democrat Party. From scoreless T-Ball to losing wars, Democrats qualify according to General George S. Patton as un-American. Patton rallied the American Third Army shortly before D-Day with a rousing speech by telling the troops that "No American ever wants to lose a war." He was not aware of the depths that modern Dems would sink to.

George Soros is a good Democrat, but not a very good American, and certainly not a very good god - as he sees himself. He is infatuated with death and is very close to experiencing complete madness. His control over the Democrat left,using millions of dollars of filthy lucre (if Soros has it, it is filthy), is becoming more apparent as the 2008 elections draw near.

The Mainstream Media is definitely democrat although it does a poor job of feigning to be neutral in political matters. Not only is the news anti American, but television and cable comedy shows, court shows, talk shows, morning shows, and even the weather channel has found its niche in the Democrat Party. Premarital sex, adultery, homosexuality, insulting Christianity,over reverence for Islam, anti family jabs and the anti stay-at-home motherhood philosophy is the norm for daily broadcast television.Even the History Channel, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel has a leftist agenda which denigrates the Bible and fundamentalist Christians as well as conservative Americans. PBS - forget about it. CNN - Ted Turner is not far away from that nut tree. And so it goes.

Dennis Kucinich who will be heading the Congressional Committee which will look into the enormous "bias" of talk radio, has already decided that his viewpoint must be superimposed on radio listeners.
I live a few miles from Kucinich's district, and very few people take him seriously. Why should we be forced to listen to his alternative opinion to Rush Limbaugh - on the Rush Limbaugh show? Free speech is not appreciated among Democrat professors, media people or politicians. However, an exotic dancer twirling her pasties is always considered a speech right by the Democrats, and must have been encouraged by our founding fathers - according to them.

Democrat gun grabbers may take pot shots at gun owners because the libs know that even with a gigantic government at their disposal, they cannot merely tax conservatives into total submission, or scare us into their servitude with apocalyptic global warming threats. They must, at last, grab the guns.

The Soviet Satellite of Vermont may be the Democrats' Kremlin. The country would be so much better off if Bernie Sanders (proud registered Socialist) and Senator Jim Leahy would lead their state to divorce the rest of the nation e.g.. Quebec, Canada. As a matter of fact, there is a section of Vermont wanting to be annexed to its neighbor, New Hampshire. I wish them Godspeed. Its hard to believe that the Vermont which housed Bob Newhart's hotel and TV program Vermont Today has evolved into a Soviet style enclave. I cancelled my subscription to Yankee Magazine years ago for this reason. East of New York and North of Massachusetts. Ouch!!

Speaking of Bernie Sanders, I have often wondered why liberal Jews such as the Rosenbergs, Greenglasses, Ted Hall, Saville Sax, have idolized Communism since before the Russian Revolution. PBS featured a series called "The Red Files" which explained why these above men who gave away atomic secrets to the Russians were so enamored by Soviet government. According to PBS, the Soviets were "perfecting the Jewish kibbutz" where everything would be a sort of commie style Walden's Pond. Liberal Jewish writers in Hollywood have also shared this ideology since the Russian Revolution. Everywhere you look today, you can see their red footprint - in publishing, law, academia, the media, etc. Liberal Protestants cannot be excused, either, for the same thinking disguised as the "social gospel." Thank God for the more patriotic, god-fearing Jews like Mark Levin, Michael Medved, David Horowitz, and sometimes even Michael Savage - when I am certain whose side he is on.

Illegal immigrants are more welcome into the country by Democrats who have done much less than even President Bush to stem the tide of the illegals. Whether they are legal or illegal, the Dems anthem is, "Laws, what laws? We don't need no stinking laws."

Fat children and children who need a good swat rather than Ritalin are at home with the Dems. Dem teachers have been promoting Ritalin for years. They have also halted discipline in the school and refused to encourage physical education for the little fat bodies. The dysfunctional Dem parents spawn the dysfunctional Dem kids who are thereby immediately eligible for SSI or other benefits starting at birth.

Democrats are so concerned about the United States reputation abroad, yet, back in the hinterland our the Dem leadership looks away from the boondoggle public school system, the inner city gangs composed of young democrats, and the young female democrats who are either aborting or mothering no-father children, who will no doubt be told to vote for Democrats.

Medical professionals are by and large Democrat because they are often unionized, thus guaranteeing higher medical costs, and they are looking for the big, fat juicy day when something like Hillarycare will supply all the business ( like 300,000,000 American patients) they could ever want. They really don't know what they are asking for.

Union members in general are Democrat because they can always depend on their Democratic congressperson to vote for NAFTA , and WTO, and the Mexican Trans-America Highway. No, that doesn't make any sense, but they will still vote Democrat.

Extreme environmentalists love the Democrat Party because they may frighten, tax, and dictate their agenda with the force of law. Since the Dems' ideals are identical to the anti-US. United Nations, the mysterious fear of a future melting of the Arctic has given unbelievable authority to junk scientists who will not even debate their flawed theory which only promotes global warming hysteria. It is hard to believe that the Democrats have been able to convert a remote-chance theory into a sledgehammer of an obsession which only *Sigmund Freud could treat. At stake is the very economic foundations of the United States. Globalists will do anything to lower the productivity of the United States.

*I take that back about Sigmund Freud. He was an atheist and a pervert. A physician who could not heal himself, and probably an Austrian style Democrat. One Democrat I could respect is Albert Einstein:
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."