Friday, March 16, 2012

Repubs Unite! Support Occupiers At Dem National Convention, Charlotte September 2012

Sure, we conservatives have been slicing and dicing our candidates to find out what they're made of, as opposed to the Democrats,who launched a man to the presidency without even knowing, for sure, if he was even a U.S. citizen, or a compatriot of those SDS bombers Bill Ayers and wife, or what his legislative experience was, or how many communists he had befriended in his super secret history on earth.

We have the opportunity of "returning good for evil," and "blessing those who curse us," by contributing to those unshaven and unshorn Occupiers, who have sacrificed their lives by living in unsanitary and dangerous conditions in city streets and parks - until reluctant mayors washed them away with fire hoses.

Why not help them with some of their efforts when they promise to converge on Charlotte, North Carolina - the city where the National Democratic Committee will again bow to Obama during its pre election convention September 3-6, 2012?

SUPPORT A COMMIE TODAY Help Them To Be As Comfortable As Possible At The Occupy Democrat National Convention.