Friday, March 29, 2013

Freezing, Dying Brits - More Liberal Dreams Ending In Death

How many Brits will freeze to death this year in the United Kingdom? Evidently, from my viewing the weekly Parliament Questions to the Prime Minister, shown on C-SPAN, it does not matter a heck of a lot who may die because of a lack of home heating energy. What matters, even in the UK under the leadership of a "conservative" is, "Will the the United Kingdom be closing down its coal, gas, nuclear, and oil plants fast enough to satisfy the carbon taxing which will be accelerated in the coming months and years?"

In November 2012, this headline hit the United Kingsom' Daily Mail, 24,000 Freeze To Death Last Year [2011]. The story goes on to explain that most of those who died were over 75 years of age and could not cope with the higher heating bills. Did this dissuade England from swerving away from its death wish from obeying those  Environmental Wacky rules as dictated by the U.N. and Europe? Of course not.

Here is a more detailed look at Europe's mad (nutter) energy policies: "Europe's Unwelcome Renaissance."

This report from the Financial Times exposes how carbon credits are allotted in Britain. As fossil fuels  are being  phased out, prices will  necessarily increase and fuel will become further out of reach for those most frail and vulnerable members of society - the old and the poor.

It is hard to conceive how such a seemingly  intelligent and cultured country as the United Kingdom could be seduced to such an extent by  the crazy, murderous carbon credit scheme.

We have often heard how socialized medicine has been best, or worse, exampled by Britain's socialized National Health Service, yet, possibly,  although twenty years too late, the NHS is now contracting with private enterprise hospitals to alleviate the burden, and maybe lessen the deaths caused by  socialist hospital operations  Fittingly, Winston Churchill is quoted as saying, "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all other possibilities." Good advice from a Brit, for YOU Britain!
" In February 2012, Hinchingbrooke  Hospital  became the first NHS hospital to be operated by a private partner." 

Fortunately, U.S. hospitals have not advanced as far as the Brits in socializing its medicine.Example: Patients Starving to Death in British Hospitals  "At least 1,165 people starved to death while they were patients in Britain's National Health Service hospitals over the past four years. 

But then, there's always a story that cinches the idea that National Health Service is worse than one can think, eg., U.K. GOV’T HEALTHCARE SYSTEM PAYS FOR WOMAN’S BREAST IMPLANTS BECAUSE BEING FLAT CHESTED ALLEGEDLY CAUSED HER EMOTIONAL DISTRESS "A British woman hoping to become a model was so upset about being flat chested that she convinced doctors that  it put her in a state of emotional distress. Their response was to allow her a $7,260 operation for breast implants paid for by the U.K.’s publicly funded heathcare system."

The above examples simply prove how little regard Socialists have for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. So what if citizens are freeing to death in their homes or dying of starvation in hospitals? Carbon Credit  is  King and he must be served first and foremost.

As headlined in The Star, certainly a rag by any standards, but possibly having  a grain of truth to work with - 1 Million  BRITS DEAD IN WINTER SCANDAL "WINTER weather has killed a million Brits since the 1980s and will kill a million more by 2050, experts have warned."

As the truth about Obamacare  is slowly  unveiled, drip by drip, we  may learn to dodge the Socialists' bullet, which has only been fired because so many Americans have also  been seduced by the Democrats empty, debt ridden promises that they can perform the impossible. Lenin, Hitler, Stalin,Pol Pot, Kim Jong Castro, Chavez, and Mao promised the impossible, and they delivered ideas  impossible to live with. Will low-information Democrat voters   continue to believe the ruse, despite the proven history that it will not work?  Yes, of course, they will.

Brit Model Reboobed By UK National Health Care System While 
Other Patients Wait Hours  Outside Hospital Emergency Rooms For Treatment
And Other Patients Starve  To Death Within  The  Hospitals