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Anti White Discrimination Lawsuits Pay Out Huge Jackpots Easier Than Lottery

Anti White Discrimination Lawsuits Pay Out Huge Jackpots Easier Than Lottery

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Anti White Discrimination Lawsuits Pay Out Huge Jackpots Easier Than Lottery
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Posted on 08/28/2013 2:52:12 PM PDT by joeclarke
And, the odds are much better in discrimination lawsuits.

Most everyone has heard of the Pigford Case, where over 18,000 black "farmers" (even those who farmed no more than a potted plant) were offered  up to $62,000 each from a class action lawsuit via President Obama's signature. Without a whole lot of evidence, it was determined that the U.S. Department of Agriculture discriminated against minorities when implementing certain farmer financing programs.

These sort of stories are reminiscent of the infamous New York "Ghost Riders," - people who would jump on buses involved in accidents - after the accidents, and, thereby, were eligible for insurance claim payouts.

Now, Merill Lynch, which few people have great sympathy for, has caved in to a class action lawsuit initiated by 700 black stock brokers, who, may have been, discriminated against, because, possibly, white clients of stock brokers preferred white brokers over the black. The case was appealed to the Supreme Court, but the Supremes refused to hear it. Now Merrill Lynch has decided to settle and must payout $160,000,000 to about 700 current and retired black stock brokers. It has been very hard to find any actual evidence of said discrimination, but Merrill Lynch, loaded to the gills, has surrendered to the allegations,  probably to avoid bad publicity.

Indeed, the thousands of racial discrimination lawsuits in the past 50 years, especially against city,state, county, and federal entities, have paid off African Americans much better than the lotteries.

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Peter Schiff has excellent commentary on this,today,on his SchiffRadio.Com radio program which can be downloaded on site. Radio show 8/28/2013
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Female Military Judges Offer Soft Touch In Hasan/Manning Trials

Seriously, folks, I do not go looking for examples of extreme Political Correctness in the military or anywhere else. As I read military news journals and  hear from the boots on the ground soldiers, it is conclusive that our great American military is being systematically disemboweled through leftist and liberal ideological engineering.

Bradley (aka transgender name Chelsea) Manning has been treated with kid gloves, or rather ladies fashion gloves, from the time he enlisted in the military. He erupted into inexplicable snits during military schooling, he slapped a fellow female soldier, he sent pictures of himself dressed in women's clothes out on the internet, things which would not been tolerated in the Marine Corps today or yesterday's Army. Because Don't Ask Don't Tell was in the works, I am sure the military was well aware of his confused sexuality and behavior - long before he was sent to the theater of war in Iraq. Manning downloaded hundreds of thousands of secret documents, including soldiers' email addresses, locations of prisoners of war, and secret combat logs. No matter, Hollywood and the rest of the Left lionized Manning and are now groaning about his "stiff" sentence of 7 years, if he remains a good boy, or girl, in the military stockade. Military Judge Denise Lind, faculty member of George Washington University and member of the New York Bar Association rendered a very moderate and motherly sentence to Manning. She may again have to judge as to whether Manning may have transgender surgery to fulfill his inner Chelsea (the female name he would like to be addressed with) paid for by the U.S. Government. His liking Lady Gaga should have given the military brass a clue that this fellow/lady was not going to be a good soldier.

Now, here comes military Judge Colonel Tara Osborn (related to Ozzie?) who was chosen to replace male judge Colonel Gregory Gross, because he was a bit "tough" on the vulnerable Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood assassin who shot and or killed  43  soldiers, as he said, for Allah and Islam.

Again, Leftist Engineering, even in the hallowed halls of the military, was at play long before Nidal Hasan shot up Fort Hood. For years, Hasan, as a psychiatrist officer, was shouting the praise of Islam while denigrating the United States as he "treated" fellow soldiers. Political Correctness prohibited, or at least inhibited, fellow officers from reporting the outrageous behavior. It has not just been President Obama who has been reluctant to call a terrorist a terrorist.

In any event, male Judge Colonel Gregory Gross was replaced by female Judge Colonel Tara Osborn because Col. Gross made the terrible mistake of demanding that killer Hasan shave his beard, as it is against military rules to have an unshaven face in the trial. The rules just had to be broken citing Relgious Freedom, and that it would be disrespectful to Allah and Islam not to don a beard. In her motherly mode Judge Tara Osborn recently denied the prosecution's attempt to enter in historical evidence, including email correspondence between Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki, the American born Islamic cleric who encouraged at least 3 of the 9/11 hijackers to fly planes into the Twin Towers.

Political Correctness is ruining our military on so many levels. Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell will prove to be a disaster, which will only be exposed, unfortunately, when the U.S. again engages in a full scale war. When I was in the service, in Vietnam, only about 3 percent of the Armed Forces were composed of women. Now, it is over 15 percent and higher, depending on the branch of service. Why is it a mystery that there has been a gigantic increase in sexual assault cases, illegitimate pregnancies on duty when deployed, adulteries,even suicides, and so on within the military? It should be a no-brainer.

George Washington, who knew a little something about combat, was adamantly opposed to female and homosexual soldiers. Is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Martin Dempsey, who has promoted Political Correctness, smarter than George Washington? The question is ridiculous.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Could Chris Christie Become Just A Whiter Fatter Obama?

First of all, I am not aiming to disparage Chris Christie because of his weight, as I have had to battle my own propensity to overeat for many years. And I do hope that his diet/surgical plans for losing weight is successful. I must say that I did lose some confidence in Christie ever since  I saw him canoodling and schmoozing with President Obama in order to squeeze a few extra billion dollars out of Uncle Sam (other taxpayers) in order to rebuild his state of New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy.

I once thought Chris Christie would be as different from Obama as Laurel was from Hardy, but with an election in his near future, Christie is acting like a desperate lib in order to please the many Democrats he needs to again win the gubernatorial election, and later a presidency.

I am even thinking that big, Christie fangirl,  Ann Coulter, has fallen out of love with him. Among his transgressions are, liberalizing the use of medical marijuana, which according to many studies, is not the best choice for treating illnesses which cause a "loss of appetite." Seattle and Colorado have gone crazy with their encouragement of the general population to smoke dope. And, that is what  endorsing medical marijuana leads to. This past week, the City of Seattle sponsored a Hempfest where hundreds of under age kids were smoking the weed in the presence of police. In fact, the City Prosecutor and Chief of Police were passing out bags of Doritos to thousands of doped up Hempfesters, including the young teens. Christie has also signed onto Obmadontcare, obviously because of the huge handouts offered by the administration - as he expands  Medicaid, which will eventually either break the Federal Government, State Government, or both. And, although I believe Snowden did break several laws, he has brought to light the insecurity we have on account of our fear of a  government which promises  to keep us secure with TOO MUCH (and probably not Constitutional) security - which Christie does not seem to have a problem with.

Christie, again acting like Obama, signed onto a law which outlaws counseling to young gays,bisexuals, and bicurious kids who might  desire to change their sex/gender identity - back to what God gave them originally. I personally have known homosexuals who have regained their birth gender/sex, by the grace of God as well as through ministering and counseling. Cynthia Nixon, infamous from Sex and the City was condemned by the gay crowd when she announced that she "chose" to be gay. Anne Heche, one time "wife" of Ellen Degeneres, also switched back. So, why would the state, especially Governor Christie, deny people professional counseling which would aid them in getting out of the gay lifestyle? Politics. This shameful act of Christie should be reserved for Democrats, and not even Rinos. I have read that New Jersey has the highest concentration of shrinks (psychiatrists and psychologists) and sociologists in the country. And, according to stats, most are liberal Jews. I am only mentioning that to show what groups of people Christie must cave in to, although his extra bending over forward and backward is unnecessary, because most polls show that he has a lock on the election. He is clearly looking toward 2016 where he must troll for every liberal group under the sun in order to gain sufficient financial backing just to get into the race. However, Christie's vetoing his own anti .50 caliber rifle law must negate the support of any liberals he may have pacified with his signing the "No Gay Switching" bill. I do occasionally enjoy Christie putting on the chutzpah with the tantrums and irreverent outbursts, but if he overdoes it, that is indicative of the behavior of a  moody, easily incited liberal, like a Hillary Clinton. In addition, Governor Christie should have kept a Republican in the New Jersey Senatorial seat, but, again, I think he had to appease libs, which he is now famous for doing.

That leads to the conundrum of not totally disliking Christie, because he has curbed the power of overly strong public employee unions,  has all but defunded Planned Parenthood in his state, and has cut business taxes. Chris Christie is not another Obama - so far - but the allure of political power does change people to reverse themselves - as Obama has done so many times. Christie is Cum Si Cum Sa with me, and probably should just continue to  reside in Drumthwacket  (New Jersey governor mansion) from 2016 through 2020.

Christie is knee jerking faster than Obama, and a man of his age and experience should have more solid convictions, which cannot be shifted with every breeze that comes down the political pike. We already have a President who is more flexible than a Bendy Bus. Unfortunately, he does not ever bend for the better

Monday, August 19, 2013

All Aboard The Racist Train With Oprah, Hillary And A Cavalcade Of Racist Hunters