Sunday, March 31, 2013

Resurrection Sunday

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Freezing, Dying Brits - More Liberal Dreams Ending In Death

How many Brits will freeze to death this year in the United Kingdom? Evidently, from my viewing the weekly Parliament Questions to the Prime Minister, shown on C-SPAN, it does not matter a heck of a lot who may die because of a lack of home heating energy. What matters, even in the UK under the leadership of a "conservative" is, "Will the the United Kingdom be closing down its coal, gas, nuclear, and oil plants fast enough to satisfy the carbon taxing which will be accelerated in the coming months and years?"

In November 2012, this headline hit the United Kingsom' Daily Mail, 24,000 Freeze To Death Last Year [2011]. The story goes on to explain that most of those who died were over 75 years of age and could not cope with the higher heating bills. Did this dissuade England from swerving away from its death wish from obeying those  Environmental Wacky rules as dictated by the U.N. and Europe? Of course not.

Here is a more detailed look at Europe's mad (nutter) energy policies: "Europe's Unwelcome Renaissance."

This report from the Financial Times exposes how carbon credits are allotted in Britain. As fossil fuels  are being  phased out, prices will  necessarily increase and fuel will become further out of reach for those most frail and vulnerable members of society - the old and the poor.

It is hard to conceive how such a seemingly  intelligent and cultured country as the United Kingdom could be seduced to such an extent by  the crazy, murderous carbon credit scheme.

We have often heard how socialized medicine has been best, or worse, exampled by Britain's socialized National Health Service, yet, possibly,  although twenty years too late, the NHS is now contracting with private enterprise hospitals to alleviate the burden, and maybe lessen the deaths caused by  socialist hospital operations  Fittingly, Winston Churchill is quoted as saying, "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all other possibilities." Good advice from a Brit, for YOU Britain!
" In February 2012, Hinchingbrooke  Hospital  became the first NHS hospital to be operated by a private partner." 

Fortunately, U.S. hospitals have not advanced as far as the Brits in socializing its medicine.Example: Patients Starving to Death in British Hospitals  "At least 1,165 people starved to death while they were patients in Britain's National Health Service hospitals over the past four years. 

But then, there's always a story that cinches the idea that National Health Service is worse than one can think, eg., U.K. GOV’T HEALTHCARE SYSTEM PAYS FOR WOMAN’S BREAST IMPLANTS BECAUSE BEING FLAT CHESTED ALLEGEDLY CAUSED HER EMOTIONAL DISTRESS "A British woman hoping to become a model was so upset about being flat chested that she convinced doctors that  it put her in a state of emotional distress. Their response was to allow her a $7,260 operation for breast implants paid for by the U.K.’s publicly funded heathcare system."

The above examples simply prove how little regard Socialists have for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. So what if citizens are freeing to death in their homes or dying of starvation in hospitals? Carbon Credit  is  King and he must be served first and foremost.

As headlined in The Star, certainly a rag by any standards, but possibly having  a grain of truth to work with - 1 Million  BRITS DEAD IN WINTER SCANDAL "WINTER weather has killed a million Brits since the 1980s and will kill a million more by 2050, experts have warned."

As the truth about Obamacare  is slowly  unveiled, drip by drip, we  may learn to dodge the Socialists' bullet, which has only been fired because so many Americans have also  been seduced by the Democrats empty, debt ridden promises that they can perform the impossible. Lenin, Hitler, Stalin,Pol Pot, Kim Jong Castro, Chavez, and Mao promised the impossible, and they delivered ideas  impossible to live with. Will low-information Democrat voters   continue to believe the ruse, despite the proven history that it will not work?  Yes, of course, they will.

Brit Model Reboobed By UK National Health Care System While 
Other Patients Wait Hours  Outside Hospital Emergency Rooms For Treatment
And Other Patients Starve  To Death Within  The  Hospitals

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Repubs Can Win If Obama=Clinton=Carter=LBJ

Since Hispanics,as well as most Democrats, are for big government and big liberal media, Republicans can only regain the Presidency by waiting for President Barack Hussein Obama's mistakes to become as conspicuous as his Democrat presidential predecessors. President Obama has made too many mortal mistakes to mention, so far, but the Dems have hidden his disastrous decisions better than FDR's legs, Clinton's Lewinsky affair, and Jimmy Carter's high inflation.

A recent survey, as mentioned by Rush Limbaugh, shows that American Hispanics desire big government, so that plants them firmly in the Democrat camp, although  Hispanic Americans escaped from a big government and crony capitalist coutnry - Mexico.

"Those Old Crusty Republicans Need To Reach Out" is the buzz phrase that jumped out at CPAC, as well as the lib media, as of late.  The translation is, Republicans must spend more than Dems by offering more  gifts, more benefits,more welfare, more giveaways to illegal aliens, and other prizes to those voters who have exchanged their integrity for government bennies, and elected officials who have exchanged their integrity for votes by lying about how much they will reward their constituents with money that will not be there. All this amounts  to tremendous debt and liabilities - as a result of over promising. Republicans are a bit shy about doing this, and Tea Partiers entirely condemn the practice. More conventional Repubs are going to have a difficult if not impossible  time of convincing the rest of us to "Reach Out More" with fistfuls of dollars to offer all those Mo Money Dem voters, who have too comfortably suckled at the belly of Big Government for far too long.

President Richard Nixon could only have gained the Presidency had LBJ performed so disastrously (Vietnam War/War on Poverty), which he did. Jimmy Carter's economic policies caused interest rates to sky rocket, which, in part, opened the door for a Ronald Reagan. Republicans lost conservative voters (I was almost one of them) to Ross Perot, the "Hand Grendade With A Haricut," according to Rush, which ushered in the likes of the floating-convictions of a Bill Clinton, who, at least,  did cooperate with a Republican Congress.

It is much harder now when the mainstream media is drowning in the tank for President Obama, and refuse to criticize him, or Mr. Malaprop Joe Biden, for so many of their calamitous actions and misstatements. Notwithstanding, President Obama's Obamacare, his directionless foreign policy, his walking softly with a toothpick, his  historic expenditures and debt, and his unprecedented  conscienceless prevarications will find him out, but will it be before 2014 - an election year?

Even with Obama's heavy, heavy support from school teachers, government employees, trade unions, minorities  young women, Hispanics, newspapers, TV programs, Hollywood,  unwed mothers, who are obviously not using their lifetime supply of abortion prescriptions, Jon Stewart and David Letterman, his blunders will be far too onerous to ignore. I am not praying for that, but  it will some day happen.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Poor Ohio Senator Rob Portman Bullied Into Submission By Big Gay

Senator Rob Portman has made the same fatal mistake as many Neo Christians have, just as his fellow Methodists have by admitting:

"I wrestled with how to reconcile my Christian faith with my desire for Will to have the same opportunities to pursue happiness and fulfillment as his brother and sister. Ultimately, it came down to the Bible’s overarching themes of love and compassion and my belief that we are all children of God...."

Portman's  Methodist "faith" has been embracing homosexuality, for years, as part of God's "Overarching themes of love," which might have anyone believe that adultery, murder, fornication, stealing, and lying may also be winked at, and not reckoned with, because the Lord has this "overarching" tendency to approve of every sort of depravity, since He is a God of love, and never of judgment. God does forgive and cleanse, but one must admit to their sin and  turn toward the Lord, not away. So many neo evangelicals have turned away from God ,because they love their sin more than Him. And Big Gay is always there, encouraging souls to turn away from God's Word.

I have often thought that the much ignored sin of adultery in our society still has consequences, sooner or later from mankind as well as God. McCain, Kerry, Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, Steve Latourette are just a few U.S. politicians, who have damaged their testimony by dumping their wives - years earlier, for no real Biblical reason. I believe they have all been haunted by this behavior, just as more ordinary people are, and that commandment, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery is ranked very close to Thou Shalt Not Kill.  Although breaking any of the commandments is lethal - save  for the forgiveness afforded  through  the sacrifice of Christ. Even then, there usually are bitter consequences, after forgiveness, such as the Bible's King David losing his son by Bathsheba, and his entire family rebelling against him - after he he received forgiveness.

And, how could Portman's son Will, having come out two years ago as gay - at Yale, of course - cause Senator Portman to, so coincidentally now, believe that God has evolved, just as President Obama, into a sodomite friendly God? Why now? One of Jesus commandments, that I am certain the average Methodist would disdain is, "You must love me . . . more than members of your own family." I know that sounds anti family, but it is actually pro family of God. Jesus even said quite plainly who His family was. Not necessarily His own mother and brothers, but "Those who hear the word of God and do it."  He said there would be a sword, in effect, separating family members, separating those who would follow Him, versus those who follow the affections for their twenty year old sons at Yale.  Choose this day whom you shall serve.

I am also concerned that if Senator Portman can be bullied by Big Gay into making this decision, what is to stop similar liberal bullies from cornering  "conservative" Portman into other compromising positions? Oh, yes Big Gay is deep into very powerful Hollywood, media, academic, ecclesiastical and judicial entities  which are literally bullying any straight  and godly person or group in its path to surrender to the sodomite agenda.. And, there is no satisfying the ravenous appetites of Big Gay.

The Green Movement has lost its hot air, and so the newest sham to be enforced by the advocates of Big Gay has been to bring gayness to pre-schoolers, teens, priests, nuns, and too many churches, high schools and colleges, and God also forbid, the Boy Scouts of America. Sexual role model President B.J Clinton (From Bill Jefferson Clinton) has proclaimed his support for inserting openly  gay scout leaders into the BSA. President Barack Hussein Obama has evolved (lied), now, at the advance age of forty-something, into reconsidering gay marriage as something sacred. I hate to be so partisan, but does it not look like an entire United States  political party has been "Handed over to Satan?" Joint Chief of Staff head General Dempsey on the same gay page as Lady Gaga - supporting military buggery, which the British Navy had the hardest time inhibiting?

Big Gay has brought out all  the big guns from various industries, including those in business, politics and the entertainment industry from Colbert, to Stewart, to Home Depot, to porn queen and part time rabbi Madonna, and, today, Hillary Clinton (Methodist trained) demanded that gay marriage rank with Holy Matrimony, employing her more masculine vocal range to make the announcement.

Reportedly, Madonna lied to procure a Boy Scout Uniform to blast the BSA on stage
at the GLAAD Big Gay award show. Isn't she cute? Not!!

Bullying has always been a problem in schools, but never had it received so much attention until a few gay boys (usually) were reportedly harassed by straight boys -  that launched the problem into the national spotlight. But, who is a bigger bully than Big Gay?

Big Gay has caused Amazon owner Bezos to send large contributions to them. Larger cities have been convinced to celebrate Gay Parades, complete with bikini clad men making out with fishnet hosed boys in the downtown streets. Akron and Cleveland have fought hard to get the Gay Games next year. Sort of like begging for curse. Big Gay has become all the rage, and I do believe it will attract the rage of God. Ancient Rome and Greece and modern New Orleans can attest to this, just to name a few. I have expressed these same thoughts to Ohio Senator Portman and Tweeted his son, Will, at @wdportman, but not with fanatical ravings, just the Word of God. Whether they accept or not is not my problem. So many of  our American clergy are shaking in their skivvies over this subject, not in any way warning their congregations about this "abominable" offense, according to the Bible. I would guess that Senator Rob Portman conferred with his Methodist Pastor and other ministers, who wholeheartedly gave him the green light to Go Gay. The Bible also says that these same ministers will receive greater judgment. They love the praise from man rather than honor from God. It is not we believers who even hate gays, it is those who promote gayness who hate the Word of God. And, yes, they hate us. You never hear the term Compassionate Liberal, and you never will.

Big Gay has gotten to a number of conservatives, including George Will who has never been a man of deep convictions, while in the conservative tent. It seems that famous "conservative" George Will now deems that gay marriage is constitutional, according to this. He does write for the Washington Compost, so it is not unexpected from Willy Nilly George.

I don't know what or who possessed Senator Portman to go off the rail on this ( I actually think I do know who possessed him), but is his son Will, the gay son, even thinking about marriage? Will Senator Portman volunteer, according to his faith, and God's "Overarching Love" (That apparently condones everything), give the bride away? Or, walk him down the aisle according to newer Medthodist traditions? There could be a very awkward future awaiting Senator Portman. He is certainly caught in a very awkward present.

Although I am not Roman Catholic (as I was as a youth), I must admit that the new Pope Francis has tremendous political, and especially spiritual power that can greatly effect billions of people. He is quoted as saying that, "Homosexual marriage is demonic." He could send some fresh air into Western Civilizations that are choking from that extremely  putrefied air emanating from the Left.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

When Drones Kill - After Falling Out Of The Sky

All it takes is for one or two drones, which are easy to lose  control of, drop out of the sky and bonk a couple of people, or crash into a building, and then the drones program in U.S. will be kaput for all the law enforcement agencies.

Below are a few examples of drones that go missing, just like the one spotted near JFK airport recently. It is easy for these drones, which come in various sizes and shapes, to get lost or comandeered by someone with a Radio Shack rc controller.

And why does CONUS need drones? Its for the kids, of course.

"Ohio Plans Drones to Hunt Lost Kids as They Bring Jobs"

And, From Elsewhere On The Net: 

Pushing the wrong button: Bad button placement leads to drone crashes Poor ergonomic design on drone-control stations invites accidents.

by  - Mar 1 2013, 9:16am EST

A drone that crashed on the roof of an Iraqi house is recovered by Marines in 2006.

Unmanned aircraft crash. In fact, they crash a lot—though there's no recent specific data, the Congressional Research Service reported last year that despite improvements "the accident rate for unmanned aircraft is still far above that of manned aircraft." 

And while many of those accidents can be attributed to hostile fire or terrible flight conditions, a significant percentage of drone crashes is caused by human error. A December 2004 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) study of Defense Department drone crashes found human factors to be a causal factor in about a third of the cases the researchers examined.

For instance:

Student Caught Trying To Sell Drone

First Posted: Mar 03, 2013 11:29 AM EST

A college student in Bologna, Italy, picked up a drone that landed on his apartment's terrace last October, and then tried to sell it over the Internet. He was arrested Saturday after police managed to track the 24-year-old down.

EyeSky's Microdrone has been used before to assist the local government — it helped assess the damage caused by a 6.0 earthquake last year, and surveyed the damage caused by an illegal off-road truck rally in a city park, ArsTechnica reports. On a demonstration flight in October over the University of Bologna, the drone lost its GPS signal and made an emergency landing.

The students subsequently put the drone up for auction on, an Italian auction site, for €1,000. 
Those Missing Drone Memos Are Now John Brennan's Worst Enemy
Now that Chuck Hagel's confirmation has gone off without a hitch (for the most part), it's John Brennan's turn to take the spotlight, and it look like those drone memos will be a real roadblock. We could've guessed as much a couple of weeks ago when a Justice Department "white paper" revealed details of how the Obama administration decides to kill American citizens in the war on terror. However, as the issue quietly hid in the shadow of Hagel's confirmation hearing, the neverending battle over the sequester and Seth MacFarlane's offensive Oscar performance, some senators still want to know why the Obama administration won't release all of the drone memos. The New York Times's Jeremy Peters reports that "Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, said Tuesday that he thought the confirmation process should continue to play out, and he indicated that he was willing to help delay it until Mr. Brennan answered further questions about drones." Sen. Rand Paul also wants answers.

Britain has lost 447 of its military drones in Iraq and Afghanistan. The aircraft have crashed, broken down or gone missing during operations, adding to international outrage over civilian deaths and debate over the safety of their use in Britain.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) has reported that the loss of 447 unmanned drones was due to technical faults, controller error or not wanting to remove them from volatile enemy areas, according to the Guardian newspaper.
Small handheld devices, large UAVs, and a missile-carrying drone were all lost in the last five years.

Iran Captures "Another" Enemy Drone

(CNN) -- Iran said Saturday that it downed and captured another "enemy drone," the semi-official Fars News Agency reported.
The incident reportedly took place during Iranian military maneuvers in southern Iran.
"IRGC's electronic warfare systems detected electronic signals, which indicated that foreign drones intended to enter our country," said Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Lt. Gen. Hamid Sarkheili, Fars reported. "Our specialist forces then succeeded in bringing down the drone in the field of maneuvers."
Sarkheili said that Iran may release film of the drone.
Earlier this month, Iran said that it had decoded and released footage from a U.S. drone that it downed more than a year ago.

The black and white aerial footage, which Iran claims was from a RQ-170 spy plane, was aired by Iranian news agencies and placed on YouTube.
Iran said it downed the drone on December 4, 2011, near Kashmar in the country's northeast, some 225 kilometers (140 miles) from the border with Afghanistan.

At the time, U.S. officials acknowledged that the drone was missing and President Barack Obama asked Iran to return it.
Iranian military officials vowed not to return the plane.
In December 2012, Iran's navy claimed that it had captured another U.S. drone, after it entered Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf.
However, a U.S. defense official, who could not be named because the official was not authorized to speak to the media, told CNN that whatever the Iranians claim to have, it is not an actively operating U.S. Navy drone.

And what happens to these drones when U.S. enemies capture them? They turn them into fighter jets

New Iran Fighter Jet Looks Just Like Missing U.S. Drone (Satire From Cap-News.Com)

New Iran Fighter Jet Looks Just Like Missing U.S. Drone

President Ahmadinejad denies that the prototype of Iran's new fighter jet is a life-sized Lego kit that took them two weeks to piece together.
TEHRAN, Iran (CAP) - As Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled what he called an "advanced new fighter jet," U.S. officials did a double-take upon seeing media pictures of the plane, which they say bears more than just a striking resemblance to an American unmanned aerial vehicle.

Mystery drone near JFK airport: FBI seeks public's help in investigation (+video)

A commercial pilot reported seeing a drone loitering near his aircraft as he was preparing to land on Monday. The FAA has tried to go to great lengths to make sure drones do not collide with piloted aircraft.

By Anna Mulrine, Staff writer / March 5, 2013
A Draganflyer X6, six-rotor remote controlled helicopter, flies above the Grand Valley Model Airfield in Mesa County, Colorado in January. A commercial pilot preparing to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport Monday reported seeing a drone flying near his aircraft.
Chris Francescani/Reuters/File Pushing The Wrong Buttons

Unmanned aircraft crash. In fact, they crash a lot—though there's no recent specific data, the Congressional Research Service reported last year that despite improvements "the accident rate for unmanned aircraft is still far above that of manned aircraft." 

And while many of those accidents can be attributed to hostile fire or terrible flight conditions, a significant percentage of drone crashes is caused by human error.December 2004 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) study of Defense Department drone crashes found human factors to be a causal factor in about a third of the cases the researchers examined.

But as four human factors engineering researchers have found, sometimes the accidents are by design. That is, the design of the systems that operators use to fly the drones are so bad that they invite accidents. A recent Ergonomics in Design article reported that a small but significant number of crashes could be directly attributed to bad ergonomics on ground control station hardware. These factors may have played a major part in crashes that were attributed to other causes.

Take, for example, one drone crash in 2006. As the operator brought the drone in for a landing, he meant to flip the landing gear button on the control joystick but accidentally hit the nearby ignition switch instead—shutting off the engine in mid-flight. The $1.5 million drone plummeted to the ground, a total loss. On another occasion, glare on a screen was so bad that a drone operator couldn't read an alert and mistook it for a landing signal—again killing the engines before the drone had landed.

Unmanned aircraft have been pushed into service so quickly in the last decade that their control systems were often still in development when they arrived on battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite many of the systems being based on technology very similar to the average PC—and the level of automation in drones continuing to increase as operations move from flying with a joystick to a mouse—the Department of Defense has still not developed human factors standards for ground control station systems, even as the systems have matured. Considering how much human factors engineering goes into nearly every bit of other weapons system procurement (and having worked as a contractor at the Army Test Lab at Aberdeen Proving Grounds at one point, I can attest that it's significant), that's a bit of a surprise.

The authors of the report were Dr. Qaisar "Raza" Waraich (an engineer at Smartronix who recently completed his PhD at George Washington University) and GWU faculty members Dr. Thomas A. Mazzuchi, Dr. Shahram Sarkani, and adjunct instructor David F. Rico (who has also done UAS design work for the US Navy). They surveyed 20 drone operators about the characteristics of their ground-control station systems and found that there was a 98 percent overlap in the input and output devices used by ground control workstations and those used by general purpose computers. Some devices even drew from the realm of computer and console gaming.

Therefore, they concluded, drone systems could benefit greatly from the application of well-established ergonomic standards for general-purpose computing workstations—specifically, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and American National Standards Institute's ANSI/HFES-100-2007 standards for computing workstations.

"The IO category of ANSI/HFES 100-2007 specifies the ergonomic shape of auxiliary input devices that best conforms to humans, bodily constraints, and layout," Waraich and his co-authors wrote. If the DOD used the standard as the basis for acceptable drone pilot workstations, such as button layout specifications that take hand and finger movements into account and try to avoid those that can cause hand fatigue, "many [drone] mishaps may be avoided."
Hopefully, the FAA will take human factors into account before it starts certifying any drones to fly in US airspace